Sunday, June 28, 2009


Some weeks are smooth and have an inherent ease to them, we like these weeks, they’re simple and relaxing. Some weeks are about making things happen, these weeks are filled with squares and planets changing signs or directions, they can sometimes be challenging but they move our lives ahead on course. This is one of those weeks.

Monday the Lights square so emotional needs and ego conflicts or physical stamina are a bit challenged. Look for ways to get what you want without throwing a tissy fit and if the other guy is throwing the huff, smile since you know you are in control.

Tuesday the energy smoothes out a bit as talks about artistry, romance or spiritual matters go better than they have the last couple days as long as you are willing to adjust the actions, passions or anger involved around a love or money matter.

Wednesday Uranus Retrogrades so we will see the crazy unpredictable energy of the last few months ebb a bit but there may be a last hurrah today as the lightning bolt energy of change and surprise turns around. Venus squares Neptune so people may be promising more than they can deliver by way of love or money. Mercury squares Uranus so news will be shocking or you will say something you never thought would leave your lips. Abrupt departures are par for the course today, they DO NOT have to include hateful words or deception, it is time so let go with grace. Your best bet today is to realize what will be will be and there is a reason for change when it meets you, even when some react badly to the fear that underlies change. Talk about your real artistic or romantic needs and how you wish to expand in these areas and let the chips fall where they may.

Thursday Venus squares Jupiter so a challenge over love or money seems rather huge before you, don’t let it test your faith, you can find a way out of the situation or a way to extend it but you will have to get in there and do the work. Venus sextiles Uranus so there is something you didn’t expect showing a positive opportunity or solution and will likely be something that you had a shot at before or has been sitting right in front of you all along but now you see it.

Friday Mercury moves into Cancer so the way we are thinking about things is going to shift from social to security needs, home, property matters and mom. Talk about what you are building and the ground you are setting it upon today, make sure they are solid and not shifting. By the end of the Solar Eclipse in Cancer on July 21st, everything will be different, from here to then you are making that so.


Monday tests your feelings about partners, agents or attorneys and matters regarding home or property. It is a challenge to be met and worked through.

Tuesday once again will focus on the partner, agent or attorney but today you will be adjusting to an income matter and the action you can take towards the money, as well as to any need to retreat or deal with something that has been lurking behind the scenes. You will find that talks and meetings with this person go well today and that artistry and aspirations with them are aligned.

Wednesday Uranus Retrogrades in your twelfth house, what does this mean? Those sudden moments that have been taking place in your world where you may feel as if you don’t see the enemy until he is at your doorstep, or that you act out of character in a way that is somehow self-undoing, or you are working on something behind the scenes or in fantasy, film or spirituality and you have to adapt to change and erratic energy, will now slow down and become more steady, just allow for one last surprise today. Money matters with a friend are challenging today but there is good energy in talking it out. One talk may leak a secret or two so watch your words.

Thursday you are dealing with finding ways to work around the money making matter with a friend again, keep looking for solutions. Something you didn’t expect will be there as a golden opportunity if you dig deep enough.

Friday talks move to the home, where you live and with whom, what your security needs are and how you are building your foundations, if there is a property matter that needs settling this will be the time period where you will meet and look for solutions.


The tension between the Lights is activating needs around the work you do and a writing project, something you are working on and a conversation that is had about it, a meeting for work, or on the other end of the spectrum it will revolve around health matters and what is discussed or news about a pet.

Tuesday you will focus on this work, health or pet matter but today you will be taking some physical action yourself, adjusting physically in some new way, talking about the money involved and this should go well, stretching in ways that expand your career or goals, this is also under positive stars, and dealing with some shift or surprise from a friend or group you are involved in with it.

Wednesday Uranus Retrogrades in your house of friendships and associations so you can expect the possibility of one last upset or change in a friendship or one that occurred before coming back around to change the balance once again. Your aspirations and closest ties have been under a volatile influence in an effort to bring fresh new faces onto the scene and to revolutionize your connections but this change of direction should slow that down and help you gain some footing with your companions after whatever occurs today. Money talks involving career should go well today but you will have a friend or group issue you didn’t see coming with the money.

Thursday you will want to push your image or identity out into the world in a big way and with Venus and Jupiter in the mix the senses will be enhanced as you feel quite larger than life. Look for a wonderful surprise or change that benefits you to happen with a friend, group, networking event or social function, it means love or money coming your way.

Friday Mercury enters Cancer and the mental energy will be in the house of writing, short trips, connections with siblings and communications. So expect to pour your thoughts onto paper, get together locally to share ideas and talk it out with your brothers or sisters.


The Lights are challenged today between creativity and income or between a lover or child and income. You need to make money and watch what you spend today so work it out as best you can.

Tuesday you will still be focused on either the creative project, child or lover but now the energy is asking you to do something behind the scenes, in private or in retreat, to talk about your needs and your identity and what you want artistically or romantically with this situation tied to media, travel, law or education. You will need to adapt to some shifts around goals here but the potential to expand is good today.

Uranus has been asking you to take a roller coaster ride through the career Midheaven so that you could hone your skills and find out just how much independent authority and innovative leadership ability you could muster. There have been sharp peaks and some sudden lows but on Wednesday Uranus is going to Retrograde and you are going to see an evening out in these areas of life but possibly not until you have one last change today. You are going to need to deal with a travel, media, legal, or educational matter today, talk about what you see happening here that could expand your world and don’t let the sudden shifts in goals surprise you too much.

Thursday you will be still dealing with the trip, the legal matter, the media, promotional or publishing deal, or the teaching or class but today there is a tendency to over spend in this or to challenge yourself to make more. It looks like a nice surprise is coming your way via a goal or career move, keep working behind the scenes.

Friday Mercury enters your earnings zone so talks and meetings will be focused on making money, what you spend and the possessions you have in question. Start applying for jobs or sending out resumes.


The Lights are challenging you today over your personal needs and where you are hanging your hat. Look at how you are feeling about home or property matters today and do your best to find a way to treat yourself well in these areas.

Tuesday you will still be focused on home or property issues but today you will be taking action with a friend to deal with it, it will require some adjustments and dealing with the money, you will want to talk about what you have been working on or dreaming up behind the scenes or retreat to your nest, there is good energy around sharing in the home matter monetarily, and a need to react to a surprise or change around travel, media, education, or legal matters tied to this.

The sudden changes or need to express freedom or independence through travel, legal matters, education, or media related matters has been a volatile roller coaster ride for a while now. There have been comings and goings in these areas that have kept you guessing and perhaps a bit unstable. On Wednesday Uranus will Retrograde here and this energy will settle down immensely to allow you to catch up to all of the change, although you may experience one last pop here today before it goes. You will have a challenge to deal with regarding a friendship and shared resources or intimacy but talks are good regarding the work being done behind the scenes and the money.

Thursday you will be dealing with the friend and the issue around money or sexuality and there will be a tendency to overdo in areas of love or money so take it easy. A nice surprise is in store for you through the friendship connected to media, travel, education, or legal matters, be open to what comes.

Friday Mercury enters your sign and the talks are going to be about you. Open up about your needs, take meetings to promote your agendas, think about ways to put your image or physical body into the mix in a new way.


Monday may force a secret out into the open or you may feel as if you are trying to escape from it all on some level. The Lights are challenging you to work behind the scenes in a way that communicates your emotional strengths.

Tuesday you will be focusing on communications and taking action to pursue your goals so put out the energy passionately and look for ways to make money or connect with your ambition. Talks with a friend go well as do communications with a partner, agent or attorney. You will need to deal with a surprising communication about sex, big money, death or divorce.

Uranus is Retrograding in your house of other people’s money, sex, divorce and death on Wednesday. This means that the erratic energy with all of its ups and downs, ins and outs, will finally stabilize a bit. If your intimate life has been unpredictable, your loans unstable, your divorce a bit crazy, breathe a sigh of relief as this shift will settle things into a more even keel after perhaps one last hurrah today. Goals and partnership are a bit challenging today as you are trying to push for love or money in a way that may be a bit confusing. Talks with a friend about partnership fair better.

Thursday the goal and partner, agent or attorney involved will challenge again. Today it is about the love or money and how that is expanding or not expanding fast enough, all you can do is work through it. A surprise is due to come your way that should be a positive opportunity through a partners money or a loan or other outside resource, or if not money it would likely be a sexual opportunity to connect.

Friday Mercury enters Cancer and the talks will become more secretive, hidden, the thinking will become more strategic, private, you will want to apply mental facilities to work done behind the scenes and dreaming.


The Lights are challenging you on Monday to find a solution to a money/income matter with a friend or group you are affiliated with. Aspirations are achievable but you will have to iron out the finances.

Tuesday the money is at the center of the day once again but today you will be taking action by hopping a plane, diving into a media or promotional matter, taking a class or teaching one, or going after the money legally. Talks about career and artistry in the way you approach your work or health will be aligned favorably. You will need to deal with the money matter and a surprise or change tossed at you by a partner, agent or attorney.

Wednesday Uranus is going to Retrograde in your house of partners, agents and attorneys so the erratic energy here should settle down a bit now, (possibly after one last strike today). There may have been a lot of comings and goings or much change over the last months as these significant people in your life made bids for independence or took unusual stands, you now get to catch up to where that has landed you. Challenges today lie with money matters tied to media, legalities, education, or travel and the way you want to approach your work or health. Talks with the partner or representative will be a bit surprising as well. If you are scheduled to make a speech or communicate about your work on the career front, it is destined to go well.

Thursday you are still dealing with travel, media, legal, or educational matters and the money or love you are trying to connect with here. Expanding the work or health matter challenges as well. There is a very nice surprise or change that brings opportunity your way through a partner, agent or attorney regarding the trip, media venture, promotion, publishing, education, or legal matter.

Friday Mercury enters your friendship, associations and aspirations zone. This means that so expect to receive more invitations, meet up with pals, and socialize much more over the next few weeks.


The challenge in energy today falls between the feelings you have about who you are and your ego needs regarding a career goal or your reputation. It’s a day to either push buttons or tighten the ship and work your way through it.

Tuesday you will be focusing on yourself, your needs or identity and to this end you are going to want to pursue some outside money source to help support your goals or to connect intimately with someone you are passionate about. Some ego adjustments are part of this scenario either way. Talks about your needs and a media matter, trip, legal matter or educational issue are aligned beautifully as well as your ability to express your artistic nature in a creative project or your romantic nature with a lover. A change or surprise via pets, health or work assignments requires adjustment as well today.

On Wednesday the sudden changes and surprises, ups and downs, striking out for independence or unconventional approaches tied to work, health and pets that has pestered you over the last months is going to slow down and stabilize a bit after getting past the potential for one last hurrah today. Uranus is Retrograding and you can now use this time to catch up to where you find your work, health and pets have taken you. Sexy connections with a lover are a bit challenging today as rose colored glasses get in the way of play or you may find you are dealing with someone who is not telling it like it really is about a creative project and the money. You need to talk to someone at a distance about this now. Don’t be surprised if they toss a wildcard into the mix via changes to work, pets or health.

Thursday love or money matters that are shared intimately with another are challenging you on the level of creative projects getting out there, or a lover or childs connection with you happening at the rate you want to see. A surprise work opportunity could put some money in your pocket today or you may see money come from something you have already worked on. Money for a health matter or pet is available as well.

Friday Mercury changes signs and the talks, meetings and agreements either made or broken will all be focused on career, goals, ambition, reputation or fame over the next few weeks. This puts your name out there so push your agenda and send out your resume.


Monday may challenge as you deal with the work you have been doing behind the scenes or something hidden and your needs in the media, through travel, legal channels, or education. You may feel like hiding out but you are probably not going to get that opportunity.

Tuesday you will want to deal with the private matter, film or fantasy work, research or hospital, by doing something with a partner, agent or attorney to secure the money. Talks about joint finances, loans or other outside resources, intimacy, sex, divorce or a death will go smoothly connected to this fantasy work or research. Home and property matters are under good stars if you need to retreat or research. A creative project takes a surprise turn at some point in the day based on what you dig up.

Lovers, children and the way that your creativity and creative projects have been going have been a bit unpredictable on one hand, inventive, original and unusual on the other, and all going through change on the whole over the last few months. On Wednesday Uranus will Retrograde here and you will see these areas of life settle down a bit. You may see someone suddenly take their leave or show back up today, par for the course. Money or love talks with a partner, agent or attorney are a bit challenging as something is not what it seems at home. Talk about the money or intimate matter tied to home or property and how to expand through outside resources. The creative project or loved one continues to surprise one last time.

Thursday puts the focus on the love or money matter with the partner, agent or attorney and how you want to expand the home or property matter once again, meeting the challenge is key. A nice surprise awaits you via a lover, child or creative endeavor and the money or love coming from a partner, agent or attorney.

Friday Mercury changes signs entering the arena ruling travel, education, media, promotion, publishing, politics, and law. The talks and meetings over the next few weeks will focus strongly on what you want here so open up and take meetings.


A friendship and a joint financial matter, sexual issue, or dealing with a divorce or death will be what challenges on Monday. Your needs are in the middle somewhere and you will have to do your best to work through this.

Tuesday the focus is still on the friendship and today you should tackle the work matter, health issue or pet involved and the money tied to this. Talks with them about partnership or representation will go well as will talks about your artistic or romantic needs. A surprise around home or property will require an adjustment where friendship or a party are concerned.

Uranus is going to Retrograde on Wednesday in your home and property zone. This means that all the changes, erratic ups and downs, unusual happenings and independent approaches to home and property will finally slow down and you will see things smooth out here for a while. Take the time to catch up to where you find yourself, if you have one last surprise today, it should be the last for a while. Talks about money attached to work, health or pets are under a confusing or deceptive energy today so make sure you are understanding exactly what is being said. Talks with a partner, agent or attorney are under positive stars, it’s a good day to expand with this person artistically or romantically. There is news about one last surprise or change at home.

Thursday talks continue about work, health or pets and are under challenges where the love or money is concerned again. Too much expansion or not enough. A nice surprise about home or property and the money coming for work or pets there is positive.

Friday Mercury moves into Cancer and talks will shift to sex, intimacy, divorce, death, loans, credit, joint finances, and all shared resources. If you need to sign agreements for a loan or other outside resource this is the time. If single, you may meet a new sexy playmate during this transit, just watch for triangles.


Feelings about goals being met or a career move and the partnership, agent or attorney involved will be a bit challenging today. You may feel as though your needs are not being met just yet, do your best to work through the energy.

Tuesday the focus is career or important goals. You will want to pursue the creative project, lover or do something regarding the child today, love or money being the key. Talks about work, health or pets figure nicely into the career or goal and talks about income and career go well.

Whether it is the neighborhood, all the short trips, the things you have put in writing or have agreed to, or your relationship to brothers and sisters, that has been erratic, shocking, up and down and changing over the last few months, on Wednesday Uranus Retrogrades and things should calm down here quite a bit (although you may have one last zinger today). Use this lull to get back into a smooth routine. Love or money issues with a lover, child or creative project will test your purse strings. Talks about work and the income go well. A surprise talk about a work assignment or health or pet matter arrives to wrap up the day.

Thursday creative projects, lovers or children continue to be the challenge where the money is concerned. It is either too much or not enough so do your best to deal. A surprise communication will be positive regarding the creative project, lover or child so remain open to spontaneous messages.

Friday Mercury enters Cancer and your partnership and representatives arena. This means that talks and meetings over the next few weeks will be about who to partner with and why, and with agents, managers and attorneys. Time to make or break agreements.


Monday is challenging as you deal with feelings about a legal matter, trip, visitor, class, or media matter. How your needs are being met in the work you do here, how your physical needs are being met for your health or how you are finding time for the pets will be part of the challenge as well.

Tuesday travel, media, law or education will be the focus. You will want to take action about the home, do something on the property, or dive into something with mom, tied to one of these themes. Talks about creativity, love or children work well when in concert with travel, media, law or education. You should find ways to express your own artistic or romantic needs in this as well. Watch for a surprise about the cost or money being offered.

If income matters, making a living, what you spend, and the possessions you own, have been a bit unpredictable, erratic, shocking or changing all the time over the past months, Wednesdays Retrograde of Uranus should help them to settle into a more predictable pattern. This is your ruler Retrograding so you may feel it a bit more personally than others and find that you want to put some time into thinking about new ways to earn and how your value system is evolving. Today may bring one last event in this arena. Home and personal needs are a bit in conflict today as you deal with love or money matters here. Talks about creativity or with lovers or children should go well.

Thursday you will be dealing with the home and identity or personal needs there again. This is about how far you are expanding in these areas and the love or money attached. Challenge yourself to find solutions. A nice surprise via income comes your way and will be best used on the home so you may make money through your home or property or decide to spend there as well.

Friday Mercury enters Cancer and you will be thinking more about work, health and pets over the next few weeks. These are the things you will want to talk about more, take meetings over and make or break agreements regarding.


Feelings about the loan, debt, credit or joint financial matter, or about a sexual intimate, divorce or death, will be what are the most challenging today for you. You need to find ways to express yourself creatively and deal with a child or lovers issues a well.

Tuesday the focus once again will be on the big money matter or intimate connection, divorce or death. Today you will want to take action locally regarding the love or money, passionately express your ideas, talk about the home or property matter, and do something in secret or behind the scenes to resolve the money matter or intimate connection. Uranus is pushing your buttons to act out independently.

To say you have been vacillating, unpredictable, erratic, spontaneous, original, visionary, and a bit quirky as well as fiercely independent is an understatement of late. On Wednesday Uranus is going to Retrograde in your sign and you will feel like things are settling down a bit, that you are a bit more stable and can relax somewhat. You will need to have a talk or meeting about a love or money matter and any confusion over what you are working on behind the scenes here or in dealing with institutions. The home or property matter is part of the conversation today as well.

Thursday talks about the research, dealing with the hospital or other institution, retreat, work behind the scenes or secrets will be challenging again as you look at the money or love and how it is expanding or not in your world. You find a nice surprising way to express yourself and your needs in conversation today that should bring opportunity your way.

Friday Mercury enters Cancer and talks and meetings will attract love, lovers, have to do with children or creative projects over the next few weeks. A great time to meet someone new if single.


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