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Friday, July 3, 2009


Hey rock stars, you know I’m talking to you! The thing is, we are all the stuff of stars here on planet blue and we need to remind ourselves just how magical that is from time to time. So, before you go to sleep Friday night, take a look at the heavens, check it out, you came from there, you know? You got the fluid, dreaming energy of the cosmos in your veins and it has purpose and nobility.

With that in mind, I have a question for you, if you could say just one thing that could change your world, transform it in some way, would you? Who would you sit down and have ‘the talk’ with? Is it a business person or a child, a lover or a friend? Saturday is bringing you the opportunity to really open up, talk about the deep issues, the need to make a major change. With Pluto involved you need to dive beneath the surface, to tap into the soul energy, and on a more mundane level, watch out for manipulations or triangles in the conversation.

This energy is powerful so there may be a few out there who will be sideswiped by a verbal attack or they may play out a triangle to diffuse their position, do your best to see it for what it is, a need they have to talk about something important but an inability to access their deepest fears or needs so they misuse the Plutonic energy.

Regardless, the talk needs to happen. If you’re worried, grab a boa, you are the rock star to do it.

On Sunday Venus enters Gemini and you will see the whole world get a bit more flirty, social, interested in fun and talking about love. For my single readers this is a great time to get out there and mingle since just about everyone will feel a bit frisky.


Talk about what is going on at home and how you want to realign home or property matters to help you meet your goals. You are facing major transformation in career or with personal goals and you need your nest to support you. For some, you will be talking with or about parents today.

Sunday Venus enters your communications zone, a great time to talk more with women, to interact locally and meet love interests there, to show your love for siblings and to take short trips for love.


You need to sit down and talk with the publisher about your writing, someone in the media about your communication style, a sibling about a legal, travel or education matter, anything that can look at how you communicate with something powerfully transforming on the higher minded arenas.

Sunday Venus enters your income zone and will open up the weeks ahead to make money with more ease and to prompt you to want to spend a bit more as well. You may decide to invest in a luxury item and will likely find women are good for your income.


Talk about the money you are making or what you have to spend in a way that can lead to transformation in areas that are shared, such as joint finances, loans, taxes, insurance, sex, intimacy, divorce, or dealing with a death. You have to go deep and once again, watch for situations where triangles are involved.

Sunday Venus enters your sign, hurray! This is a fun time for you, you should be able to relax a bit more and enjoy sensual pleasures, spend some money on yourself, attract interest from just about everyone and more or less shine like the star you are.


You need to have the powerful talk with a romantic partner, business partner, attorney, or agent. You need to talk about what your needs really are and you need to allow someone in, (not an easy task for dear Cancer). Do not become the chew toy of the triangle in a tug of war between two others but do explain what you need from this important person in your life.

Sunday Venus enters Gemini and marks a time when you will become a bit more private about love and money. This is a time to research or fantasize and to slow down a bit, show your effections in private and allow the rest of the world to float on by.


Saturday’s talk is about a fantasy project you are working on, something secret or hidden, a strategy you have been working on, a research project, or something to do with hospitals or other institutions. You want to open up about this in an attempt to make some major transformations with work, health or with pets.

Sunday Venus enters Gemini and opens up your social circle, a great time to connect with a female friend, to attend parties, to circulate and to pursue your aspirations. You should be feeling the love from your special group now so except invitations.


Saturday the talk is with a friend, a group affiliation, at a social function, or involving your aspirations. You want to see some major transformation in your world via creativity, fun, love, or with children. You will need to come from your core and watch for any manipulations on the part of the loved one by way of triangles.

Sunday Venus enters Gemini to bring a crown to your career and goals. This is a wonderful time when love and money should flow more smoothly in career and with any personal goal that is important to your life. You may receive a promotion now or decide it is a good time to ask for one.


The talk on Saturday is about your career or with a boss, about a goal or with an authority figure in your life. You are in need of some major transformation in the home, with the property or with whom you are sharing your space. This talk should help you deal with this, watch for situations that involve triangles here and make sure you are communicating your deepest desires.

Sunday Venus enters Gemini to help you attract what you need by way of love or money through media, publishing, promotion, travel, legal channels, and education. Things should be smooth sailing here now so relax a bit and shine your light. Women will be positive for you in these arenas.


On Saturday you will want to open up about travel, media, education, or legal matters. It is important for you to talk about one of these things today in an attempt to transform your local experience, a short trip, relationship with brother or sister, or something to do with communications; ie, writing, the way you think or relate.

Sunday Venus is moving into Gemini and she will be bringing her ability to attract love or money through sexual intimacy and through outside resources such as loans, credit, joint finances, or any other shared resource. This is a great time to pull in what you need and to enjoy the experience. For some Scorpios, this is an indicator that the divorce or estate has been settled and the money is flowing in.


Mercury is prodding you to have a talk about loans, joint finances, shared resources, credit, debt, inheritance, insurance, taxes, or any other myriad of money matters in a powerful way. This is about transforming what you are spending from your personal income or to help you earn more money. Watch for situations with triangles.

Sunday Venus enters Gemini and will be bringing love and money through partnership, agents or attorneys. This is a time when a female who is important to you may reappear or that you may decide to spend on a significant other. The money coming through this person may have a great affect on you as well. All in all relationships should run smoother.


Mercury is working through a partner, agent or attorney on Saturday so talks will be involving someone significant and the need to come from your core, your needs, to be powerful and to do your best to transform the situation is central to the reason for communicating. Watch for putting a third party into the mix today and don’t be afraid to go deep.

Sunday Venus enters your work, health and pets zone, yay! This is a great time at work or approaching the tasks at hand as they will run smoother, if you need to hire someone to do some work for you, ditto. Purchasing a pet is favored under this influence as is investing in a gym pass or new workout attire. The only down side to this time is you may feel so good you over indulge a bit!


Saturday is the day to talk about the work matter, the person you hired, the health issue, or about a pet. You want to transform something that is going on behind closed doors, is secret, involves fantasy or research, or is part of dealing with a hospital or other institution. The way to do this is to be clear in what you need to work, deal with health or pets.

Venus enters Gemini on Sunday and sparks a wonderful time for you dear Aquarius! This is about love and money flowing in the house of children, true love, lovers, and creativity. You will be able to attract new suitors if single and find that everything is running smoother during this transit. A good time to invest in your creative projects or to sell them.


Talk with your child, a lover or about your creative project today. You will want to deal with an important issue here if you wish to see major transformation occur through a friendship, social function, networking event, group, or aspiration. This is about going deep and watching for the tendency to create triangles in dealing with issues.

Sunday Venus enters your home arena which brings love and money to the home or property over the next few weeks. This may be a woman coming into the home or spending money to beautify it, it can mean a great time to sell or move with more ease and financial rewards. Love is best expressed on your own turf now so invite people over.


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