Sunday, April 26, 2009


Sweet hallelujah and angel sighs, this week is about assimilating emotions with the changes you manifested in your world last week. As April showers give way to May flowers, let it be a guideline for you. You have successfully ended the 8 year Venus cycle that began in 2001 and you are beginning a whole new chapter in love and money. Plant seeds that you wish to see grow up ahead, it really is that simple, don’t let fear hold you back from your destination.

Monday the issues of work and duty, time and effort, restriction and limitation, come into play as you work through how you feel about the new way forward and its challenges.

Tuesday you get to field issues of love and money and any sudden changes or surprises that are thrown your way regarding them. Although feelings may be intense today there is ample opportunity to flow and expand.

Wednesday is about dealing with how you feel about the actions you need to take or about letting your feelings goad you into taking action. This day promises to help you shine a bit and show your authority if you step up.

Thursday is a break in the emotional peaking as the mind gets its day to lead. Ideas are contagious and social as Mercury enters Gemini. Hanging with friends or doing something local will be on the agenda. Spontaneity is the name of the game.

Friday allows you to deal with any feelings you have about your needs, image, identity or body. The energy favors action and passion as well as love and making or spending money.


Monday is about the amount of responsibility on your shoulders and how you are going to deal with the work that has piled up or a health issue that is nagging you. For some, you have taken on more than normal regarding pets. Emotional conversations may leak into the day because of this feeling of being overwhelmed. Just take one thing at a time.

Tuesday brings some nice talks with friends and maybe an invitation or two to a party or event. These look good for you so by all means except. Once the Moon moves into Cancer you may feel like home and goals and women and money are not in flow at all. With Pluto in the mix, you will need to allow for some intense feelings here. What needs to change?

Wednesday brings your ruler, Mars, into the picture, helping you to motivate and tackle home or property matters. It is a good income day so pouring yourself into the work at home seems to lead you in the right direction. You may decide to invest some money at home as well and this has opportunity written all over it.

Thursday Mercury enters Gemini and you should instantly see the shift as the phone will begin ringing more, you will hear from those who have been out of the loop and you may see your local activities picking up quite a bit. Since Mercury is going to be Retrograding here on the 7th, you will begin to see who will be coming back around, through communications and running into them in the neighborhood haunts.

Friday is a great day to express your creativity, to shine in areas of artistic expression and love, and to do things that are just plain fun. Involve those close to you, reach out to kids, lovers, and don’t let the money issue slow down what could otherwise be a great day.


Monday asks you how you feel about the money you have to show for the hard work you are putting in on a creative endeavor or with kids or lovers. You may find plans to just cut loose and have fun are in some way frustrated a bit, do your best to flow.

Tuesday brings good energy your way where career and goals are concerned. This is about expanding and there is luck in the picture, it is a good day to ask for a raise or spend some money to get where you want to be. Talks about travel, beliefs, education, legal matters, or media will tend to bring up the heavy emotions for you as you push to find ways to change through the spiritual side of your nature.

Wednesday is a good day to be active in research or fantasy, mediation or retreat, you just may not feel like talking about what is going on behind the scenes for you with others. It is a day where you shine locally and will be able to express how a creative project could work or how responsibilities should be shared with lovers or children.

Thursday Mercury enters his sign of Gemini and talks and meetings will lean towards money, making and spending it. This is a great time period to ask for income producing projects, to send out resumes or audition for work.

Friday is a splendid day to retreat to home, pull the curtains and recharge your personal life in a restful way. You may actually accomplish a great deal there and find you are in flow with love and passion, or spend the time developing a money making venture from home.


In what way are your personal needs being restricted in the home? This is the big issue on the emotional cutting block on Monday. You need to look at the situation and decide if you can continue to limit your own expression here or if there is a way to work towards more freedom on the home front.

Tuesday brings good energy your way via travel, someone at a distance, or through education, media, or legal channels. Luck and expansion are here in these realms, you just need to be open to changes on the career front. Income seems to be emotionally charged for you today as you are propelled to deal with debt or credit and a female friend. Money and sharing are key here.

Wednesday Mars is acting out through the friendship zone so you may see a friend do something about the money or you may take action with them, you may see anger, passion or aggression from this person. There is opportunity to make a move on the home front that should make you feel better about the income matter.

Thursday your ruler, Mercury, enters your sign, Gemini. This is a wonderful time for you when you can be heard, your words carry impact, communications and agreements favor you and you will find you are much busier locally, the hub of the energy.

Friday brings harmony with a friend and lots of good energy for social events, so dive in and do something together. You may feel like hiding out or hermiting off but the energy seems to indicate that you will continually be called or popped in on so you may as well go with the flow, you are popular now.


The amount of time you are putting in behind the scenes or working through private, fantasy induced energy is tied neatly into the work you are doing in the communications field or locally. The question today is ‘is the effort worth the restriction or isolation you feel spilling your spiritual energy in such a heavy manner’? Don’t deplete yourself entirely, save some for you.

Tuesday brings good energy your way through a big money platform or through an intimate connection. There is opportunity to expand and find your spiritual or artistic voice here in how you share. Sudden changes in media, travel, education or legal matters should be worked with. Once the Moon enters your sign she is going to put you up against the balance of power with a partner or representative as well as needing to deal with a financial goal or woman in a position of authority over you.

Wednesday Mars is pushing you out the door to go deal with a career matter or goal. You need to come out of your shell today no matter what. There is either a social event or a friendship that is going to be great for you so say yes and do what is offered. What you write or say has legs now.

Thursday Mercury enters Gemini and you will find that conversations and meetings are going to take on a more private or secretive feel. You may be talking about research or a fantasy project or meeting someone at a hospital during this time as well. Listen to signs and spiritual intuition now as it is stronger.

Friday is great for making or spending money and going after your goals. You should attract what you want via reputation and ambition, be proactive. Making money may take priority over parties or friendships.


Making or spending money is feeling a bit burdensome or restrictive today and you may feel like you can’t socialize as much or that a friendship is in some way a reflection of this limitation to you. Take responsibility and let the rest go.

Tuesday brings great energy to you through a partner or someone who represents you. This is about luck or expansion and there is definitely a good vibe where parties or aspirations are concerned here. Once the Moon enters Cancer you will feel like hiding out or resting up, just know that the work and the trip, legal matter, education, or media issue is going to give you a run for your money and you may have to fight to get the time alone you need.

Wednesday Mars is putting you on a plane, booking a trip, diving into a media or legal matter, or going to class. There is a great opportunity to shine due to the work you have been doing behind the scenes or tied to a fantasy or research project. You may find work today tied to this and it looks beneficial.

Thursday Mercury enters Gemini and brings more contact with friends, more invitations to parties and social mixers and more talk about your aspirations. This is a fun time for you when you should find yourself in the center of the activity. You may see who is going to be leaving or coming back within your social circle now as Mercury is due to Retrograde on the 7th in this arena.

Friday would be a wonderful time to take a trip, to attend a class, to sign up for spiritual studies or some form of media interest, involve yourself in a ceremony, or to dive into a legal matter. There is great energy to help you make it happen, with love or money in the mix.


Ah Virgo, Monday is about all that energy that is restructuring your entire being as you push yourself past your own barriers to achieve an ambition or career goal. Saturn is testing your emotions again today as you step up again, that much further along the road to success by tackling whatever obstacle is thrown your way.

Tuesday feelings ease as you see some luck and happiness finding their way into the work you are doing, your health should improve and goals will seem that much closer because they are. You will need to field a surprise or change from a partner or representative. Once the Moon enters Cancer feelings aim at a friendship or aspiration and any frustrations a female is giving you over shared resources, all in the name of transforming a creative or love related area of life.

Wednesday Mars says, ‘charge!’, and this will be a push in money matters that are shared, divorce, dealing with a death, or a sexual or intimate connection. Your feelings should improve about an aspiration or social activity as you see ways to shine legally, in media, education, or travel. Continue to take responsibility for yourself.

Thursday Mercury enters Gemini and as co-ruler of your sign, you will feel the shift personally. This is the time when career, goals, ambition, reputation and fame begin to come forward, talks and meetings will be about you and these goals now. Since Mercury is going to Retrograde here on the 7th, you may notice someone from the past or a project from then coming back around or an authority figure preparing to take their leave.

Friday says retreat, rest, do some research, dig around, get in touch with your spiritual energy, meditate, and you will find that intimacy and shared resources flow easily for you. There should be an opening to take action on one of these things today, hole up with an amore behind closed doors, or find secret ways to tackle joint financial or divorce issues.


Either restriction or limitation tied to fantasy projects, research or hospitals, or feeling isolated and out of touch with the rest of the zodiac may have you a bit over the edge on Monday. You have strong feelings about publishing, traveling, taking legal action or learning something new, and yet there is this invisible wall holding the world at bay. Hang in there, not much longer to go with this.

Tuesday brings good energy to creative projects, with luck and expansion in the mix, due to a media, legal, educational, or travel matter. Allow for changes in work you do or a surprise where health or pets are concerned. Once the Moon enters Cancer feelings take aim at career and goals. You may need to deal with a money matter with a partner or representative. Feelings are intense where home and foundations are concerned.

Wednesday Mars gets into the picture to crank things up with partners. You can expect them to act out or for you to decide to take action on something they did, passions run high. Where career is concerned, there is opportunity for you to shine in attracting the outside money you need and to put legs under the work going on behind the scenes, be proactive.

Thursday Mercury enters Gemini and the news, talks and meetings come forward in a big way. This is going to open up a time period when you will be communicating about media, publishing, and promotional ideas, beliefs, politics, travel and foreign ideas or people, legal matters, and any educational needs. Agreements made now are aligned.

Friday the flow between aspirations and partnership is golden, there is money, love, or action in the mix. Passions brings results and you should look for ways to socialize or include friends in the energy. A joint financial or intimate issue is the only area of frustration for your ego today.


The amount of time and effort you have been giving an aspiration or a social issue or friendship is going to be on your mind on Monday. You may feel a bit drained here and it seems to be triggering feelings about sharing, joint resources or debt, intimacy, or a deep loss you have been navigating. Working hard for what you aspire to is admirable but balance it against your deeper needs.

Tuesday brings great energy to bear at home, with property and those you live with. This is a day to expand and find happiness in your personal space. You may have a money issue tied to this and it should favor you today. Once the Moon enters Cancer you may find your wanderlust or belief system is being challenged by a female at work or a money issue tied to work or health. Talks will be intense so tread lightly.

Wednesday you will take action on the work, health or pet issue as Mars gears up in this house of service. Once you tackle the obvious, feelings align with travel, education, media or legal matters. You shine in partnership, there is opportunity to find representation today and forward your agenda. Time spent with friends or networking brings solid results.

Thursday Mercury moves into Gemini and all of the sudden you are going to want to talk about the heavier things in life. Sex, death, divorce, loans, credit, settlements, shared resources, all come under the deeply shared energy of this house. Meet and express yourself about these topics. Since Mercury is Retrograding here on the 7th you may begin to get an inkling about what is either going to return here from the past or take it’s leave that is current. For some, a past lover is ready to reenter the picture.

Friday career and work are harmonizing. This is a great day to tackle chores, get the work done, take care of health and pets, make money and further your goals. A partner may want more from you than you can deliver today or a representative may not meet your ego needs, so take it easy on yourself.


Goals, ambitions, career, and partnership, this is where the energy is challenging you on Monday. You have taken a big responsibility on your shoulders and you must deal with any emotional overflow here as you get your heart around the work before you.

Tuesday brings lovely, happy, lucky talks with partners about romantic, artistic or spiritual matters. This is big so open up. A change on the home front may need to be fielded. Once the Moon enters Cancer you will be dealing with emotional intimacy or feelings about what and how you share. A female lover or child is in the picture here or a money matter tied to love or creativity. Emotions are intense.

Wednesday Mars is sparking in the arena of true love, creativity and children. For some this is passion at it’s sexual heights as you bond or make babies, for others you may be taking action on the creative field to deal with a big money issue at hand. You shine at work, in the service of others, in health and with pets today. Your goals and ambitions have legs if you are proactive in the work you dedicate here.

Thursday Mercury enters Gemini and talks, agreements, news and meetings are about partnering. You may also be dealing with those who represent you under this influence, just know that this is where you will be communicating and with Mercury about to Retrograde on the 7th here, a partner from the past may be about to resurface or a current one may be leaving for a time, watch and assimilate.

Friday brings wonderful energy around love, kids and creativity. You should act, show passion and love, take steps towards making or spending money in these areas, and just have some fun. You may feel like a trip together, learning something new, a religious ceremony, a media venture or making it legal. All good.


Capi’s are working hard on legal matters, travel, with foreign people or ideas, people at a distance, media, promotional or publishing ventures, and with educational needs. Monday may bring up emotions here as you may feel you are all work and no play or that your health is suffering or your relationship with your pets is being limited. Do your best to deal and overcome but pace yourself so you don’t suffer from burnout.

Tuesday is SO good for making money, spending as well if that is your pleasure. There is luck and expansion in this field tied directly to the work you are doing or to health or pets. If you are thrown a monkey wrench about it, do your best to adjust to any changes or surprises. Once the Moon enters Cancer your emotions are going to be may be intense feelings here and money or love will play a part. Concentrate on building up your foundations and making yourself secure.

Wednesday Mars kicks in into gear as you take action on the home, property or mom issue. You need to do something today, so do it. Once you do, the partnership energy will shift and you will feel as though you are finding the love you need or are being appreciated on the creative level that you deserve. Legal, travel and media matters bring opportunity within the partnership.

Thursday Mercury enters Gemini and opens up talks, meetings, news and agreements where work is concerned. Health and pets will also be topics of interest. You have the floor, ask for what you want.

Friday is sweet where home, property or mom are concerned. This is about love, money and taking action, expressing passion and making it happen. You should be feeling better about the big money issues and any intimate connections you have as well.


Monday may be a bit emotional as you feel your way through issues of love, children and your creative abilities. This is due to the heavy load you are dealing with in the house of joint finances and big outside resources, your partners finances, sex, intimacy, and divorce. You need to continue to take responsibility for your own happiness and put in the effort to deal with limitations.

Tuesday brings some personal happiness your way. You have the chance to spark through the love of a child, through a fun recreational activity, a creative project or in a lucky romantic connection that finds you. Once the Moon enters Cancer you are going to be dealing with emotions regarding work or health as you talk about the money, female or love issue at hand. It is an intense time that may bring up unconscious energy that could undermine, so go easy on yourself.

Wednesday will be quite active locally, you may be running around on a lot of short trips or find you are communicating with everyone in a very passionate manner. Once you take care of your list, you should find some ‘you’ time at home that works for you. Tackle the house, empty closets or garages, put in some time for your own workout here and seek responsibility for the heavier issues that are before you. If you are proactive today you can conquer the world.

Thursday Mercury enters Gemini and stimulates your house of true love, children and creativity. This means you will be talking about these things, meeting with others over them, taking short trips that bring these things to life and communicating what you love and have fun doing in life. You may meet a new lover during this time if you are single or once Mercury Retrogrades on the 7th, you may see a lover from the past coming back around or a current love taking it’s leave.

Friday the energy supports positive talks or meetings with partners and representatives. This is about love, money and taking action on this front so reach out and get it done. You may feel like you are not getting your needs met at home today but this is in some way tied to the partnership.


Monday challenges you to deal with any duty or limitations you have to a partner or representative and this is bound to trigger emotions regarding home, a property or your own security needs. The work and effort in the partnership is what is at core here, so look at that and how you can deal with the matter.

Tuesday you should be feeling better about the home or property as there is great luck and expansion offered to you through the work you are doing behind the scenes or in a research or fantasy project you are involved in. You may find that a connection that occurs in secret is great for your home or experienced there in a happy way. Once the Moon enters Cancer you will need to deal with feelings of love, a child or creativity. How does an income issue tie into this and what needs to change within the friendship?

Wednesday Mars is going to push you to do something about the money coming in or being spent. You need to feel what is occurring with your ability to love or have fun. A talk or meeting puts you in the spotlight and brings a sense of love or creativity into your life, this is an opportunity to commit or break in a partnership and to fuel your own goals.

Thursday Mercury enters Gemini and brings the communications and meetings into the arena of home and property for you. You will be central in this over the next few weeks and will field more than normal here. You may also be talking to mom more now as well.

Friday is great for work and income. There is money and love flowing here along with action you take so go get it! A female may be significant in making the money today. Just don’t attach your ego too tightly when talking to others about the work, health or pet issue.


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Anonymous said...

Hello Zoe!

I thank you for the personal email about my current situation. I am heeding your advice on not making any big decisions at this time. I humbly apologize I have not visited your blog but was very glad to today. I honestly feel that you are a most gifted astrologer, I say that with my heart of hearts for you are truly a person that cares! The words of wisdom you wrote were so spot on for me because I felt I was alone in the feelings I was having about life being quite stressful...Seems like so much is happening all at once and the great advice I am heeding my dear is not to make hasty decisions. I also read your forecast for this weekend, it may sound cliche or not to some ;) but it is like you have written it for me,, lol...I am a Virgo, the Worriers and the sensitive people, also being an empath, Phew! I will hang in there and thank you so much for your blog, so helpful to have such a helpful place to see where the planets are and that Phew, Saturn is being more helpful and then Mercury in retrograde, ugh...Some of your wonderful advice on when that may be ending? I have felt this icky but yes, I do feel cleansing of my past hurts since 11/11/07 and wondered if you might help me understand more on that if that is in your career work? I am sorry, I am ingnorant to what you study fully and hope to learn more as I read your blogs! Cheers, Luna