Friday, April 17, 2009


Oobladi Ooblada Life goes on Bro! How are we feeling today after the Venus shift? Are you seeing things in perspective? Saturday is about one thing and one thing only so that should make it a bit easier. You are going to be diving into the goddess energy in Aquarius to determine how your bid for freedom and your feelings about your particular vision for your future is lining up with the limits, responsibilities and time you are finding is taking up one side of your reality.

Sunday will have you opening up one challenging dialogue, finding your happiness and inspiration and beginning from there in something new. Align your ego energy with the Sun’s shift into Taurus. This can be reflected by your focus on making money and finding some pleasure in your life over the next month. Sounds good to me :)


Saturday means making some adjustments about how you are feeling with social networks, friendships or aspirations. Saturn is limiting you in some way around work, health or pets and today you get to figure out how the friendships or network is really supporting you in this. You are trying to stretch your independence in this social scene and find your freedom to do the work you want to do, get your health together or do something for animals.

Sunday you need to talk to a friend about an income matter. Your feelings should begin to really open up regarding a romantic, artistic or spiritual aspiration or connection with a friend or social network today. This in turn is going to spark your enthusiasm to spend or make money based on attaching your personal drive, image, or body.


The Aquarius Moon is making you feel radical where goals and ambitions are concerned. You have a vision here and want to find a way to balance this need for autonomy or independence against the responsibilities or limitations you are seeing with creative projects, with lovers or children. Today is more about putting yourself in a bit of both spaces and observing just where you are going here.

Sunday is an important day for you as the Sun moves out of the hidden area it has been touring for Taurus and enters your sign. This marks the beginning of you ‘coming out’ with all guns blazing. You are ready to be seen, heard, accepted and your feelings should reflect this. Pour happy, lucky, expansive vibes of romance, artistic expression and spirituality into those goals and ambitions of yours and attach your strong new persona to the mix, now GO!


There is an emotional peak going on over a trip, a legal matter, some form of promotion or media issue, or an educational matter today. Your bid for freedom through one of these avenues is being tested against the big limitation or responsibility where you live, with the home, property or mom. Find ways to expand your horizons and be true to your vision while working around this duty or restriction, a bit of both today it seems.

Sunday the Sun slips into the hidden part of your chart which marks the last part of the year for you and a time to withdraw or work in private on readying yourself for next month when the Sun will shine full-on on you. Work behind the scenes, do your research and take care of yourself. This media, travel, educational or legal matter is going to be infused today with artistic, spiritual or romantic expansion on the emotional level and a talk about what you have been planning.


The bid for freedom has possibly taxed your credit cards or perhaps introduced some unusual approaches on the sexual front and today you are going to be feeling your way through these issues of outside resources and intimacy. There is potential that some Cancer’s will be taking a new approach to the weightier topics of divorce and death as well, going deep in a visionary manner here. Saturn is pulling you in regarding how you talk about things, adding a serious note to all communications, local activities, short trips and dealings with siblings. Bridging the two arenas will be interesting.

Sunday a talk with a friend is going to be intense or profound, you are going to be discussing the heavy side of life again and either examining sexuality, death, divorce or the big money issues. The good news is there is a floor of spiritual, romantic, artistic energy helping you expand in these areas. The Sun enters your social scene today and will be shining the light on you for the next month with friends and associates. Push your aspirations.


The issues of freedom, independence and doing things according to your own rules will be pulling at your emotional sleeves today regarding a partnership. How exactly is this going to work? Saturn is pressuring you over making a living or spending money on making it flow. There needs to be some adjustment in how you are valuing yourself and others here if you wish to get around this rather interesting conundrum.

Sunday talking about your goals with the partner is going to be important. Feelings are very much wrapped around this significant person, be they a romantic or business partner or someone who is representing you. Artistic, romantic or spiritual energy is there for you to draw around this happy bubble you are creating, just make sure it is real. The Sun enters your career Midheaven today and gives you a strong month ahead where the Sun shines on your goals, ambitions and reputation. (I know, the Leo is saying, when does it not? ;)!


Set free in the land of work! Your independence is almost in reach, the unique vision or unusual approach or idea is getting you there, doing what you do best, attending to the details and putting yourself in service to the rest of human kind. Just remember that Saturn is going to feel a bit like a burden today on your physical body, or in something you are identified with strongly. Watch your health but continue to step up to the plate, you are going to make it all happen, one specific step at a time.

Sunday is about the work you are so involved in or it is about a health or pet issue you are wrapped up in. You need to have a conversation about the legalities, the trip, with the person at a distance, about the education, media or belief system in all of this and it may be challenging. Your feelings are getting a flood of artistic, romantic, spiritual energy that should be a rush of happiness blowing over you about the work situation or health. Keep expanding the game. The Sun enters the part of your chart associated with law, media, travel, and education today and puts you in the spotlight in these arenas over the next month, make the most of it.


Emotions are focused on those visionary creative projects, unusual love objects, needs for independence of expression, or freedom with loved ones today. You want to detach and enjoy or approach from some radical position. Saturn on the other hand is limiting you by way of secrets or hidden agendas, fantasy work or research, or perhaps via a hospital. Its not a typical day, find your best way forward by expressing your unique vision and allowing for the Saturn influence, even if bringing them together is a challenge.

Sunday seeds something new by way of artistic, romantic or spiritual expression with an artistic project or a loved one. There should be the opportunity to expand in some way here. A talk about power, death, sex, or big money is part of it even if it is challenging. The Sun enters your eighth house and will put you in the spotlight here over the next month. This means you shine in areas of outside money sources, sex, intimacy, divorce, and transformation. Don’t underestimate this power month.


The need to detach your feelings over issues with home, property, security needs or mom will be pushing you in one direction today. You may be trying to deal with an unusual issue here or taking a new approach emotionally. On the other side of today’s energy, Saturn is limiting your ability to socialize or asking you to show up as a ‘duty’ on the social scene or with a friend. It is about dealing with both sides today and making some adjustments.

Sunday you need to have a talk with a partner or representative such as an attorney, manager or agent, about the home, property or mother. This is a bit challenging but necessary. New emotional beginnings are available today stemming from the ones that are ending tied to home, property or mom. Apply artistic, spiritual or romantic energy to how you process and allow emotions to expand. The Sun enters the partnership zone today and will shine it’s light on you here in your one on one relationships over the next month.


Two directions, the thing you are writing, thinking or communicating about that is original, visionary and on it’s way to set you free, and the limitations or responsibilities you are dealing with on the career front or with important goals or ambitions. It’s about making another adjustment emotionally between the two.

Sunday you need to talk about the work, health or pet issue. If a talk is not slated it will just be amped up energy locally in one of these arenas. Empower yourself today where your writing projects, phone calls, emails, and any other form of communication are concerned, also reach out to siblings or someone in the neighborhood. The energy is very spiritual, artistic or romantic, however you would like to take it but think big. The Sun moves into your work, health and pets zone and this is where you will shine over the next month.


On the one hand, Aquarius is making you feel like you need to break free or express your independence where the income is concerned, perhaps purchase something unique or radical. On the other hand, Saturn is limiting you or asking you to take responsibility through legal channels, travel, media or education. Do your best to focus in both arenas and find a way to balance.

Sunday a talk with a lover or about a child or creative project is necessary and it looks like money once again is the trigger here. Once the talk is out of the way, feelings of romance, artistic expression or spirituality get a wide canvas and should help you to make money or be an outlet for spending it. The Sun enters your house of true love, recreation, children, and creative projects today and will tour here for the month ahead, putting you in the spotlight in these wonderful arenas, get out there!


You are having sudden urges to be free or to express some independent or radical part of your being today. You have your vision for yourself and you are ready to go there, well almost, Saturn is asking you to deal with limitations or serious matters in the area of joint finances, shared resources, sex, intimacy, death, or divorce. You can’t really get to one without putting in some time on two.

Sunday a talk about home, property or mom is important and will help you shed some light on your own needs. The connection between Moon, Neptune and Jupiter is going to help you feel happy about the expansion occurring with your identity or needs and applying your spiritual nature or romantic or artistic soul will round this out. The Sun enters your home, property and mother zone today and will put you in the spotlight in these matters over the next month.


Feelings are in a quirky place today, prompting retreat, a bit unconventional, or freedom loving but wanting to investigate the fantasy or imagination in what is going on behind the scenes. Saturn on the other hand is saying you need to put in some time or deal in a serious way with what is being limited or requiring work in the area of partnership. It’s two different spaces and you will just have to deal the best you can.

Sunday a talk about what you have been thinking about, an idea, something written or local will be important to feel better about the retreat, fantasy, hospital, or research project. There is a good thing going on in private for you today, you can expand your world on some level by using your ability to fantasize, research or call on your intuition. Be artistic, romantic or spiritual here for best results. The Sun enters your house of communications and you will see these increase quite a bit over the next month for you along with short trips, interaction with siblings and in what you write.


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