Sunday, June 21, 2009


You probably had an inkling of it on Sunday as the Sun moved into the sign of the Moon, Cancer is now where it’s at my friends so look to areas regarding nurture and protection, home and comfort, mom and dare I say it, apple pie?

On Monday, the New Moon occurs in the sign of, you guessed it, Cancer. This is opening up two strong weeks to initiate in the house this sign rules in your chart. You will want to reconnect with the past a bit, tend to your memories and find someone who makes you feel understood on an emotional level. Home and property matters take central stage and leadership is key.

Venus and Mars both connect positively with Saturn today as well giving foundation to the actions or passions you felt inspired to let soar on Sunday. All in all, Monday is THE day this week, so don’t play for time, dive in and get it going.

Tuesday asks you find a way to balance between your needs and another’s. They carry the bigger stick. You may need that stick. Think about it and do your best to see just why they came waving it around you in the first place, then balance.

Wednesday is a ‘stir the pot’ kind of day as you adjust to romantic or artistic needs and how they are panning out, as well as do a little dance around loyalty issues and a sense of pride causing you all kinds of grievance when goals are in question. Pride goeth before the crash and tumble.

Thursday talks are good but you may feel a bit thwarted where taking action is concerned, the timing is just not quite right. This means if it is about love or money you will need to figure a few more things out, so take advantage of the talk energy and bide your time.

Friday you get your first big obstacle to what was said or met over. I can see the look on your face, ‘Why talk on Thursday if it is just going to lead to frustration or ‘no’ on Friday?’ Well, this is not an opposition and the challenge is something you can work through, so roll up your sleeves, you believe in what you said right? Show them what you’re made of!


The go get ‘em energy is about income and work you provide. So go get ‘em. This is the kind of energy you dream of and it is favoring you if you are proactive. The New Moon is giving you two strong weeks to initiate new beginnings around home, property and security needs in your life. Where do you want to live and with whom? What roots do you wish to put down?

Tuesday home and ambition are facing off a bit as you try to balance your basic needs of security and roots with the great drive you are undergoing now towards career and goals. The need to transform your world through ambitious plays is far going to outweigh the other so do your best to answer your needs at home and then go for the gold.

Wednesday brings adjustments around home and friendship as well as a new way of feeling about your creativity and the big changing goals before you. Take every single opportunity that comes to you today even if it is something you never saw coming, especially if it is something you never saw coming, you are on a roll.

Thursday talks and meetings about creativity or loved ones is under very favorable stars. You will just face challenges here when money is brought up so don’t be afraid to ask for what you need or place some limits on what is spent.

Friday is a very serious talk about the service you provide, the work you do, a health matter, or dealing with pets. This is a bit challenging as there is so much at stake. Step up as the rest of the energy is behind you opening up a vein to the creative muse and major support from friends and those you are networking with.


A dreamier day is seldom found my friend. Mars and Venus are sparking with Saturn to enhance your image and standing in areas connected with creative output and love. You may begin something that lasts quite a while today in these areas and is the seed to new love or money. The New Moon is opening up a new cycle in writing and communicating so set up your meetings and open talks over the next two weeks, send off manuscripts, as well as connect locally or with siblings for best results.

Tuesday the publisher wants you to change what you wrote, the airline wants to hold you up over an itinerary, there is some news about a legal matter that makes you step up to deal or what you are learning or teaching is ready to meet face to face with the next level of power in your world. There is every reason to believe you are going to hear something great today.

Wednesday asks you find new ways of approaching how you communicate in your career or in approaching your goals, as well as dealing with home to travel matters from a space of balance. Don’t be surprised if you hear from a friend you haven’t talked to in a while or bump into them while out and about. Any last minute invites should prove stimulating.

Thursday talks about money and what you are doing at home go well but you must deal with motivating yourself here, if you keep the lines of communication open or push yourself to write you will do well.

Friday is about negotiating the income with a creative opportunity or a lover or child. You will want to discuss any form of limitation or added responsibility you see here today so you can get it out of the way to be creative. If goals seem foggy know it is just a transit of energy that will soon pass.


It’s time to take action on those secret thoughts or strategies you have been nurturing regarding where you live or the property matter. Today will help you do that with ease. The New Moon is about a new beginning in income matters so look for new ways to make money over the next two weeks, send out applications or resumes or advertise your services, this is it!

Tuesday is calling you to deal with an income matter that is very personal to you by taking the bull by the horns in areas of joint finances, debt, settlements, insurance, taxes, divorce, or inheritance. You are wrangling with a powerhouse here and will need to look very clearly at your own needs in dealing with a way to balance the situation.

Wednesday income and a travel, legal, media or educational matter are up for some tweaks, you need to make some adjustments here so it is not really yes or no, there is some other point to be found in the equation. Talk about how the sharing of resources is going to occur as this is as well a big energy in the room. If an opportunity presents itself out of the blue to make money or enhance your reputation or career status, jump on it today.

Thursday talks about you, who you are and your identity or needs will be very positive but issues over money for film, fantasy, research, hospitals or any other work you have been doing behind the scenes will be challenging and require some spunk on your part to initiate.

Friday brings a hurdle to overcome about your needs and a living situation. You have to talk about it or go meet with someone about it or make or break an agreement. Tough but doable.


It’s your time dear Cancer! Today is a New Moon in your sign and the sky is the limit. You are poised between two New Moon’s in your sign, the next of which is going to be a total Solar Eclipse! Dare to dream the best future you could imagine for yourself, here’s a hint, all that devotion your constantly give to others, allow a bit for yourself now, this is about a NEW beginning so don’t limit yourself. Your friendships and social networks are your greatest place of support now so reach out if you need backing.

Tuesday will be about balancing power between you and a partner, agent, or attorney. This person is powerful and important in the grand scheme of what you need or don’t need any more. Look at it clearly and don’t feel you cannot find your own voice in this situation. There is incredible opportunity between what you say, write and your circle of friends.

Wednesday brings the need to adjust to any delusions you may have had over a shared resource, big money matter or sexual connection. Income and partnership is in need of a bit of fine tuning as well. Any sudden opportunity to travel, promote or involve yourself in the media, teach or take a class, or deal with a legal matter, should be jumped on.

Thursday talks about a fantasy project, film, research matter or hospitalization will be under positive stars. Getting a friend to take action over an income matter will be a bit of a challenge but one you can manage.

Friday brings a very serious talk about something you have been developing in private or from fantasy or research. Some of you may be dealing with a hidden enemy or secrets that are coming out of the blue through emails or phone calls. Either way, you will want to be completely solid in your response and don’t hesitate to limit or sever communications if there is any hint of duplicity.


Monday could be a four-star day via career, income, prestige and advancement for you. The energy is about taking action and pursuing your desires so don’t hold back. The New Moon is about work you do behind the scenes, retreat, rest, fantasy, research, and dealing with hospitals or other institutions so use the next two weeks to begin afresh in these areas.

Tuesday what you are doing in secret or the hidden agenda you are engaged in is going to come up against a formative opponent, this person has the upper hand so take care what you let slip. If you are involved in fantasy work, film, acting, poetry, or spiritual energy, the opposition represents a powerful change to the way you approach work or health in the situation. Income and career goals are working FOR you so don’t fret in this area.

Wednesday you will need to make some adjustments around a partnership issue, artistry or romance and some form of confusion or deception could be in the mix so be clear and take your time. Work or health continue to transform in powerful ways, more adjusting. There should be a positive surprise around intimacy or shared resources, loans, debt, or credit.

Thursday brings you the opportunity to talk with a friend about something in a positive way. Taking action on goals involving love or money are under challenges so bide your time.

Friday brings up a big talk or meeting with a friend or group and this is very important and serious. You will need to address values, income or possessions and any limitations or responsibilities involved here.


Monday opens up a beautiful flow to put yourself center stage in media, promotions, publishing, politics, travel, education, or legal matters. You should take action today and aim at love or money through these venues. The New Moon is opening up two strong weeks to seed new ventures with friends, meet new people who may play a significant role over the next year, bond with old friends, join groups or pursue your most ardent aspirations.

Tuesday your position with an aspiration or friendship is coming up against a major and profound change through creativity or love. If you have thought this person was just a buddy, today they may share their deeper feelings for you, or you may find that they have power issues around a creative project and your position in the social ranking. Your friends have your back and travel, media, law and education continue to benefit you.

Wednesday requires some adjustments around the way you approach the work artistically or romantically, or around a health issue that is a bit confusing, this is all in direct relation to the social function or friendship. Love and creativity, fun and children, continue to require adjustments on a powerful level today as well. Nice surprises or changes you didn’t see coming arrive via a partner, agent or attorney.

Thursday talks or meetings about career or goals favor you so be proactive. You still have an obstacle to surmount where law, travel, media or education are affecting a fantasy project, hidden agenda, hospital or research project.

Friday you will need to have THE talk, meeting or deal with making or breaking an agreement. This is very personal and affects you, your identity, image, and your goals, career, reputation, and standing in the community. It may feel limiting or like added responsibility but it has legs and needs serious energy on your part today to work through the details.


Very good energy is working for you on Monday, take action and pursue the outside resources, joint finances, financial backing or taking care of any debt or loans as you deal with positive long term affects where fantasy work such as film, working behind the scenes, dealing with hospitals or other institutions, research or retreat is concerned. Today’s New Moon is opening up two strong weeks to launch in career or towards goals so step up now, you can make your name at this time.

Tuesday your personal goals and career ambitions will be at odds with powerful changes occurring at home or with property so do your best to balance your time between both and remember the home/property carries the bigger stick. Fantasy work, institutions and research continue to work on your behalf as well as the big money in the picture.

Wednesday requires adjustments where creativity or love are involved and these may challenge your goals a bit. You will also need to deal with a friend over home or property matters with an eye on transforming a situation. There is a surprise or change on the work or health front that should put a smile on your face, goals are in flow.

Thursday talks with a friend about travel, media, publishing, promotion, legal matters, or education will provide opportunity so open up. The challenge today is in areas or intimacy or shared resources with said friend or group affiliation.

Friday brings a talk, meeting, or making or breaking of an agreement, and this involves the media, legal, educational, or travel issue and how it ties into a fantasy project, work you have been doing behind the scenes, research project, or dealing with a hospital or other institution. This is serious and has long term ramifications so approach it with care.


Monday is a banner day and for you there is wonderful activity with partners, agents or attorneys and serious connections to friendship, aspiration or group functions. Go for the love or money with these significant people today. The New Moon is activating your standing in the media, travel, legal matters, and education. You have two strong weeks from today to initiate fresh starts here that will influence the year ahead.

Tuesday brings an intense talk or meeting about your needs in the media, travel, education or legal matter, this is in opposition so you may need to finesse this person a bit but be aware that they hold the power. Friends are in your corner and group activities favor you today as well as partnering with someone in a media, legal, travel, or education matter.

Wednesday will require an adjustment around home or property when dealing with the legal, travel, educational or media matter. You will also need to adjust to make an emotional adjustment where goals are concerned and the powerful talk or meeting on the radar. Nice surprises or changes arrive via creative projects, children or lovers.

Thursday talk about the money or the intimacy, your goal is in sight here so set up meetings or open the lines of communication. Taking action with a partner, agent or attorney will be challenging today so wait it out if you can.

Friday offers the opportunity to have the serious talk, meeting or decision to make or break an agreement with a friend about the shared resources, big money matter, intimacy, divorce or anything else that would fall under the shared agenda. If this is not one friend you are dealing with it could be a group or organization. Think about long term results.


Monday is a wonderful day where your serous long term goals and career standing are concerned. You can take action on the work you are providing today with the goal of love or money in mind, it is all working for you. The New Moon is opening up two strong weeks to initiate fresh starts in how the money is shared, dealing with big money issues such as debt, loans or credit, initiating intimacy or dealing with reproductive matters.

Tuesday you will need to put in some time regarding the money you make, spend and what is shared or coming in through loans, settlements, inheritance or another joint resource. This is intense on some level as you are looking at major transformation in the situation if you can maintain your balance. Career opportunity is in the picture with stability or long term responsibilities are concerned so do the work or ask for the position.

Wednesday you will need to have a talk about the joint resources, debt or sexual matter and this will require some adjustments on your part as you approach it through a bit of a fog. Look to adjust your creative feelings around a media or travel matter and the major changes you seek in earnings today as well. There is a nice surprise or change at home or regarding property.

Thursday talks with partners, agents or attorneys should please you where media, legal, educational, or travel matters are involved. Taking action on the work you want to do tied to one of these matters is still challenging today so stick to the talks.

Friday you will be having a very serious talk or meeting with a partner, agent or attorney about a long term goal or career matter. This energy is about looking very responsibly at what you want to deal with here and either making or breaking an agreement.


Monday is such a wonderful day for you dear Capricorn. The energy is about love, children, creative projects and fun and how they tie in seriously with legal matters or ceremonies, travel, media, promotion, publishing, or education. You can assume that all of this flows supportively together today and act on your passions here. The New Moon is occurring in your house of partners, agents and attorneys. You have two strong weeks to seed new beginnings that will affect the year to come though connections with these people.

Tuesday puts you in the position to balance power and control issues with this partner, agent or attorney. You are the one carrying the big stick but you do have a need for this person on some level so balance. There is great opportunity to deal with long term matters legally, through travel, media or education today so don’t hesitate. You are also on the receiving end of some amazing energy around love, children and creativity so act on it.

Wednesday you will need to make an adjustment around the money matter with the partner, agent or attorney and there seems to be a bit of confusion or difference in artistry or romantic approach here, this is not the day to bring it all together. You will also need to deal with how you feel about sharing your funds or body in the current situation with an eye on your personal power and transformation. A surprising talk with a partner, attorney or agent should please at some point today.

Thursday talks about the work, service you provide or a health matter are under favorable stars, opportunity is here where outside resources are concerned. Taking action on a creative venture or with a lover or child in areas of joint finances or intimacy are a bit out of whack as well today so hold off.

Friday the talk about work, services provided, health, or pets will regard a serious matter with long term ramifications in areas of legalities, media or promotion, education, or travel. Whatever you are agreeing on or severing today will be in place for a while and require serious commitment or responsibility on your part.


Monday is about the home or property and any matter involving joint finances, outside resources, settlements, inheritance, insurance, taxes, or loans and debt. The energy today is about taking action with positive results so dive in. The New Moon is in areas of work, health and pets so you have two strong weeks to intiate new beginnings in these areas that will affect the year ahead.

Tuesday you will be dealing with your needs at work, with pets or involving your health and major transformation coming through something behind the scenes, in retreat, at a hospital, through research or fantasy projects such as film or acting. There is great opportunity to transform in these areas through loans or outside money sources and good energy behind actions taken at home or with property.

Wednesday you will need to adjust physically to the health or work matter, you may feel a bit confused or in a foggy area around this so just pace yourself. You will also need to look at feelings around partnership, agents or attorneys today as you find yourself dealing with powerful transformations behind closed doors. Income is under positive stars.

Thursday talks about love, children or creative projects bring opportunity if tied to partners, agents or attorneys. You will need to wait a bit before taking action on the home or property matter with a partner, attorney or agent or if you do try today be prepared to deal with obstacles.

Friday a talk about love, creative outlets, children, or recreation comes up for serious discussion. There is a flavor of make or break in the agreement here or of taking responsibility or limiting something in the mix. You will be looking at how money is shared, how a divorce or death affects these things or how intimacy is involved in the picture.


Monday is a big day for you in matters of the heart, doing things with partners, agents or attorneys, or that involve the local scene, a written matter, communicating, making agreements, and love or money and the way you go after it. DO IT TODAY. The New Moon is happening in the area of creative projects, children, lovers, and fun. This is a new beginning with these people and activities so seed fresh starts now and over the next two weeks that will affect the year to come.

Tuesday you will be dealing with your needs with a child, creative project or in a love matter and this is going to be in opposition to a powerful matter involving a friendship or aspiration in your life. The need to balance and transform is heavy. Partners and agents are ready to help you and there is a wonderful opening for meeting up and talking matters through, auditioning, making new contacts, etc., so get out there.

Wednesday you will need to deal with your feelings about the child, creative venture or lover in relation to self-sabotaging or hidden agendas and a need or desire to retreat. Feelings about the work you do or a pet or health matter are in the mix where friends are concerned and another need to adjust to current trends. Nice surprises come your way through creativity, children and love.

Thursday talks or meetings about home or property are filled with opportunity, especially where the work, health or pet issue is involved. Getting out on the local scene may be a challenge due to work, pets or health today so don’t take it to heart.

Friday you will be making or breaking an agreement with a partner, agent or attorney regarding the home or property matter. This is important, serious and will require commitment or responsibility, limitation or loss. It could go either way but will be about stepping up to the challenge and making adult decisions.


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