Sunday, June 7, 2009


If you could compartmentalize the week around matters of the heart, money and times when talks and the way you are thinking about your world are best approached, then the week lays out like a rollercoaster ride up and down between these themes.

On Monday you will have a very powerful aspect helping you to make a major change. Love or money will be the vehicle and the aspect is extremely positive and transformative.

Tuesday you will have the opportunity to communicate or meet in an original way, with someone unique, on the spur of the moment, or about something surprising or change oriented. This aspect is positive as well as brilliant. On the heels of this comes a second aspect to communication and meetings that is a bit confusing or deceptive, perhaps sentimental or nostalgic. For artists this energy is truly inspiring.

Wednesday talks and meetings continue to be the theme, this time about how far or how big something can or should be. There is optimism in the air and pie in the sky dreams about what you think you want. It is a good day for dreaming big or envisioning the future, a possibly challenging day in talks about law, travel, education, or media.

Thursday we are back to love and money. There are emotions in the mix that are asking you if the ideal is matching the reality, if there is support from friends and groups in the efforts you are taking towards your goals here and a strong urge to make something happen.

Friday Saturn comes along and asks you to face reality and make some adjustments. There is a need to lead your own life forward and to step up the work or effort along these lines.


Pour it on in areas of making money and your reputation. Today you can move mountains where career is concerned, you can go after the money or spend it on a goal or ambition with major change as the reward. Power and love walk hand in hand through these doors for you, use it to fuel your ambition.

Tuesday talks or meetings about the money you make are going to be a bit clandestine or under wraps in some way. You may find an opportunity to make some money through research, fantasy work or in dealing with institutions. Take care where a friend is involved financially unless you are working on something artistic together.

Wednesday talks with the friend, group or network will be expansive. There are still energies around the income matter here and you will want to express what it is you believe in, what you think will prosper, and how any travel, media, educational, or legal matters fall in the mix.

Thursday is still strongly involving friends or associates as you do your best to get an emotional handle on how the money is going to flow in what you are doing together. You are going to want to push the issue today or allow your feelings to come out about where you are in negotiations.

Friday Saturn is going to say, ‘enough’ and ask that you step up and do the work needed to make the matter move with the friendship or within the group dynamic that you are involved in this week. Nose to the grindstone, take the lead, do the work, put in the time, and pace yourself where health and pets are concerned.


Your ruler is making nice with the big power monger of the zodiac today, helping you to make a huge change personally where matters of love or money are concerned. It is likely that you are physically involved or your image is tied to something around media, travel, law or education today in a way that will help you transform powerfully in these areas. The paycheck could be over the top.

Tuesday brings an inspiring talk with someone unique or the chance to express your own individuality within a group dynamic, both bring very positive opportunity your way. Talks or meetings about goals or career may be hard to focus on under Neptune’s glare, use the energy to inspire your artistic nature in ambitions.

Wednesday talks or meetings about career and goals will be about what you want to expand and how you wish to see your beliefs take on new life in what you are pursuing. Look to areas of media, travel, education, and law again as places to deal with a widening scope.

Thursday dreams about what you want to achieve will meet with a drive to do something physically or tied to your image/identity to make them move forward. You are either motivated by love or money today and should find ways to get ahead.

Friday Saturn arrives to demand time, effort and work in areas of creativity, recreational plans, or dealing with love, lovers, or children. You must dedicate some time here and get real about what needs doing if you want to reach your goals.


Monday brings potential to either make a huge change in areas of outside or shared resources to move a fantasy or research project along, a chance to enter the hospital for something related to beauty that you will want to spend money on, or the potential to lock yourself away in private with a powerfully magnetic lover. However you cut it, the energy is about big change and will focus on love or money and what you can make happen in one of these areas today for the better.

Tuesday talks about career, goals, reputation, or fame are out of the box. The energy is quite inspired and will likely happen in private or around something you are working on in private. There is a talk necessary about travel, media, legal or educational matters that seems to be a bit disillusioning or will challenge you to bring the private matter out to the daylight.

Wednesday talks continue on the same vein but will stretch you in some way or involve how you think things need to expand in areas of media, travel, legal or educational matters. This is not the best day to sign contracts or make agreements, just remain open to ideas and express your needs.

Thursday your feelings about the travel, media, legal, or educational matter will be pushing you to make some things happen behind closed doors, to retreat and recharge your batteries, to put some effort into fantasy or research, and to apply your love or your money to what it is you are going after.

Friday Saturn shows up and asks that you put in the effort, time and work around home matters, where you are living, a property matter, or in dealing with mom. It’s time to get real and do the work.


Powerful energy is at work for you on Monday between friendships, groups and aspirations, and the way you are partnering in life. You can go after what you want through these doors today if the goal is love or money. The energy promises major transformation and the potential for a powerful ally.

Tuesday talks with a friend about travel, media, publishing, promotion, politics, religion, higher education, or legal matters will inspire. You should be open to new ideas and spontaneous moments here as there is real opportunity in the mix for you. The challenge is in how money is shared or involving debt, settlements, a sexual matter, or divorce, with this person. Wait a few days until the fog clears here, on an artistic note, this energy brings powerful depth to inspirations with this person.

Wednesday talks and meetings continue with friends about the deepest matters. Today how you believe, matters around travel, media, education and law may be part of the mix along some financial lines or in connecting intimately with this person. You will want to talk in broad strokes and dream big.

Thursday emotions around shared resources, sex, divorce or death will spur you to do something with the friend or in the group or towards your aspirations. The motivator will be love or money and you may feel challenged to make it happen today.

Friday Saturn shows up and demands you put in the work, effort and time in a communications matter, in talks, meetings, with something you are writing, in taking the lead in the way your thinking is affecting your ability to share, both resources and intimacy. Agreements are not that far off, do the work.


You can make the mountain move on Monday dear Leo. Focus your desire for love or money as the primary goal in your world today and then make a powerful push in the work you are doing towards this goal. The universe is showing up to help you get what you most desire if you are willing to stand in your power through the work you do, the way you approach your health or the way you care for small animals, (one of these things will lead you where you wish to go).

Tuesday talks about your goal, career, reputation, or fame favor you. You are very likely to see some sudden opportunities where joint finances are concerned or any money coming through settlements, insurance, taxes, commissions, shared resources, or credit. You may also see a talk about getting closer intimately with someone take a nice turn you weren’t quite expecting. Talks about partnership or representation are under cloudy energy so as rose-colored as those glasses are you are wearing, tread carefully in what you commit yourself to today.

Wednesday talks or meetings with partners or representatives continue on but today there is a sense of expansion in the air, the need to believe in this person, to share energy around media, travel, educational or legal matters, and the chance to look at how things are getting bigger between you.

Thursday emotions are going to be about this person and how friendship is part of the mix between you, or ideals and group ties push your goals with them, be they love or money inspired, just take care not to push too hard, too fast.

Friday Saturn steps in and says it is time to put your money where your mouth is with this person, either in making money with them/through them, or spending it on them. You have to do the work here if you wish to see things move forward.


Monday pour your love or money efforts into legal matters, travel plans, media/promotion/publishing issues, or higher education. The universe is stepping up to meet you here in efforts to deeply transform your world creatively or in areas of love if you go for it today.

Tuesday talks about travel, media, law, or education take on surprising twists and turns or involve something brilliant or unexpected by way of a partner, attorney, agent, or manager. This energy serves you well so go with the flow. Talks about work, health, service or pets are under more confused or deceptive energy so not the best day to make agreements or sign contracts in these areas.

Wednesday talks or meetings continue in the same vein, focusing on legal matters, travel, education, or media. Today you want to focus on the big picture involving your work here, the service you provide, a health matter, or how pets are involved, look at how things are expanding and how your belief system is at work in the picture.

Thursday emotions will be on group affiliations or friendships at work, tied to services you provide, or how they affect health or pets. You are going to want to take action on a love or money matter involving travel, media, law or education in this but may find some challenges today in the effort.

Friday Saturn shows up and demands you lead your own life forward, do the work, put in the time, where your body, identity, image or personal ego needs are involved. It is necessary that you take personal responsibility once again if you wish to see progress where work, health or pets are involved.


Monday is a big day where love or money is concerned. This is love that is shared intimately/sexually, or it is money that is shared with someone or an outside resource such as a bank or other investor. There is huge potential on your side today to transform a living situation, home matter, property deal or anything else related to where you live and with whom through the doors of what you share. Be open to change and go for it today.

Tuesday talks about what is shared, a big money matter or sexual connection bring positive opportunity your way where work, health or pets are concerned. This may be an unexpected opportunity or come from an unusual source but the energy says you should go for it, be open. Neptune is clouding talks about creative projects, children or love today where money or intimacy are concerned, you could get lost in an ideal under this fog so tread lightly, it is inspiring energy for the artist in you though.

Wednesday talks or meetings continue along the lines of big money, sex, divorce, or death matters. Jupiter is pushing you to expand your creative field or your belief in love as you speak about what you really want to happen. Someone at a distance or legal matters may be involved here.

Thursday feelings about love or creative endeavors will likely be attached to friends or a group you belong to. This is going to be a day when you feel like pushing forward through sexual overtures or forceful parlays where shared money figures in the picture. Look at how your needs are being met.

Friday Saturn shows up and insists that you take some time alone, retreat, do the research, put in the effort and work on the fantasy project, spend some time holed up secretly with someone behind closed doors, or deal with the institution, if you wish to see your creative project or love matter resolve up ahead.


Monday brings the opportunity to communicate rather profoundly with a partner, agent, lawyer, or manager about love or money. This is very intense energy and can truly change things for the better so mark today on your calendar and connect with the person in question.

Tuesday talks with this person lead to some surprises where love, children, recreation, speculation, or creative projects are involved. This is very spontaneous, brilliant, innovative energy that promises opportunity for you with this person so be open to what arrives. Talks about home or property matters, where you live and with whom, security needs or mom, are a bit more nostalgic or challenging.

Wednesday talks continue with the partner or representative regarding home, where you live and with whom, property matters, or mom and security. Today it may go over the top a bit, focus on how to expand, involve how travel, media, legal matters or education would play into it all.

Thursday your feelings about home and property take on a more independent flair, tying in your friendships or group affiliations and how you socialize. You will likely feel like taking action with the partnership or representative in this matter and it looks like love or money are the motivator.

Friday Saturn shows up and insists that you invest some time, effort, work and energy into the friendship, group dynamic, networking, social obligations, or towards your cherished aspiration if you wish to see progress on the home front.


Work and income, they are walking hand in hand on Monday in the most powerful combination for you. This is a day that can see you truly transform your earnings through the work you do, you may find that love is in the mix with a co-worker as well or that you decide to spend a large sum of money on your work or health or even on a pet today to make life better.

Tuesday talks about the work, health or pet are very spontaneous. There is an opportunity at home with one of these things and you should be open to talks that catch you unaware today regarding any of this, it has great potential. Communicating your artistic, romantic or spiritual desires on the work or health front will be a bit more challenging, the artists are the only ones getting a charge of inspiration from this.

Wednesday talks or meetings about the work, health or pet continue on but his time will be about needing to expand or deal with something that is getting bigger here. Your belief system is part of the mix in this and the potential in a media, travel, legal, or educational matter tied to it as well.

Thursday feelings about what you write, talks or meetings, how you think, short trips, or connections with sibings will be out there to deal with. You want to do the work, take care of the health matter or deal with the pet situation but seem to need to have this talk or meet up about how love or money is involved first. A challenge today but one you can tackle.

Friday Saturn is stepping in to say you must put in the work, effort or time into your ambitions, goals, career, reputation, or desire for fame if you ever want to see your communications project take off or be heard in the way you deserve.


Make you fortune on Monday by way of your creativity, children or lovers. The energy is hugenormous and is just pouring love or money into these areas for you to deal with in your own powerful new way. This is about you transforming once again, stepping up in your power, and making major changes and strides where love or money are concerned, all positive.

Tuesday talks with lovers, children or about your creative endeavors are once again incredibly positive and laced with opportunity. There is something of a surprise or unexpected change in the mix but it is serving you well so remain open to what spontaneously arrives via these doors. Neptune is affecting income today in a way that seems to say you may spend on romantic desires or artistic impressions, since the energy is foggy, it may make the lover, creative venture or child happy but find you asking, ‘huh?’ later on in the week, watch the purse strings.

Wednesday talks about your creative endeavors and talks with lovers or children continue to be focal but today there is another overly expansive energy around income so you may be called upon to open up the wallet once again or you may be trying to expand the income through these doors and find you have to push harder today.

Thursday feelings about income are challenging as you look at your ideals and aspirations. You will want to push in areas of love, creativity and children over how feelings are being expressed or money is being spent. If the kids are draining the pocket book or the creative project is leaking coins into the street, detach a bit and take another look from a distance.

Friday Saturn shows up to demand you do the work, put in the effort or take the time to further your education, teach something you know, take legal steps, promote, deal with media or publish, or travel. You must get serious in these areas today if you wish to see the income improve.


Any retreat at home, time spent in working behind the scenes or through fantasy or research for home or property matters, will bring you great rewards on Monday. The energy is incredibly powerful where love and money are concerned and your ability to transform your world through time spent alone here or involved in something property related.

Tuesday talks about home, property, mom, or security needs are under positive aspects where money is concerned. You may find an interesting opportunity to make money from home or through property or decide to spend money on something spontaneous or unusual for the home, either way it is positive. Talks about how you feel about your personal needs at home or with whom you are living are a bit nostalgic or confusing today so go easy on yourself.

Wednesday home and property continue to be thematic but now you are discussing your needs, how you are able to expand through your home or are being held back in some way that you wish to expand. Challenge your beliefs today in this and look at legal, travel, media or educational matters around who you are and the roots you are putting down.

Thursday feelings about who you are and how you look will be a bit detached and possibly connected to how you see your friends now. You are going to want to spend some money on home or property matters or go after making money here but may be a bit frustrated at the obstacles.

Friday Saturn shows up and demands that you put in the time, effort and work on everything you are sharing with another, this means that joint finances, debt, credit, settlements, alimony, taxes, insurance, child support, divorce matters, sex and intimacy have to be dealt with seriously today. This has to be addressed now if you wish to see things progress with who you are in the world and in how your identity is changing.


Monday brings powerful energy your way where a friend is concerned. This is about talking or meeting with this person about a love or money matter important to you. You can transform your world on a profound level today through this connection as long as you keep your aspirations front and center and open up about the money.

Tuesday talks and meetings take on a brilliant, odd, unusual color that will lead you on many twists and turns but bring some wonderful opportunities your way. Remain open to spontaneous moments, talk to the characters who show up in the local arena today, they have something for you. Talks about research, fantasy work, any self-undoing or escapist tendencies, secrets or dealing with institutions will be a bit challenging and foggy. You must be completely honest in all communications today.

Wednesday is about talking or meeting with someone locally regarding a big fantasy project or research matter, you may also be discussing some big issues with an institution such as a hospital or prison. The energy will be over the top and may be colored with legal, travel, media, or educational themes.

Thursday your feelings will be a bit withdrawn and detached as you take some time to look at what you have been strategizing on your own and what you need to tackle locally today to further your own agenda. You will either need to have a talk with a female or do something locally regarding love or money to get where you want to go.

Friday Saturn shows up and demands that you put in the work, effort, time or deal with limitations or responsibilities with a partnership, romantic or business, or with an attorney, agent or manager. You must get real here today if you wish to see your hidden aspirations take flight.


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