Friday, May 15, 2009


Saturday is HUGE. HUGE. Did I say HUGE?!!! Saturn is stationing Direct today and that means that all of the internal work you have been doing since New Years, looking at your limitations and deciding how to balance your responsibilities, has reached the end of the processing and you are now READY, ready to build some bridges and structures that will support who you are now and now becoming.

The Sun which represents your ego and your body is going to square Jupiter and Chiron today. This means that issues about expansion and feeling wounded will be right up front and in your face and you are going to have a personal stake in making a change, turning a corner, doing something about what is going on with YOU! With the Suns aspect to Uranus, you might surprise yourself by the sudden nature of the change you employ.

Sunday may bring a few tears or a bit of confusion as Neptune has more reign of the day. Sun squares Neptune making it a bit foggy around just what you are doing physically or you may feel that your romantic, artistic or spiritual goals are not being met due to some physical or image matter. The Moon enters Pisces (Neptune’s sign) and dances with Pluto so you DO have some energy here for major transformation if you dive into the murky waters and follow your intuition.


It’s cut and dry for you dear Aries, it’s time to make the move to new work or to change the work you are doing or how you are doing it. Health is the other realm where you are going to need to take responsibility to lead yourself to higher ground. Finally, all the energy around pets begins to work for you as well. Your ego energy or physical drain is surrounding income and the square goes to a friendship or aspiration, pace yourself as you deal with the challenge. Uranus looks like sudden retreat or hidden agendas and secrets.

Sunday the energy is around nostalgia, weepiness or confusion about the friendship or aspiration and you in the position of making money. You can use the higher side of this energy to dream or work artistically or romantically with a friend towards something challenging. The major transformation to career or goals requires some emotional retreat and recharging of batteries today, a bit of fantasy here wouldn’t hurt either.


Saturn stations Direct in your house of true love, children and creative projects, ready? Well you have had since New Years to get your mind around how you build your life in these areas and now you are armed with the tools to build what you would like here, so what are you waiting for? The Suns square is to your goals and career so there is a challenge for you around what you perceive your image or identity to be and how you want to go after what you want. Uranus is going to help you find the vision to change your aspirations or do something socially that should bring opportunity.

Sunday you need to continue in faith about your new look, image or identity as you push forward towards the goal or career matter, you are so close now and must trust the inner wisdom and imagination. Focus on a friendship or aspiration today and look for ways to make big changes through media, travel, education or law, there should be a door open.


Where are you living Gemini? You have had since New Years to decide how to deal with responsibilities and limitations in the home, with property, who you live with and why. Saturday the energy moves forward and you are ready to build your life on more solid footing so take a step. Sun is squaring which is making it generally very difficult for you to feel like coming out from under the covers, you are under a few more days need of rest and recharging of batteries before you can take the trip, make the legal move, or deal with the media or education matter you are tied to. Look for a nice surprise tied to career and reputation today.

Sunday may have you feeling a bit weepy about not being able to expand as fast as you would like or you may be longing for a love far away or a romantic ideal, some will be down about a legal deception or confusion, media or educational matter, do your best to focus your spiritual energy on goals and the major transformation possible through shared resources, sex, divorce or dealing with a death.


Saturday Saturn stations Direct. Say that three times fast! It’s about communications for you dear Cancer. The written word, what you have to say, your ideas, and the internal process you have been undergoing as you made your way towards mastery here. You are now ready to make a move, to build on something towards your future as a leader. Look at any limitations or responsibilities in neighborhood or with siblings or short trips to shift now as well. Your circle of friends has been undergoing a severe weening and new growth is due through the depth of connection you now seek. A sudden trip, legal or media matter, or educational opportunity may arise for you today through a friend, take it.

Sunday may have you feeling a bit down about the money, sex or divorce and how you are building on your image or dealing with your body. The positive connection today is about powerful partnership or representation and a media, legal, educational or travel matter. Trust your instincts here.


Saturn is going Direct on Saturday and this means you are finally ready to take on more responsibility and put in the work to build your income to another level. You have had plenty of time to look into how you are limiting yourself here, forward you go. Your ego or image is going to be strongly tied to your goals, reputation and career today as you deal with what is or is not going on in partnership or with representatives. Embrace the change around what is shared as it holds opportunity, be it with money or sexuality.

Sunday Neptune is going to muss the waters around parternship again, a bit of fog or confusion, perhaps sentimentality. What you are striving for is out of alignment as far as the romantic, artistic or spiritual needs are concerned with them. What you CAN change and in a big way is the way you approach work, health and the issues regarding pets, this will help you feel moved in other ways.


I KNOW you are feeling it dear Virgo! Saturday Saturn is going Direct in your sign and this is about how you have had your identity, image, body or ego put to the test since the first of the year, well actually since Saturn moved into your sign back in the fall of 2007! But you have been doing some inner work on being by yourself, finding out who you are and how to lead yourself forward, today you know what that looks like. You do need to deal with a legal, travel, media or educational matter today that goes to your needs or identity and the issue surrounding work, health or pets. Don’t be surprised where the partner is concerned, it’s a good thing.

Sunday the confusion or deception is around work, health or pets as you wrap up the legal, travel, education or media venture. Remember that you are so close to this thing you may feel as though it is more powerful than it is. Be honest in all dealings today and double check the facts of others. The opportunity today is in transforming what love means in your world and how you express your creativity.


Since New Year’s Eve you have been working behind the scenes, pulling on the ethers, strategizing or developing a fantasy project or research work, dealing with institutions and secrets, day dreaming your life in a retreative, serious way. Saturday, Saturn stations Direct here and you can now take the work and bring it out, build upon the solid, internal structures you have so quietly embraced. Your ego or body is closely involved today in turning a corner, transforming yourself, look at sexuality, big money, divorce or dealing with death. Push yourself towards the challenge today and you will see how creativity or love is being affected. Allow for changes or surprises with work, health or pets as they bring opportunity here.

Sunday can be confusing, weepy, romantic, artistic, or potentially deceptive, loof for the fog around where you come out financially with a creative project or where you come out sexually with a lover. There is friction here today that will motivate albeit in a surreal manner. Don’t promise the stars and don’t believe everything you are promised, not just yet, but do allow for the inspiration to guide your hand. Opportunity finds you transforming home through work or work through home.


Your social circle, your friendships and your most cherished aspirations are where Saturn has been Retrograding since New Year’s Eve. You may have found limits and responsibilities here but more likely you were going through a process to test yourself in ways about how to build upon the connections you have and to put structures around your dreams. Today you can begin to build it, connect, and take the lead with your new group. A partnership or representative is going to be where your ego feels on the line or your body taxed as you deal with home or property matters. Embrace the love or creativity when it surprises you today as it looks wonderful.

Sunday wraps up the partnership and home issues as you meet the challenge, most likely a bit confusing or nostalgic. Honesty is a big factor today in this on both sides, be clear and be truthful. A powerful conversation or meeting about how you are feeling about the love, lover, child, or creative project is going to hit home and bring transformation, positive and deep.


Saturn is stationing Direct in your career Midheaven on Saturday. You have been working on how you see yourself as a leader, what you want your status and reputation to convey, what work you need to do internally to step up as a leader in your field or to begin your own venture before the public. Today you are ready to start building it or to step out with the new identity before the world. Ego issues or physical drain tied to work, health or pets will challenge as you deal with all of the communications. Embrace the changes at home or with property.

Sunday you wrap up the rest of the energy around work, health or pets and what is communicated, written, met about or involving siblings or short trips. There is some form of spiritual stretch that may be confusing or deceptive so watch what you agree to or say. Spending or making money around home or property is under positive transformative energy.


Since New Years, Saturn has been backtracking in the areas of higher education, legal matters and ceremonies, travel, and media, promotion and publishing. You have been doing the internal work necessary to master these areas and to look at ways you can step up as an authority figure in your world through these areas. Today that energy begins to move forward and so will you, ready to build upon your knowledge and work. There is some challenge to the day regarding a lover or child and the income issue. If you aren’t dealing with someone close the money matter will play out over creative projects. Be open to spontaneous meetings or talks as they open doors to love or creativity.

Sunday you wrap up dealing with the challenge between income and loved ones or creativity. Today you need to watch for confusion or deception around these areas. Focus in on talks that come from the heart and lead to personal transformation and stepping into your own power.


Saturn is stationing Direct on Saturday in your house of sex, intimacy, big money, debt, loans, credit, joint finances, insurance, taxes, inheritance, alimony, child support, divorce, and death. There has been an inner limit that you have been working through since New Years, now you get to begin to step up, take responsibility, and lead your way forward building new structures here. Ego or identity issues with your home or property flare today as you deal with the big energy around who you are and where you live or what you own. Uranus is opening up a bit of a surprise over the last one, take it.

Sunday you will be wrapping up any of the challenges around home and your place in the world, the Neptunian energy may be a bit foggy or confused here or downright deceptive so watch what you say and what you agree to. For some this will just be a bit of sadness releasing. Time spent alone or working behind the scenes is transformative or empowering and may bring some insight or intuitive thoughts about income.


You know you have been asking the question, since New Years, ‘What is going on with partnership?!’ You have had plenty of time to limit your connections on some level with partners or representatives to look within and figure out where your own responsibility and leadership energy lies. You should have a better understanding now and today, Saturn stations Direct, allowing you to step up and begin building from your own mastery the kinds of one-on-one relationships you want. Your ego or identity is going to be closely tied to the conversations you are having as you deal with hidden agendas or secrets. Follow your own truth and allow for positive surprises via your independence and visionary personality.

Sunday brings the last of wrapping up the meetings or conversations about you, your needs, your identity or body, and the hidden, secret or self-undoing/escapist or institutional energy playing out. Don’t promise more than you can deliver or believe everything you are hearing until you do some further research. There is potential to transform a friendship on a powerful level by coming from your spiritual nature.


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