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Friday, May 22, 2009


Saturday brings some heavy hitters onto the scene. The Sun (ego or body) is going to be dealing with Pluto (power or deconstruction) in a manner that requires some adjustments to get what you want. When Pluto is involved it will be the other planet that needs to adjust (Sun) so allow that you need to transform the body or image on some level or that your ego needs are going to be up around the word CHANGE. Remember that you want things to change and that there is more than one way to make it happen.

Jupiter (beliefs, luck and expansion, as well as travel, law, education, and media) is going to be sitting down on the same degree with Chiron (wounds, the wounded healer, self mastery) in a manner that is launching a new beginning for all of us (most likely accompanied by an ending.) You need to look at it, find a way to expand positively through it, where the wound might feel gigantic at first, the energy promises protection and expansion in your life, even prosperity from it, by embracing it and moving forward. How could you help others from what you have experienced? The sky is the limit here. This is the best energy in a long while to help you release and open up your horizons around what has been feeling painful.

There is positive opportunity for spontaneous movement and unexpected connections today, ideas will be flying and communications hold the key forward, be open to what comes and don’t be shy about sharing what’s on your mind.

Sunday brings the New Moon in Gemini. Reprogram your thinking. Mercury began his Retrograde journey here, he rules Gemini, he is also overseeing Saturn in Virgo at present and Saturn just went Direct. I KNOW it is confusing right now, that YOU KNOW something needs to change or evolve but there are still some loose ends. That is how it is supposed to be for just a bit longer.

The New Moon is VERY IMPORTANT. You still have until the 30th to deal with the past, to wrap up talks, meetings, ideas, that still hold you to a past way of thinking or communicating with a spotlight on how you value yourself and how you earn your money. But from today you are beginning on the forward journey to your future in these areas: new neighborhood or new energy in the neighborhood, new mindset, new local activities, new relationship with siblings, a new start with writing for you writers, seed meetings and talks, and a strong two week period to launch in these areas.


The talk about goals or career, reputation or ambition is where the Sun/Pluto energy will play out, Pluto is trying to deconstruct your career/goals so that you can assume more power over the arc of his transit in your tenth house, to do that you must continually step up and allow your personal transformation. Today you will be talking about your needs, who you are and what is happening to your image, identity or body as you adjust to this powerful energy here. The Jupiter/Chiron conjunction is occurring in your house of friendships and aspirations. Look at any big wounds in friendships now as the need for you to fill something for yourself that you have been relying on others to provide for you, from this you will become more of who you want to be and your connections will heal.

Sunday the New Moon is occurring in your third house so you are getting two strong weeks to pick up the phone, write the letter, take the meeting, write the manuscript, begin something new locally or change neighborhoods, or begin something new with a brother or sister. The past is involved until the 30th.


The ego, body or image is tied to a way of earning money on Saturday and you are going to feel like this is vital in your forward movement. Pluto is what you are going to need to face as major deconstruction or power issues tied to travel, media, promotion, publishing, education, or law. You may need to look at making personal changes to your look or identity to step up the money you are making or you may decide to invest some income on yourself. The Jupiter/Chiron meeting is occurring in our tenth house of career, ambition, reputation, and fame. This can put you out in front of the rest as a master healer/teacher on some level or it can be energy that is helping to open up a wound around goals or reputation so that you can begin to work from it. Jupiter’s protection means you should be courageous enough to look at it. Talks with friends are positive and unexpected.

Sunday the New Moon is occurring in your second house of values, possessions and earnings. This is strong energy opening up new beginnings here and you have two weeks to take the best advantage of launching forth. Take on new income making enterprises, ask for raises, purchase something of value, just remember that the past is tied into this until the 30th.


With the Sun in your sign, the connection to Pluto today will be about you, your body, who you are and what you need. You are going to be called upon to make a major change around issues of intimacy, sex, divorce, death, credit, loans, settlements, insurance, taxes, joint resources, or any other outside money that you are involved in. This is a challenging placement since you are up against Pluto’s solar house here but you can still be true to who you are, what your needs are and adjust to what is changing or looming here. Jupiter and Chiron embrace in the house of travel, media, education, and law. This is where the wound will likely feel quite big but where there is potential for you to begin to step up into your own ability to teach/heal others if you put energy into expansion here.

Sunday the New Moon is in your sign. This is the beginning of a new year for you astrologically and there is no better time to begin a new regime to transform your body, image or identity. You have two strong weeks to do this however, until the 30th the past will be tied into this with the 30th being rather significant for you.


Saturday brings a powerful adjustment for Cancers as Pluto does one more move in the ongoing process of transforming/deconstructing partnerships and representations in your life. You are strongly tied into a retreative mode right now, your image, body or ego needs are somewhat hidden or private but Pluto is going to be pushing another change here and if you want to connect with the type of people who can meet you on a powerful level, you will need to make some personal adjustments about yourself today. For those of you working on a fantasy or research project tied to your identity, a powerful person may move one step closer or farther away from this today. The Jupiter/Chiron conjunction is in your house of sex, intimacy, outside money sources, divorce and death today. This is where the wound will feel larger than life but this is where there is real opportunity for you to begin something new that will land you in a more beneficial position. For the healers out there, this energy is amazingly placed to help you draw forth from the deepest depths.

Sunday the New Moon is in your twelfth house. This means you have two strong weeks to begin new fantasy projects, research, deal with hospitals or other institutions, write, meditate, draw upon spiritual energy to manifest something through work you do behind the scenes or in secret. You will be dealing with the past in this until the 30th on some level.


The Sun/Pluto energy on Saturday is playing out between your needs, image, body or identity in your group, with friends and aspirations, and it is meeting up with major change, power issues, deconstruction or transformation through work, health or involving pets. You must ask yourself how to continue to empower yourself through service to others while maintaining your identity. Jupiter and Chiron combine on the same degree in your house of partnership and representation. This is big and it may look like a rather large wound with someone here as you deal with opening it up to work on it. Jupiter is helping you to protect your future through this and a sense of self-mastery, teaching/healing and something that is either tied to a person at a distance, travel, media, education or legal matters may be key. You are starting an amazing new cycle with one-on-one connections, let today be the beginning.

Sunday the New Moon in Gemini occurs in your house of social connections, friendships and aspirations. You have two weeks to begin new friendships, connect with old ones, start a project or adventure with a friends or associate, or launch something towards a cherished aspiration. Talking and meeting about it is important.


Saturday brings the Sun/Pluto adjustment so you need to look at that you are seen publicly, your reputation, career, and how your ego needs or image are being met on these levels. Your goals are going to be personal today. Pluto is the heavy change that is connecting with this energy and he is bringing power, deconstruction or transformation through creative projects, lovers or children. Find your way around being true to your needs but allowing for the big changes going on in the creative/love realm to direct you. Jupiter and Chiron are meeting up on the same degree in the part of your chart associated with the work you do, your health and your pets. This is about making the wound bigger or exposing it in a protected way so that you can expand from your core of service to others and step up as the teacher/healer to others in the work you do or regarding health or pets up ahead. This is a positive combination that will bring expansion in your world. Talk with a partner or representative today and take a new approach.

Sunday the New Moon is in your house of career, goals, ambition, reputation, fame, and father. This is about a new way of thinking or communicating here and this energy offers you two strong weeks to begin new ventures on the career front, launch business, take steps to deal with dad or find your name in the headlines. The past is going to be part of this new beginning until the 30th.


As Pluto works to deconstruct your home, property, security base in the world, he is stepping up today to ask you make another adjustment. You are meant to find a more powerful way to live, to build your life on more stability or deeper roots, and Pluto is encouraging big change here in the beginning through moves, property deals, roommates and children leaving, think change. Today your ego, body or identity is attached to a legal, media, travel, or educational matter that is going to be coming up against this massive transformation that is occurring in your world, allow for both sides and don’t fight against change. Jupiter and Chiron meet in your house of true love, children, recreation, and creative projects. This is about the big wound being felt here in a protected way that will either open it up so you can expand from what comes or in healing it on some level so you can move forward. You will become the healer/teacher in this area of life up ahead, what happens today is a good thing in the long haul.

Sunday the New Moon is in Gemini and this brings new beginnings to legal matters, travel, visitors and with people at a distance, foreign ideas and people, media ventures, promotion, publishing, teaching, learning, and your belief system. You want to use the next two STRONG weeks of energy to launch in these areas, just know that until the 30th the past will be tied to it.


Saturday has the potential to bring up many different things for you Scorpio, there could be a profound talk about sex, intimacy, power, outside financial resources, divorce, or death. Your ego needs, body and its functions, identity or image may feel at stake as you deal with communicating, meeting, hearing news about, or writing to deal with it. The idea with Pluto’s placement in your life over the next 16 years is to deeply change the way you think and from there, the way you communicate and move through life. Jupiter and Chiron meet up in your fourth house to open or close the wound around home, property, security needs, or mom. This is where you will teach/heal others up ahead and there is protection and expansion promised in what is occurring now for you here.

Sunday the New Moon is occurring in your house of sex, big money, divorce and death. This is the two week period in the year where you have the universe’s power behind you to begin fresh in these areas, to launch something new, meet someone who can move your forward here, find solutions and step into your own power. The past will be part of the forward thrust until the 30th.


The ego or image tied to a partner or representative is going to need to adjust some on Saturday as you deal with some heavy changes or transformations to earnings. This could mean you are needing to spend a large sum of money or that you are dealing with the partners money issues but the process is meant to empower you over the course of the next 16 years through powerful income changes and dealing with some major possessions. Jupiter meets Chiron by degree today to open a conversation, communications venture, writing project, deal with a sibling, or short trip in a way that exposes the wound in a big way but promises to expand and bring prosperity to you as you become the teacher/healer here.

Sunday the New Moon is in your partnership house, this also covers those who represent you such as attorneys, managers or agents. This is a two week period to make fresh starts, you may meet someone or take a relationship to a new level, hire an attorney or agent to help you, all a positive time to do so. Just know that the past (person or situation) will be involved in this new beginning until the 30th.


Saturday starts with an ego/power adjustment regarding you at work, with health or the pets. There is likely to be some mirror for your progress on transforming yourself today as you deal with these things. Your image, identity or body is part of the package here and you are the one holding the power, no matter what it looks like. Jupiter and Chiron are embracing in your income house and this is big and looks like a wound you may not know how to heal. Jupiter is opening this up in a protected way and may help you find solutions today, either way there is the promise of major expansion and prosperity for your sign through the ways of making income, if you have to expend a large amount of money today that may be where the wound is being felt, trust that you are on the right track to a better future. Talks with kids or lovers bring surprise and opportunity.

Sunday the New Moon is in your house of work, services, health, and pets. This is THE time of the year to launch new types of work, expose your services to others, tackle health issues, start a diet or join a gym, or adopt a pet. Just know that until the 30th, all new starts will have something of the past attached.


There is SO much going on under the surface and behind the scenes in your life now and this is where the major changes and transformations are occurring. Dealing with secrets, escapism, fantasy, or what is hidden is going to test your resolve on Saturday as your ego, body or identity must adjust around love, children or creative productivity. You really have the power of the universe over the next 16 years to imagine and then manifest the life you want, you must get clear about who you are and what love means today to step closer to that picture. Jupiter and Chiron meet in your sign helping you to open up any wounds around image, body, identity or ego needs. This is big and under protective energy. It is marking a beginning in healing others through what you expand and find joy within yourself now.

Sunday the New Moon is occurring in the house of lovers, love, children, recreation and creative projects. You have two strong weeks ahead to begin anew in these areas, for many Aquarians this will bring a new love into your life (or one from the past back around for a second round if it happens before the 30th). Begin your creative projects, try to conceive, declare your feelings, all good now.


The energy balance plays out between home/property and friendships on Saturday. You are putting your physical energy, identity or image with the home or property matter and it will likely feel personal to you as you deal with major transformations affecting you here through a friends actions or powerbase. Pluto is trying to redefine your sense of power in your connections with others and through your changing aspirations. Jupiter embraces Chiron in your house of retreat, isolation, escapist activities, hidden agendas, secrets, fantasy, research, and hospitals or other institutions. This is going to open up any wounded feelings you have here in a protected manner so that you can begin to work from your connection to your spiritual intuition. You are going to find that your prosperity is going to grow from your ability to teach or heal others through this inner processing up ahead.

Sunday the New Moon is occurring in your home, property and mom zone. This means that you have two strong weeks to launch fresh starts here, buy, sell, move home, take in new roommates or let ones go, deal with new starts with mom and any security issues on your plate. The past will be tied to this new beginning if you launch before the 30th.


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