Sunday, May 3, 2009


There were a thousand signs aligned with time that gave abandon wings

dropped along the dreamer’s wake, attuned to random strings

and I beside the conscious mind stared deeply, skating space

and tripped the song that freed my life and taught my shadow grace ~zoe moon


Monday will help you decide what you want to do next on the work front or with a health or pet situation. It seems to be the foggy energy around a friendship that will inspire the push in these areas, perhaps great distractions or motivation? Expect a few surprises you didn’t see coming while at it. Meet obligations and expend the energy towards personal growth.

Tuesday the energy aligns to put you in the spotlight to make money. Put your hand to the work before you and expect good things to come of it. There is opportunity to have a great talk or meeting about partnership or representation today. Feelings about how you both look at the goals and what you need from them will be part of the challenge in hammering it all out.

Wednesday your ruler is busy in your first house pushing you to dive into something physically or to passionately address how you are feeling about your own needs being met. Your sense of identity is on the line in this, at least it feels that way, and it is a close personal relationship that you will be fleshing this out with. Your income may be affected by this energy between you and the other so expect to have to adjust within these parameters.

Thursday Mercury Retrogrades in Gemini. This is a double energy retrograde so be very aware that missed communications, transportation mix-ups, computer malfunctions, as well as running into your past through people or situations that show up locally, through siblings, on short trips, or over the phone or emails, will be par for the course. There is great energy with friends and close significant relationships today and an opportunity to meet a goal if you are willing to have the money or intimate talk.

Friday focuses on sex or big money issues, how you share and why, power and control issues, or a divorce or death. Your image, identity or ego needs are in the mix in a big way and you will be passionate about how your actions and money are going to be affected by one of these big themes. Your best bet is to put in more time on the work front, with pets or towards your health as this seems to benefit the whole picture.


You should be flush in your creative or love nature today as you find ways to continue to stretch yourself from here towards your goals. Establishing your reputation, attaining the career ambition, will require more energy involving artistic expression or spirituality and you need to come from a strong belief system in this. Surprises or change is in the offing from a friend our group affiliation. Saturn is suggesting effort and time put into creative projects or love matters will benefit in the long run.

Tuesday is a strong day for you concerning your own image or identity and the creative project or love affair you are involved in. This is about solid, foundational structuring that shines upon you and stabilizes. Talks or meetings about work and income are in positive formation. You will need to meet challenges over transforming the legal, publishing, media, travel, or educational matter and are likely to be dealing with some money matters or love issues behind the scenes today as well.

Wednesday take a good hard look at your health, your work or what is going on with a pet. There is something that is actively going on behind closed doors that is in opposition to the aim here, you need to figure out what it is and do something about it. Once again there is your image, body or identity in the mix asking for some form of adjustment.

Thursday Mercury Retrogrades in your house of income and possessions. This is the time to go back and deal with any past income matters, any money left unpaid or still owed to you, or to pick up an income making prospect that you set down a while ago, go back to work for someone from your past or to leave a dead-end situation. Put in time on work efforts or health today as goals are likely to be met from the expenditure. Talks about money matters with significant people will be a bit stretching as you must make some adjustments here. A trip together or doing something to learn, teach, deal with legalities or promote will offer powerful transformational energy to your partnership.

Friday the focus is again on the one-on-one relationships in your life and the need to make some adjustments emotionally over fantasy work or play, secrets, private time, rest, dream work, research, or any dealings with institutions or escapist activities. There is activity going on in these areas that needs tending. Saturn is anchoring love or creative projects with the partner or representative today in a big opportunity if you show up for them.


It is not quite a push/pull energy but there is definitely something in the air over where you are currently living and the desire you have to follow your intuition towards romance or artistic expression through areas of travel, dealing with legal matters, teaching or learning something, or promoting or dealing with the media on some level. Uranus is stirring up a shocker to do with career, goals, ambitions, reputation or fame today and this will play into the mix about home as well. Saturn is suggesting you do the work, commit, cut-ties, or be responsible with the home to win out.

Tuesday the work you are doing in private or behind the scenes, or the efforts you are partaking in retreat and rest, fantasy and research, will align beautifully with the home. There is a very strong energy here for you today to build upon so shine your light from your intuitive center and again, put in effort at home. Talks with lovers or children are under positive stars, as well as meetings about a creative venture involving you. Push your creative or love matter towards transforming a joint financial matter, shared resources issue, a divorce or death you are dealing with, or regarding a sexual connection and come from love when dealing with a female friend who is at her wits end in the matter.

Wednesday shows you taking action with the friend regarding the love affair, matter involving a child, or creative endeavor. This is oppositional energy so you must strive for balance with this person as you go after your goal. Who you are and how you see yourself, what your needs are and your physical activities that are going on in secret or privately are under an adjustment aspect so lovers or kids or creative projects will feel this need you have to stretch a bit farther today.

Thursday Mercury Retrogrades in your sign. This is all about you. The way you think about yourself is going to be pulled back into the past as people and situations are going to show up to reflect the old image or identity to you, all in an attempt to help you get a handle on a new way of looking at who you want to be. Think about your image, your body, your identity and your ego. There is positive energy available today for love and creativity, you should plan a trip or take one, deal with legalities, learn something new, or promote, as all of these will bring good results. Look at work and health today and see what big changes are possible through intimacy, outside resources, divorce or dealing with the death.

Friday is all about the work, health or pet issue. You need to look into a love or money issue with a female friend and how one of the days topics needs effort and adjustment, then you need to take action with this friend to deal with it. Saturn is favoring your efforts on making where you live more solid and stable through the work you expend or in dealing with pets or health there.


More talks and meetings are on tap for Monday and you will be juggling as you deal with over the top energy around loans, credit cards, debt, or any other form of outside resource. Some of you will be trying to express your needs in a sexual matter or in dealing with divorce issues or a death. There is also a surprise communication coming from afar, or regarding a legal, media, travel, or educational matter! Like I said, you are going to be talking it up and needing to get shifts and adjustments as you go. Saturn is helping you come from authority in the communications and take responsibility along the way.

Tuesday is important through one very influential communication that will either occur with a friend or group you are involved with or will be about a big aspiration of yours. Either way you are shining and the energy is about your authority and stabilizing your goals in the matter. Once the Moon enters Libra, a talk about something you are working on behind the scenes or a secret or private matter will bode well for home or property or occur at home. This is positive as well. You do need to push the feelings about home as you continue to do your best to deal with power and partnership, money and goals.

Wednesday is big push/pull energy between home and goals. Mars is going to push you to go after the goals regardless and the shift that is occurring here is in the way you shine in your friendships or in your aspirations.

Thursday Mercury Retrogrades in Gemini. This means that communications will be going backwards in the house of secrets, hidden agendas, dreams, psychic impressions, fantasy, your spirituality, research, hospitals, self-undoing, escapist activities, and substance abuse. Expect the past to show up here to help you begin to think about these things in a new way. Guard against things you hear during this transit because you are more likely than most to be misled under this placement. Picking up a past fantasy project or retreating to a past haven is possible. Feelings about home and the money or intimacy matter are under better stars today and there is huge potential to change something in a partnership or with a representative involved in your love life or creativity.

Friday the focus is on love, lovers, children, or creative projects. The goals you have towards love, money or a female in this will require some emotional adjustments and you best think about this before you act today because you are going to act. Saturn is aiding you in talks or meetings about love or creativity, helping you build a bridge through effort and commitment.


It is either that your value system is differing from your partners today or that there is a big money issue between you. The best you will achieve today is making an emotional adjustment to the matter. Uranus is about to toss a lightning bolt into the money of the partners, or the money that comes through joint finances or outside resources, and this looks to be oppositional to your income needs. Saturn is suggesting that the wise thing today is to focus your own efforts and time towards making money regardless.

Tuesday brings attention to you on the career front or you find that you are in the spotlight where an important goal is concerned, it is linked to the money matter and there is a positive flow here. You may find out that a bonus or raise is coming your way or that money owed you is coming in. Talks or meetings with friends are positive. Talks about work, health or pets are intense and may play out as power or control issues, there is also some energy swinging your way from a female and the legalities, travel, media or educational matter that will need dealing with.

Wednesday whatever was talked about will have you taking action today and the action looks like travel, taking legal steps, doing something about learning or teaching, media, promotion, or publishing. This is in opposition to someone else so you will need to deal with feelings and make some adjustments to how you are seen or what goals you are setting.

Thursday Mercury Retrogrades in Gemini. This is in the house of friendship, group affiliation, social activities, and aspirations. You will see people from the past resurfacing here, someone current possibly taking their leave, miscommunications or transportation issues arising when involved with social activities or friends, and a time when you can rethink how you are befriending others and what you want from your closest circle of companions. Energy in partnership is wonderful today. Feelings about where you are living may surface through talks with friends and you may decide to make a change in the work you do to affect your living situation, (positive).

Friday will bring up lots of communications and the talks are going to be intense, about deep feelings, debt or shared resources, sex or intimacy, divorce or death, power and control, and overall there is going to be a need to take action and shift love or money feelings in one of these arenas. Saturn is helping you step further into your own independent authority and offers opportunity to shine in this manner as you take personal responsibility for what you want.


Monday is about stretching yourself either physically or through your image or identity. The way through this is regarding work, health or pets. You must push to expand the work, apply artistic or spiritual energy here, ditto the health or pet matter. Uranus is shaking up the mix with something shocking from the partner. Saturn is there stabilizing your position as long as you show up and work, put in time and take personal responsibility as the leader.

Tuesday shines a light upon you via legal matters, travel, media, or education. This is a powerful light today as it links to Saturn in positive aspect and puts you in the center of the mix. Step up, take the lead, do the work, commit, in any of these arenas. Feelings about income should improve as talks about career or goals are under positive stars. You do need to deal with some powerful change regarding creativity or lovers, as well as a money, female or love issue tied to the shared resources. This looks to be challenging.

Wednesday your feelings about ‘my money’ verses ‘our or their money’ is going to push you to take action that may prove confrontational or that may with the right amount of passion result in balance. There is an aspect of who you are and your identity or image tied to a person far away, a travel issue, the media or promotions, publishing, legal matters, or education that will need finessing if you are to adjust your feelings about what is being earned.

Thursday Mercury Retrogrades in Gemini. Since Mercury is a co-ruler of your sign, your are bound to feel this is personal as your career, goals, ambitions, reputation, or fame is going to be revisiting the past through people or situations that are due to help you rethink how you approach your goals in life. Misunderstandings and missed communications, transportation glitches and malfunctions, are due to play out while attending to these areas so double check everything. The energy between income and work is positive today for expansion and the arts. You can transform or find your power through creative outlets or love as long as you meet or talk about it today.

Friday communications are vital. You will be making adjustments to a big money issue with a female or an intimacy matter, divorce or death, taking action to continue to advance things and work around the love or money matters. Saturn is once again at your side to support you as long as you commit, do the work, take personal responsibility and talk seriously about your needs.


Monday you might as well just hole up. There is a load of imagination or research you need to weave into the work you are doing behind the scenes and you need some more time to tweak the fantasy world. Don’t worry, this is leading to some artistic expansion or mystical feat on the creative level. Uranus is determined to toss a wild card into the mix via changes or surprises to the work, with pets or health. Saturn is suggesting that you commit the time and effort today syncing to the muse.

Tuesday brings the spotlight on you so dress nice. You need to stand out in dealing with other people’s money or zap someone with your sexual magnetism. You are the star of the show and it is crowning you there via the hard work and commitment to the work behind the scenes, retreat, secret, or fantasy world. You should be feeling pretty good about yourself today as talks about travel, legalities, media, publishing, promotions, or education are favorable. You do need to continue to deal with powerful issues around home and partnership.

Wednesday requires you don’t forget your own needs as you take action or get caught up in the actions of a partner or representative. The big money or sexual connection is once again the area of your, uh hmmm, authority. Hey I just interpret the symbols! So don’t sell yourself short when it comes to going after the big bucks and don’t let yourself be kept out of the money loop, the sex stuff you are on your own.

Thursday Mercury Retrogrades in Gemini. This means that you may be revisiting the past through situations or people at a distance, through a trip or visit, involving legal, media, publishing, promotions, or education. You may pick up a past project or relationship through these channels, see a current one leave, and experience your miscommunications or transportation glitches through these arenas. Your way of thinking in these realms is due to change. DON’T sign until June if at all possible to wait.

Friday the focus is on making money or how the money you make is spent. There is a big tie in with partners or representatives. There is a need to make some adjustments and you are going to need to take action or respond to their actions today as well as approach any residual love or money issues with them. Saturn is favoring your work behind the scenes, your fantasy and research, again today. If you need to allot money to a hospital trip, the stars favor you.


Monday seems to be pulling up feelings about friendship, social functions, group affiliations, or aspirations. It seems the home or property matter is taxing your energy in this and you are feeling the influence of expansion, perhaps too much or not fast enough, as well as nostalgia and some confusion. You must stretch yourself a bit today to deal. Uranus is tossing in something unexpected via creativity, children or lovers that may pull attention as well. Saturn is requiring through it all, you continue to work and put in time networking and connecting with friends, building on aspirations.

Tuesday brings illumination into the partnerships with you center stage. There is a bridge to aspirations, friendship or groups here and a solid foundation to thrust you forward. Social functions will highlight your image. Talks about big money or sexual connection are possible with good results. You need to watch the way your words fall today as they hold a certain raw power that could challenge others, if you are working as a writer, there is something that is changing today. A female at work may be challenging as well or a money issue.

Wednesday is either the day to tackle work towards a research or fantasy project you are working on or to take charge of your health and get to the hospital. This may require that you call on a partner to come help you physically and some adjustments throughout the day.

Thursday Mercury Retrogrades in Gemini. This is going to take you on a trip into the past situations or with past people regarding sex, intimacy, divorce, death, or big money issues. You may be revisiting taxes, loans, investments, settlements, a past lover may pop back onto the scene, a sexual issue could come back around to be dealt with and you will be looking at how your way of thinking about it all is changing. These areas are where you may have the most miscommunications or misunderstandings as well as transportation breakdowns so be diligent in all you do.

Friday the focus should be on you, your body, needs, ego, image, or identity. You need to take some action at work or with health or pets and you are going to be central in the mix, how you are perceived, who you are. There may be money or love issues tied into this as well and the overall energy is going to stretch you a bit. Saturn is there to help you via a friend or group that is reliable and solid. Your aspirations are on solid ground as well.


Goals, ambitions, reputation, and career are in the spotlight on Monday. Talks about any of this are going to stretch you a bit as there is some form of expansion going on around you that is out there for the whole world to see. Neptune is coloring so it is likely to involve romance, the arts or spirituality. Uranus is tossing in a wild card around home so expect some change or surprise here. Saturn says committing to goals and working hard towards them is going to pay off so show up and do it.

Tuesday you are front and center in the work you do and this is building a strong foundation on the career front. This is a particularly positive day to be seen in your best light. Talks about partnership are on the agenda and the line is open to friends here in a positive manner. You need to deal with big changes or transformations to income and the love or money issues around lovers, children or creative projects.

Wednesday will have you taking action regarding a lover, child or creative project and your feelings about aspirations or friendship play into this in a strong way. It seems you are going to be standing out through the work you do or with a health or pet matter here as well and this will stretch you a bit.

Thursday Mercury Retrogrades in Gemini. This is going to take you back into situations or with people from the past regarding partnership or representation so you can make some changes to the way you are thinking about your significant relationships. These are the areas where the miscommunications, misunderstandings, or transportation breakdowns will likely show up so take care to make sure you are being understood and really get what you are hearing. A partner from the past may show back up during this time or a current one may take their leave.

Friday you will likely feel like retreating to deal with feelings of love or creativity. There is need to act on the matter and to deal with a female, love or money issue that is involved in your creative house. You will want to be private in this as you work through it. Saturn is boosting your career, reputation, standing in the community, or fame today as long as you do the work behind the scenes, pull on fantasy or research, and apply effort to your goals.


There is a lot of focus on legalities, travel, education, or media on Monday and this is a pipe line to your income right now. You need to stretch yourself a bit today in ways that may seem too big. There is the energy of artistic, spiritual, higher love around the way you are working your income and that is a stretch as well through these channels. Uranus is tossing in an unexpected communication or bit of news that will require response in the area of law, travel, education, or media as well. Saturn is suggesting you just keep your nose to the grindstone, lead, do the work, build it and they will come.

Tuesday puts you front and center in the area of creative projects, with lovers or with children. This is stellar energy and you are the leader here and being seen as such. The tie in is with Saturn so there are strong bridges and foundations around travel, legal matters, media, promotion, publishing, and education. Continue to build it! Talks about work are good linking to positive career feelings. You do need to continue to allow Pluto to push you into your own power and deal with the balancing act between career, goals, and home or property.

Wednesday Mars is going to be pushing you to act on a home or property matter and you may feel that your goals are not being met here or that you are having to deal with a lot of oppositional energy emotionally. You are put out front creatively again and will either be fielding the creative project or in front of a child or loved one as the leader. Stretch to master it all, you can do it.

Thursday Mercury Retrogrades in Gemini. This means that there will be some backtracking into past situations or with people from the past over the work you do, the service you provide, a health issue, or dealing with a pet. These areas are where you will be changing how you think things through, where you will be likely to have the misunderstandings, missed communications or transportation breakdowns so double check everything, and where you may have someone currently leave your situation.

Friday is about how you are feeling about a friend, group or aspiration. Mars is going to ask that you tackle a home or property issue and Venus is going to say show me the money or the love. All of this may stretch you where friends or aspirations are concerned. Saturn is your friend once again, showing up as solid results in areas of law, travel, education, and media if you are proactive and do the work.


Monday is a bit of a heavy day as you deal with the big money issue, divorce, sexual matter, or death. Jupiter and Neptune are doing their best to stretch who you are, to bring you personal happiness and the light of romance, artistic expression or spirituality, so dive in to the deep matters at hand knowing that you are pushing yourself forward. Uranus is tossing in something unexpected via income and it will be part of the mix as you deal with the day. Saturn is helping you commit to a plan and do the work.

Tuesday you will be center stage in matters of home and property. There is a strong beneficial trine to Saturn here so outside money sources and intimate connections can be worked on to put you where you want to be regarding foundations and security. Talks about love, children or creativity go your way where law, travel, education or media are concerned. You need to deal with the big changes going on behind the scenes and with talks about love, money or women, as these still challenge.

Wednesday Mars is going to spur you on to be active locally, on short trips, with lots of communications or meetings, or with siblings. You are going to stretch yourself at home or regarding home or property today. You may find that you are feeling like being someplace else as you contend.

Thursday Mercury Retrogrades in Gemini. This means that you are going to be retracing and revisiting past people and situations tied to lovers, children and creativity. You may run into a past lover or see a current one leave, you may find you are dealing with a situation regarding a child that was created in the past or you may pick up a past creative project to give it another try. This time is about rethinking these things. Misunderstandings or missed communications as well as transportation malfunctions will play out through these realms. If you have needed to talk about love this is it.

Friday goals, reputation, career and ambition will be what is on your mind. Talks or meetings will be about taking action locally or through the written word, money, love and females may also be part of the local mix or topic of conversations. The day stretches you again regarding the goals. Saturn is backing you up in areas of money, sex, and divorce so put in the time and effort here today.


Partnership and representation, that is what the days energy is about for you as you stretch yourself in secret or in work behind the scenes to expand and express your creative or romantic impulses. Uranus is going to affect you as you bid for independence or freedom and it rocks the boat a bit. Saturn suggests that you continue to put in the time and effort to deal with your partnership matters.

Tuesday is important in so far as you will be having at least one very significant talk or meeting with a partner or representative. This is about you being seen or standing out and some solid foundations you are building. Whether Saturn acts as commitment or limiting energy with the partner, the talk today is beneficial. Feelings should be good about a big money issue and a home or property matter that is discussed. You need to continue to deal with power and friendship as well as an income matter with a female and this may be challenging.

Wednesday Mars pushes you to do something about the income. You may be out there making the money or going after more, as you deal with feelings about debt or some shared resource. You will be in the spotlight in talks about money or intimacy as well as in your local arena and this will as well stretch you.

Thursday Mercury Retrogrades in Gemini. This means you are going to be backtracking into situations or with people from the past regarding home and property. You may see someone return now involved in this or someone current take their leave. Home and property is where the miscommunications and misunderstandings as well as any transportation breakdowns would most likely occur so double check in these arenas for accuracy. You will be changing how you think about home and property now.

Friday you will be focused on legal matters, a trip or travel, education, or a media/promotional matter. You are going to need to act on an income matter, deal with a woman and money, and all of this is going to stretch you through your feelings about law, education, travel, or media. Saturn is opening the door of opportunity to do the work, commit or sever the tie with a partner and bring about resolution that is positive.


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