Sunday, April 5, 2009


Let’s rock it out for the week ahead!

Monday you want to push for something powerful and stand up and be counted. I don’t care how that appears for you in your world but the energy today is with you so let it rip.

Tuesday Mercury is going to do some dancing with Neptune, sweet :) This is about ideas, talks and meetings that involve artistic expression, your spiritual nature, a romantic moment of connection, or brainstorming on a completely intuitive level.

Wednesday your feelings get into the mix, those pesky feelings! Moon opposing Venus and squaring Pluto, this is about last weeks issues of control and power and love and money, keep moving through the changes and do your best not to blow.

Thursday is a Full Moon in Libra so you can expect that partnership issues will be peaking, significant connections are being celebrated or ended now, it IS one of the hot points of the Venus Retrograde so let the universe do it’s job. Mercury moves into Venus’s other sign, Taurus, today so the goddess is working it from both ends, love and money are peaking or wrapping up and going bye-bye in their current form.

Friday begins with a bit of a power trip in communications, watch for those who have the need to show you the size stick they are carrying, so not cool. The rest of the day opens up on some nice energy with expansion, luck, and some personal spotlighting going on, it’s a great nite to go out and have some fun, meet someone who may be powerful and prosperous for you up ahead.


Monday is powerful for your work and career. It’s a day to shine before others and to get serious about goals. Health is in flow as well as involvement with pets.

Tuesday your ruler is making waves behind the scenes so someone or some situation is pushing on things in secret regarding your work, health or pets, you may find out something unexpected or decide to take a new approach here by evening. Talks with friends and those you network with are highly inspired today, share ideas, agree upon artistic opportunities.

Wednesday puts your feelings about a partner, important friendship, or representative at odds with the money or love issue that is affecting you personally and the deconstruction to goals or reputation going on. Look to past female, love or money interests to be part of this. This may feel frustrating or push you to move things along.

Thursday the Full Moon is occurring in your house of partners and representatives. There is a significant person in your life who is at the top of the energy heap and this is peaking or culminating now. With Mercury’s move into Taurus, you can expect that talks about income and what is being spent will be part of the day’s agenda as well as the weeks ahead. Once again, with both of these a female, love or money interest from the past is key.

Friday starts off a bit confrontational or stand-offish as the debt or other shared resource is up against what is being earned or spent. It is a 'my' verses 'ours' energy over money. As the day progresses, you have a wonderful opportunity to connect with a friend or attend something social that should really let you shine and expand your horizons on some level as well as open some powerful doors to career or introduce you to some powerful players there.


Put your energy into creativity, love or children on Monday. Connect to someone far away, travel, look into legalities, teach or learn something, or involve the media or promotion. The energy is very positive to empower what you dive into in these realms.

Tuesday a friend or social obligation is quite active and possibly kicking up a fuss. You need to find a way to balance your feelings about the creative energy or loved one here. Information that is secretive or ideas that stream from dreamscape or fantasy are meeting up in a wonderful opportunity aspect with the great artistic and spiritual energy of Neptune in your career Midheaven. It is a day to connect, talk, meet about what you are dreaming up.

Wednesday you may be feeling frustrated over health, work or pets. Venus is stirring up some trouble behind the scenes by way of the female from the past or a love or money issue tied to the past, think fantasy, secret, hospital, or research. Pluto is challenging you from this position as well regarding the frustrations over changing the travel, legal, publishing, or educational matter. Keep showing up.

Thursday is the Full Moon in Libra and the work, health or pet issue will peak, find some way to be celebrated or wrap up and end now. With Mercury entering your sign today, talks and meetings begin to be about you, your needs, image, identity or body.

Friday starts out with a powerful talk or meeting between you and a partner or representative, it is likely to be emotionally charged. The work you have been doing behind the scenes, the retreat, the fantasy or research project, or time spent at hospital meet up with Jupiter for some luck and happiness so shine your light on yourself and see what happens. Pluto is in a good mood where publishing, travel, law, or education are concerned.


This is a day embracing major positive transformations to the roots of your chart, where you live, the property or home. Invest in this part of life right now and open up to change.

Tuesday stirs up some action where goals are concerned or with career or reputation. Talks with friends about travel, law, education, or media are under favored stars and the energy is about ideas that are artistic, romantic or spiritual and filled with opportunity.

Wednesday will either be frustrating or sexually dynamic, depending on where you are right now in your life. The way you feel about love, kids or creativity is being tested or stimulated intensely. A female friend from the past or a love or money interest tied to a friend from the past is part of the mix as well as major changes going on through divorce, sex, shared resources or intimacy. Intense.

Thursday is the Full Moon in Libra which means that a creative project, or a matter involving a child or lover, is going to be coming to a peak today. This is about celebrating or ending something here. Your ruler, Mercury, changes signs today, slipping into the hidden part of your chart so communications will become secretive or fantasy driven, or you may put your mind to research or hospitals.

Friday feelings about work, health or pets may be a bit strained as you continue to think about retreating, or doing something behind the scenes. The later part of the day is geared for positive flow between friends and travel, media, legal, or educational matters, lots of luck and happiness here, as well as a powerful connection that should have you feeling good about the work, health or pets.


It’s a day to talk, meet or communicate with significant others and those who represent you. There is a need for you to communicate from your personal integrity or authority and the potential for a wonderful connection with someone who may have a profound affect on you.

Tuesday Mars is making himself heard by actions occurring long distance, regarding travel, education, media, or law. Once you talk this out the communications take on a whole new slant later in the day as career or goals and either a sexual connection or shared money issue, or issue of divorce or death, come up to be positively addressed. Think artistic, romantic or spiritual and share the information.

Wednesday feelings about home, property or where you are living are going to be a bit frustrating or challenging as you deal with a goal or career issue tied to a female, love or money matter from the past, as well as the major changes or intense connection in a partnership that you wish to see happen. It’s a tough one so pace yourself.

Thursday brings the Full Moon in Libra and an issue regarding home, property or whom you are living with to a crescendo. This will be the culmination so either a celebration or an ending is in the cards. Mercury enters Taurus so you will be sure to be hearing from more friends and finding more invitations to social functions over the next few weeks. Look to women, love or money matters tied to the past once again to play into both of the days events.

Friday talks with friends about love, children, fun, or creativity are bound to require your finesse. Powerful feelings will likely be involved. Later in the day you have the opportunity to shine on the career front or regarding one of your goals and find some luck or expansion coming through a deep connection, outside money source or intimacy. Some positive and powerful opportunities are arriving regarding one powerful person you would like to create with or love.


Oh let it flow between earnings, what you spend and the work you do, your health and your pets! This is wonderful supportive energy today and you are certainly ready to show your power so step right up.

Tuesday Mars is making waves where the issues of debt, shared resources, sex, divorce or death are concerned, something is happening here or there is some anger or passion playing out, look to how you value yourself.. Talks about travel, media matters, legal or educational issues, are all under amazing stars. Partners or representatives play an important role and the energy is about expressing artistic, romantic or spiritual ideas here.

Wednesday a female from the past who is far away, involved in your travel, media, legal or educational issues is bound to need some of your attention today. If this is not a woman from the past, it is a love or money issue from the past playing out here. Powerful changes at work, with health or pets is also part of the days topics to be contended with. In both scenarios you must open up communications even though it may feel emotionally challenging to do so.

Thursday is the Full Moon in Libra, bringing a writing, communication, neighborhood, short trip, or sibling matter to a head. This is a time of peaks and endings so something is wrapping up here. Mercury enters your career Midheaven so talks and meetings will open up about your goals and reputation, ask for what you want.

Friday feelings about home may be a bit challenging as you deal with the way your mind is working overtime in the goals department. You can absolutely shine today in areas of media, travel, promotions, education, or law and any of this should bring you some luck or expansion in the partnership arena.


Monday comes together for you by way of your own personal authority and mastery and the powerful changes occurring with a creative project, a lover or a child. This is supportive energy so ride your ambitions for yourself forward today.

Tuesday a partner or representative is going to do something that is either going to ignite passions or anger so watch for a way to balance the situation. This is also the house of open enemies so if you are involved in this scenario at the moment, look to see what move they make today. Talks or meetings about jointly shared finances or outside money sources are in favorable aspect to the work you are doing, your health or pets so open up dialogue, especially if artistic, romantic or spiritual energy is part of the mix. If it is not about the money, it will be about sex, divorce or death.

Wednesday is tough. You are in an emotional stand-off with a female from the past or a love or money issue tied to the past and the shared money, loans, settlements or any form of joint finances. This in turn is frustrating your need to transform a creative project or love affair or issue surrounding children. It can get very manipulative today and you should do your best not to go there.

Thursday is the Full Moon in Libra bringing an income matter to a head. This is about celebrating something peaking in your earnings or about a certain source of income ending now. Your ruler, Mercury, enters Taurus and talks will gear up with someone at a distance, regarding legal, travel, media, or educational matters.

Friday talks with someone at a distance or involving law, media, education or travel are going to be a stalemate emotionally. Talks will be intense and unaccommodating unless you can find a way to balance both parties needs. Later in the day, you shine in the realm of big money, sex, or divorce, and this ties into expansion in the work, health or pets, very lucky and opportunistic. The opportunity exists to push for more change with creative outlets, lovers or children as well if you open up.


Feeling like you need some rest or retreat or the time you have been spending working behind the scenes or on a fantasy or research project should be positive today as you see some powerful transformations are possible at home or with a powerful person at home. Property could be part of the scenario as well.

Tuesday Mars is going to push you to do something with work, health or pets, just watch that your need to be behind the scenes is not frustrated by this too much. Mercury and Neptune meet up to open up some talks or meetings with partners or representatives that should go very well where artistic expression or romantic love are concerned.

Wednesday is challenging. It is about how you feel about yourself, your needs being met, your body or your identity. A female partner from the past or a past partnership issue tied to love or money is going to oppose while the major changes you want to see happening at home or with what you are building are going to challenge. Remember who you are.

Thursday is a Full Moon in your sign. This means that the last year as an expression of you is culminating now, you may be celebrating a physical achievement or find that your image or body is peaking on some level. This will be about a climax or ending. Mercury changes signs, entering the eighth house to open up conversations about shared money sources, debt, settlements, divorce, sex, intimacy or death over the next few weeks.

Friday feelings about the money you are earning or what is being spent may be intense as you look at how shared resources are affecting you or a divorce or death is affecting you. Later in the day is golden as you shine in partnership and have the potential for happiness, luck and expansion with a creative project, lover or child.


Feelings are powerful and intense on Monday, the positive flow is to your aspirations, your friendships and any social functions you are involved with. Talks and meetings will show you just how powerful this all is today.

Tuesday Mars is making a fuss in the area of creative projects, speculation, lovers, and children, he wants to push on something, make it happen, show anger or passion, while your feelings are over in the social field. Talks about work, health or pets will be very inspired today and the home is part of it. Look to romantic, artistic or spiritual ideas and agreements.

Wednesday is about you wanting to retreat, rest, field the secret, deal with the institution, research or work on your fantasy project. The frustrations stem from a female from the past or love/money issue from the past that is playing out in the work, health or pets realm. If that weren’t enough, more frustrations at home regarding change or power struggles. Tough day.

Thursday the Full Moon in Libra brings a peak moment around retreat, hospitals or other institutions, research, a fantasy project, or any issues tied to escapism or self-undoing. This is about a climax, celebration or ending. Mercury enters the sign of partnership and respresentation so look for talks and meetings to pick up in this area.

Friday you may be feeling a bit intense about your needs or body and what a partner has to say. You shine in the work you do, in health and with pets today and this could lead to some positive expansion or luck at home. Make all communications deep.


Goals, career and income are vibing today so make sure to put yourself out there and don’t be afraid to ring in some changes or take steps that will lead to a better future.

Tuesday Mars is making noise with home or property, wanting to do something or stirring up anger or passion. Talks about love, kids or creative projects are being fueled by opportunity in the realms of artistic expression, romance or spirituality so open up.

Wednesday is a bit tough as you deal with feelings for a friendship or aspiration and how a female from the past or a love or money issue from the past is affecting your ability to create or love. The other frustration here is with how your earnings are undergoing change and deconstruction.

Thursday is the Full Moon in your friendship zone so you can expect that an issue with this person will peak now, you will be celebrating together or ending something. Aspirations and social functions are also under this peaking energy. Mercury enters your work, health and pets zone so expect talks and meetings to pick up in these realms.

Friday may have you feeling intense about wanting to retreat or over something you find out that you didn’t know. Talk about the work, health or pet to work through it. You shine in the arena of true love, children and creative projects with a lucky tie to talks about expanding or your happiness here.


Monday is a good day to proceed on the major transformations occurring with your identity, body or personal needs by way of legal matters, education, travel, or media and promotion. This is all good today.

Tuesday Mars is going to be pushing you to have a passionate or angry talk with someone over the legal, travel, media or educational matter. You may find you are much more busy in your local activities today. Talks or meetings about home, property or what you are building are linked to income in a great opportunity aspect. Apply spiritual, romantic or artistic energy to the ideas and you are golden.

Wednesday is tough. Feelings about goals or career are locked into an opposition over home or property tied to a woman from the past or a past love or money matter. Your attempt to step into your own power in this is also frustrating. Live to fight another day.

Thursday is the Full Moon in your career Midheaven. This is a peak moment in the last year when a career matter or other important goal may be being celebrated. You will see things climax or wrap up and end now with this. Mercury enters your arena of true love, children and creativity so expect most conversations and meetings to begin to veer in these directions.

Friday you may feel a bit intense where an aspiration or friendship is concerned. Talks about love, kids or creativity play into this. You shine today in a very lucky aspect tying home, property and income together, luck and expansion are here if you are proactive. Somehow the day ends with opportunity to connect to your power in a positive way with a friend.


Monday is a positive day to make some powerful and serious decisions about shared money sources or joint finances, sex, intimacy, divorce or a death. It is likely this is occurring in private or secretly, do your research.

Tuesday Mars is going to be active where income is concerned. Anger or passions are stimulated here in regards to your feelings about the joint finances, sex, divorce or death. Talks today are positive by way of romance, artistic or spiritual expression and your identity, body or needs. Make sure you are meeting or communicating about what you need for you here.

Wednesday brings up emotional challenges around legal, educational, media or travel matters. There is talk about a past love or money issue or a female and this is going to complicate the mix. At the same time secrets may surface that feel dark or manipulative. This is an extension on last weeks issues here.

Thursday is the Full Moon in Libra which means a legal matter, educational issue, trip, or media venture is peaking now. This is the climax in one of these arenas and you will either be celebrating or ending something via these channels. Mercury enters your home base so talks and meetings will be about home, property and who you are going to live with over the next few weeks starting now.

Friday you may feel as if your goals are intense and that talks about home are not going the way you wish. You do have an opportunity to shine via communications later in the day with some luck in getting what you want for yourself so bide your time.


Your feelings about a partner or someone who represents you should be on the upswing today. Powerful transformations are occurring to aspirations or a friendship in line with this or you may find you are attending a social function together that goes well.

Tuesday Mars is going to be pushing you to be active physically and you may be a bit angry or passionate about your needs. Talks about income and anything you can do behind the scenes or in secret that apply the energy of spirituality, artistic expression or romance will open up doors.

Wednesday your feelings about a huge money issue, joint finances, intimacy, sex, divorce or death are going to be very intense and most likely frustrated by way of what is occurring with the money you earn, a female or love/money matter from the past, and the major changes occurring in aspirations and friendships. Tough.

Thursday the Full Moon is occurring in your joint finances and debt, sex and intimacy, divorce and death, house so you can expect something to be reaching critical mass here, climaxing, being celebrated or ended. Mercury enters Taurus and will bring more local meetings, short trips, talks and news of siblings.

Friday may start out with a talk about how intense a legal, travel, educational, or media issue is. Once the day progresses you step into a lucky aspect with how you shine in earnings and some positive expansion or luck coming through retreat, research, work done behind the scenes, fantasy or dealing with institutions. A powerful friend comes to you through travel, or has your back in areas of education or media matters.


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