Friday, July 24, 2009


Do you feel like you’re gliding, celluloid sliding, winging the winds that are whisking you sideways, your mind’s eye’s song idling, ‘This isn’t Horatio’s shadow beside me, the colors are pretty but where should I go?’ Me too :) We all had quite the week riding the tides of time and karmic turning and here we are, on the shores of a new landscape, ready to step off into uncharted territory, quite the little adventurers we are!

Saturday brings the details to bear, there is no way around it, you need to look at your issues with a critical eye and decide what is worth the time and effort and what just has to go. Once again the outer energies are doing their best to help you expand but not before you tweak the work again and field at least one surprise.

Sunday is more about who is going to be in the picture with you. Look at the partnership, how your vision is being supported or represented, how the agent or attorney is hearing you, what the most powerful challenge is here and how to conquer it. You can accomplish much today together if you can find common ground.


Saturday is about the work, responsible approach you are taking towards it, finding ways to take on more authority, dealing with your habits, health and pets. Once again a talk with a female challenges over work, health or pets. Look at your friendships and how important it is that you share similar beliefs, how is this affecting you? If someone is trying to undermine you behind your back, your best defense is writing everything down.

Sunday is about who you are partnering with or your attorney or agent. There is first a challenge to be met regarding your reputation, career, goals or ambition and this person is important in handling any power plays here. Second, the energy shifts to bring you the chance for real fun, opportunity to be creative, do something with a lover, child or creative project, talk or meet in a positive way, if single go out and about today.


Saturday is about getting serious with a creative project or a love affair or in dealing with something regarding children. Time and commitment, meet up with a challenge over money here, once again the details matter. Your goals, career and reputation are all under the energy that wants you to grow, expand and find happiness, first you must tend the creative or loving target of your energy. Social situations hold a surprise or two later tonight.

Sunday wants you to take a look at the work that needs done, how you might partner in this but more importantly, how you deal with the work and travel, legal, media, or educational needs that are arising. This may be powerfully emotional for you but once you deal with it there is great energy to working at home, tackling work there, making money and taking care of yourself and your pets


Responsibilities at home, with property or for mom are what is taking your energy on Saturday. You need to look at how you are feeling here as well as how you can tackle the needs coming at you with these topics. You are feeling the challenge personally today and it is either hitting you in the wallet or taking it’s toll on your heart. The benevolent universe is doing it’s best to expand your world and bring you prosperity through travel, legal matters, media, publishing, and higher education but you must continue to deal with adjusting to the living situation and/or mother’s needs.

Sunday the energy shifts towards partnering, love affairs, children and creative projects and those who represent you. There is either a powerhouse energy around shared intimacy and deep connection here or heavy money matters involved in the mix. This is a challenge that needs to be met head on today. Once you do, talks lead to actions or passions in creative outlets, recreation, love affairs, or with children.


Saturday is about committing the time and effort to a writing project, a way of thinking or communicating, a short trip, or in something connected to a brother or sister. There is the need to work on this as well as to deal with an obstacle with either a female working at odds with you behind your back or a money matter that in some way is undoing you. Take some time to research where you stand and talk about it. The universe is trying to bring prosperity your way through powerful connections and major money opportunities but you have to take care of the details first. A surprise trip, legal matter, media opportunity or educational matter pops up to be met.

Sunday shifts the energy to home, the living situation, property matters, or mom. You need to look at how to deal with any challenges here and how it is affecting a powerful partnership or major money matter with an agent or attorney. Once you do there seems to be a great shift towards you making money and getting a lot done in work you are doing behind closed doors today.


Saturday asks you to take a serious look at making money and/or how much you are spending. This could bring up an issue over money a friend owes you or how you are earning your living with this friend or group. Focus on the detail, the actual work, how you are serving others and be willing to look at the female here who may need to be dealt with. The universe is trying it’s best to stretch your idea of partnership, to bring you happiness and prosperity with a significant relationship or representative, but first you have to master what it is you truly value and put in the effort to lead yourself forward in making a living. Don’t max the credit card!

Sunday will feel much lighter, more about balance, but you do need to have a talk with someone about the work, health or pet situation and it is going to be intense. Think about being fair even if you are up against someone who wants to blow hard at you, if the goal is change then you will have to be high minded and fair. Once this passes, there is great energy for talks about you, meeting up with people to do something good for yourself, and any socializing with friends will be fun.


It’s all about you on Saturday. You should put in time focusing on your own well-being, your body and doing something physical, any time you need to work on image like getting a hair cut or buying some new clothes. You want to be disciplined and take stock with a critical eye, there is a challenge to your goals today involving money, love or a woman, and the best way around it is through being the best you can be. The universe is trying to stretch you and bring in prosperity through your work and health but you have to put in the time. A partner or representative surprises you today.

Sunday the focus shifts to making or spending money and will likely involve your feelings about how you are in this with another person or how they are contributing. You have a creative project in the mix or time spent with lovers or children that will be challenging the need to focus on the money. Powerful energy is at work here, the need to transform your ability to connect deeply to those you love and your own creative spark, the money is there, you just have to work through this. Once you do Mars is going to push you out in the public eye today in wonderful ways.


There is work you are doing behind the scenes, in private, or perhaps you are dealing with some form of retreat or isolation, possibly in your own space or at a hospital, regardless of how you are singularly tackling this, there is a need to commit some time to the research or film/fantasy work today, to rest, recuperate, or recharge batteries. There is a challenge to money matters tied to legalities, travel, education, or a media matter that you need to address. The universe is trying to expand the potential for prosperity and happiness in your creative endeavors, as well as with ties to lovers and children but you must get at this hidden or behind the scenes work and commit time to it first.

Sunday the Moon moves into your sign which gives you permission to focus on yourself, your needs and what is going on with the home or property matter. Pluto is trying to transform your living situation or deconstruct it in some way today and you need to look at how YOU feel to best deal with the changes. Once you do there is great energy around friendship, doing something social and making something happen via a trip, legal matter, media project or promoting something, or learning something new.


Saturday is focusing on friends, social occasions, a networking event or aspiration. First you really need to look into the time, work and any details tied to this, it seems serious to me so put in the effort, you will want to deal with money, love or a female challenging you in this situation. There seems to be a three-way tug of war or balance of power in the mix, perhaps looking at how to deal with the sharing of money or intimacy can be worked through. The universe is trying to bring prosperity to you through the roots of your chart, meaning your living situations and what you are building on, your sense of family and home or property matters, you have to feel your way around your social scene and aspirations first to continue to open these doors.

Sunday is a great day to retreat with someone and spend some time behind closed doors. If you don’t have a significant other, you can get a whole lot of research done with an agent or attorney or have the major meeting or talk about the film or fantasy project. Power and change are necessary here but you are adept at handling these energies. If you have to deal with a hospital or other institution today know that it may be a bit intense at first. The rest of the day opens up for positive career and money matters.


Saturday is asking you to get serious about your career goals and ambitions. There are some details you need to tend to, some time and effort you must commit to your career or reputation, quest for fame or the spotlight. There is a female in the mix today who will be a bit of a challenge in this, perhaps a partner, agent or attorney, or if not a female, the Venus energy will just be a challenge over finding the money you need to pursue your goals but regardless of which way she shows up, this is a challenge that needs to be met. The universe it doing it’s best to open up prosperity and happiness to you through what you write, do with siblings or involves your communications skills but you have to tackle the serious work at hand first. Surprises at home figure in as well.

Sunday is a day to focus on friends, social activities, and aspirations. You want to first deal with a partner, agent or attorney over an income matter, this may involve the friend, group or an aspiration you are currently pursuing but the need to change the situation is important to deal with. Once you do you can hop that plane, deal with the legalities, make your mark in the media or take that class, involve a partner or representative in this as well, all positive.


Saturday is about tending the details and/or taking on more responsibility through travel, legal matters, media, publishing or promotions, or higher education. You have to commit the time and put in the work, be critical and analytical and in all of this deal with the woman at work or a money matter tied to work, health or pets. The universe is doing it’s level best to bring you open doors and prosperity in the way you make your living but you need to tackle this legal, media, travel, or education matter first. Expect to have an interesting talk or meeting about one of these things today.

Sunday won’t really be about rest for you as the career and ambitions are on full throttle. There is an almost ruthless drive moving through you to conquer your goals and step up in the world and this may push you to drive yourself more than normal today. It is an EXCELLENT day to shine in matters pertaining to big commissions or loans, any kind of major money transactions, and to really motivate to get the work done, go!


Saturday is going to be intense. It is a day where the focus will be powerfully deep and all about the big financial matter, a divorce, something that is powerfully transformational, or regarding an intimate or sexual connection. You need to deal with the lover, child or creative endeavor from this position of power and change, depth and control, all the while looking at how you are handling love and money matters in your life. Like I said, it’s intense. The universe is trying to open you up, bring prosperity and happiness to you, and for this to happen you have to do your part in getting a handle on your sense of power in sharing, connecting, bonding with children and lovers, and how you express your creativity. If your values have been changing, allow the stretch here and any new or unusual ideas that may come today.

Sunday the energy turns to how you partner or are represented in legal matters, travel, media or publishing, or in higher education. Once again, Pluto is in the mix so energy around power, control, manipulations, triangles, or some hidden self-undoing or addictive behaviors may be what you are trying to deal with. For some of you there is a major artistic or fantasy work before you and you want the best possible deal you can get, so do your research. Once this is worked through the energy opens up to connect you with the right partner, agent or attorney to travel, do media, publishing, education or legal deals and the starting gate is going to open to fun, creativity and love.


Saturday the focus is going to be on your most important relationships be they romantic partnerships, business partnerships, agents or attorneys. You need to put in some work and effort around the details and responsibilities in the situation. There is a money matter at home or with a property here that will be a challenge to be met with this person, look at how to find solutions through effort and analysis. The universe is trying to expand your world and bring prosperity your way through work you can do on your own, behind closed doors, in research and fantasy realms, and in dealing with institutions, you must first deal with how you feel about significant relationships to be emotionally available to the big changes in store. You may surprise yourself today.

Sunday the energy shifts to what is shared monetarily or intimately. This is a day when the energy is powerful and intense, you will find this is mirrored to you through a powerful friend or social situation and how you feel connected, empowered financially or controlled through your desires. What is your dream for yourself really? It is changing on a grand level and you are wondering if you even know who you are, don’t worry but do continue to ask yourself what it is you are chasing and why. The better part of the day is promising where work, health, pets, home and property are concerned, you may find money here or just feel like it all is smiling on you.


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