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Wednesday, April 1, 2009


The big news in April is that the energy of power and transformation is going to Retrograde, giving us all a chance to look within for this source, the Full Moon in Libra is going to bring a partnership connection to a peak moment in time, Venus, the planet of love and money is going to finally station Direct so we will be able to move forward once again with the new understanding we have acquired, and the New Moon in Taurus will help us launch something we consider quite valuable in our life.

It is no coincidence that both lunations are ruled by Venus while the goddess herself is turning between them. April will be a month when the matters of the heart and what you are willing to work for are going to be vital. As you move within armed with the Plutonic energy of change, make sure you are making choices that are aligned with love.

Venus will move from Pisces to Aries, offering you the intuition to ‘know’ what it is you should move towards or away from if you listen to your heart as well as the motivation to do it. Mercury and Sun will move into Venus’s sign, Taurus, to focus your mind and body on building towards what you value.

Mars will be busy as well taking on the system or taking a stand early in the month, then deciding to do something spontaneous or rebellious in response ten days later. For those of you looking for love, the passionate warrior meets up with Venus on the 21st for a magical day between the sexes before he dives full force into his own sign of Aries on the 22nd. Whatever you choose to do at this point will meet with it’s first powerful obstacle on the 26th and test just how aligned with your souls purpose your course of action is going to be.


You have caught a glimmer of the powerful changes on the horizon for you where career and ambition is concerned, this is a long, upward process of redefining your place in the world. On the 4th, this energy shifts inward, slowing down the massive shifts and allowing you time to sift through what has transformed. Talk to friends about it today, there will be some desire to take action about a perceived limitation in work or health and you don’t want to undo what you have achieved thus far.

The Full Moon is occurring in your opposite sign of Libra and will be bringing a partnership issue to a head on the 9th. On the same day, Mercury enters Taurus asking you to think about how you are earning and spending money. Put together, you have the opportunity here to turn the corner with this person, be they a romantic or business partner, an agent, manager or attorney. Begin your talks today.

The vibration of love and money shifts on the 11th as Venus enters the hidden part of your chart. This is a time to retreat a few steps and do some digging around, listen to your intuition and allow the rest of the universe to catch up to you. Mars and Uranus are going to connect in this same house on the 15th. This is lightning bolt energy happening with the work you are doing behind the scenes, research, retreat, or with secrets. Life will not be dull in this moment. For some Aries, this will mean a sudden visit to hospital or another institution, for others, a hot and steamy secret rendevouz.

Venus goes Direct on the 17th and you will feel this like no one else, she is pivoting to face your sign in the last degree of Pisces and will be preparing to come knock on your door about a love or money issue that you are now completely prepared to tackle. There is opportunity to talk or meet about the money you are making for the work or service you are providing today and it should go well. The Sun enters Taurus on the 19th so by then you will be shining in matters related to earnings and will have this energy behind you for a full month ahead.

Your ruler, Mars, meets Venus on the 21st, a stellar day for love or going after a money making venture. If you are single, this is a great day to meet someone while you are tucked away behind closed doors, get on the internet and chat away. If you are involved with someone, try to get away together, it should be very passionate.

The following day Mars enters your sign and this is going to feel like absolute heaven to you dear Aries. You are firing on all pistons now and ready to take on the world. What is more, the world is going to see you in all your passion and react to you accordingly. Talks about money with a friend need some finessing today.

The New Moon in Taurus on the 24th opens up two strong weeks ahead to seed new income making ventures, to ask for more income, to spend on something you desire, and this is given an extra boost by Venus’s entry into your sign today. You are officially back today as the goddess of love and money is moving forward and you are the one driving the car. You will have one big hurdle to overcome on the 26th regarding someone powerful on the career front or some major change there but Mars is giving you the drive to tackle it.


The powerful changes that have been manifesting in your world through long distance travel, teaching or learning a new subject, getting your voice or vision out there through media, publishing or promotions, and/or working your way through legal channels will finally slow a bit and turn to an inner process on the 4th of this month. You have moved some serious mountains if you look back a year ago and now you need to do the inner transforming necessary to be ready to step into what is turning out to be a very powerful step up for you in the near future.

Mercury enters your sign on the 9th which will mark an end cycle of contemplation and keeping your ideas to yourself. You are now ready to talk about yourself, your needs, and put your mind to work on ways to improve or enhance your body or image. The Full Moon today is in Libra, your fellow Venus ruled sign, and will be bringing a work or health issue to a head. Wrap it up and leave no strings blowing in the wind, you really want to have all of your loose ends tied up so that you can now focus on yourself.

Your ruler takes one last step into Pisces on the 11th to connect with a female friend about something of import to you. Take the time to see where this leads, by the 15th, Mars and Uranus are going to connect here and this is literal fireworks with this friend. You will be doing something original or spontaneous or electric and exciting together. Ideas acted on now with her are inspired to say the least. For some of you this may be a sexual attraction you just can’t deny.

By the 17th, Venus is going to station Direct and you will be moving forward again with this friend or away from them. Talks today favor serious concentration on a creative project or with lovers or children. The Sun enters your sign on the 19th and brings the spotlight on you for an entire month ahead. This is wonderful energy to make yourself over, to be seen for who you are and to step out in your own power.

Your ruler, Venus, is met by Mars on the 21st for a very wonderful embrace between the sexes. This is occurring in your house of friends so find some time for a sexy friend and see what happens, or allow a friend to make the introductions for you if you are single. You may want to use this energy to make a push on something money related with a friend as well.

On the 22nd Mars will retreat into your house of research and fantasy. Your ardent nature is going behind closed doors, it is a time to recharge and use energy towards strategizing or any surgery you had been waiting to get to. You may be being asked to cool your heals a bit today as talks are about goals and how fast they are expanding, you can’t fight the universe so use the time to do things for yourself once again. Up ahead, you won’t have this time for yourself.

Venus follows Mars into the retreat mode so love and money are also going into areas related to research, hospitals, work done behind the scenes, fantasy work such as films or acting, and private time spent recharging your batteries. Talks with a friend are very inspiring today and hold the promise of opportunity. The New Moon is occurring in your sign opening up the next two weeks in a very strong way for you to redefine yourself, your body, image, identity and to find new ways to express your ego energy and be seen.

There is a test to the work you are doing behind closed doors or to the need to retreat over love or money and it comes through the energy of travel, a visitor, legal avenues, education, or a media or publishing deal. Whatever you are working on behind the scenes or investing your love or money into will have to contend with some powerful change that arrives today, Mars is giving you the energy to take it on.


The powers that be have been rocking your world through some of the deepest places over the last months, you have been dealing with outside financial issues, loans, inheritance, credit, debt, taxes, insurance, alimony, child support, or a partners change in income, as well as issues around death, divorce and sexual intimacy. You have changed unequivocably during this time.

On the 4th, Pluto will Retrograde and this period will slow, you will be able to go within, to catch up and reclaim your personal power over the next few months in these areas. Talks with a friend about legal matters, travel, media or education are very lucky today so open up. You must find a way to balance goals against limitations at home.

Mercury enters your twelfth house on the 9th and marks the beginning of a strategizing period for you, where research or working in some fantasy field will bring you forward. The Full Moon today is occurring in your house of true love, children, recreation, and creative projects. This is a time of peak experience with one of these themes for you and possibly a wrapping up of something here. It may be time to start writing the new project or to think about the love in your life. Meetings will be private affairs over the next few weeks.

Venus backs into Pisces on the 11th and gives you one last look at a money or love goal that you have been pursuing or that you left undone in the past. On the 15th, Mars and Uranus are going to meet up in this area for a sudden, surprising, exciting moment on the career front. Change, a man, a sexual attraction, a brilliant original idea that you decide to act on, are all ways this could play out.

On the 17th Venus stations Direct in your career Midheaven and the love or money goal is now officially ready to move forward. This is a positive shift for career and reputation. Talks today that occur behind closed doors or on your behalf are strongly helping you to establish solid footing or deal with a home or property matter.

The Sun enters Taurus on the 19th and will mark a time of physical retreat from the world on some level as you redefine yourself, recharge your batteries, use your vital energy towards research and strategy and developing something behind the scenes. Mars and Venus meet on the 21st in your career Midheaven which means a goal of love or passion may come true on this day. The energy is great for meeting someone important or for launching a money deal on the career front.

Mars enters your friendship zone on the 22nd and you will find this is a very active time for you, more invitations, parties, meeting new people, lots to do together, along with the potential for passion or anger from time to time. A secret may be revealed today in a big way so come from your truth.

Venus enters your friendship zone on the 24th marking a time where love and money will find you through your besties or your networking so keep the lines of communication open and don’t turn down invitations to mingle. There seems to be a nice surprise or change awaiting you on the career front today or one tied to a personal goal that will come from out of the blue, lucky you. The New Moon today in Taurus officially opens up two strong weeks to begin research, fantasy or other work behind the scenes, withdraw, go within and recharge, or start a new dialog with an institution.

You have one large obstacle to overcome on the 26th. This is going to play out between a friend and something powerful happening tied to sex, intimacy, shared or outside money sources, divorce or death. There is a need to take action but to keep anger or aggression in check.


All issues around partnership have been going through some major metamorphosis in your life over the last months, you have been looking at potential partners and asking yourself not only ‘who should I partner with’ but ‘why’ and ‘how’ as well. Several powerful people have arrived/departed in your world and opened up these floodgates.

On the 4th, Pluto will Retrograde and this will slow for a while. During the months ahead you will be internalizing how far you have come, what they have shown you about your own power and what personal transformations are still necessary so as to be ready to take the plunge up ahead. Talks about career are lucky today. You must balance the need to act on travel, education, media, or legal matters, with local responsibilities.

Mercury enters your friendship zone on the 9th arriving with news from a friend or a new friend for you. Talks and meetings are going to pick up now so expect to see more of your social network. The Full Moon occurs at the roots of your chart today, bringing a living situation to a peak. This is culminating energy around home, property, your security needs, your relationship with mom, and the foundations you are building in life.

Venus enters Pisces on the 11th and will bring love and money to you now through travel, education, legal matters, and media. A few days later, on the 15th, Mars and Uranus meet up here triggering something sudden and exciting. Hopping a plane, signing up for the class, meeting someone interesting or attractive at class or in flight, making it legal, or finding out your book is going to be published are ways this could play out. Take action in one of these areas today and see what transpires.

Venus stations Direct on the 17th and this marks love and money matters finally ready to move forward for you tied to this media, publishing, travel, legal, or educational matter. A friend is vital in this today and talks will prove serious, positive and involve work or commitment.

The Sun enters your friendship zone on the 19th and opens up a month ahead where you are the center of attention in your social scene. This is the best time of the year for you to mingle and enjoy good company. Mars and Venus are meeting up on the 21st which speaks of passionate connections between the sexes as well as good times to launch something money related. For you this will be found through travel, people at a distance, in education, law, or media. So if you are single, get yourself to a library, campus, airport, courthouse or media event!

Mars enters Aries on the 22nd and sends a charge through your career zone, it is time to take action, make a move, you can pursue all goals with abandon now. A talk with a friend over a money or sexual issue may seem a bit over the top today.

Venus will follow Mars into Aries on the 24th bringing love and money onto the career front. This is the best indicator of attracting the money you deserve and to set your sights on a love interest and pursue it with vigor. There is an opportunity to talk or make an agreement with a friend over legal, travel, educational, or media matters that should be to your liking. The New Moon today is in your friendship zone, opening up two strong weeks to seed new ventures with friends, to meet new people who may become significant up ahead and to enjoy the comraderie.

The 26th brings a challenge you will have to overcome regarding actions on the career front or a specific goal that is acted upon, and a powerful partner. This energy combination can get very angry or aggressive so make sure that you are doing your best to transform and motivate.


The work you do, the service you provide, your health and well being, are all areas that have been receiving the heavy duty transformative powers of Pluto over the last few months. You may have been dealing with a powerful person or situation here or you may have been seeing some deconstruction to these areas. Either way, you have been taking on the energy of major change here to eventually transform how you move through the world.

On the 4th, this Plutonic energy Retrogrades and you will see this slow and be given the next few months to catch up, go within, and make any inner changes necessary to prepare to meet the shift up ahead. Talks with a partner are very lucky today regarding legal, travel, educational, or media matters. You do need to tackle the finances.

Mercury enters your career Midheaven on the 9th and talks and meeting will now be about goals, ambition, reputation, fame, father, or career. You are thinking along the lines of what you wish to pursue and how personal authority plays into your world. The Full Moon is occurring in your third house of mind today. How you think about something is ending or peaking today, you may be seeing a neighborhood issue culminating, a writing project wrapping up or being celebrated, an issue with a sibling coming to a head, or a short trip reaching it’s climax.

Venus enters your eighth house on the 11th and you will find that attracting loans or credit, finding love in intimate encounters, and dealing with all outside money sources or shared ventures should go smoothly now. Mars and Uranus meet up in this arena on the 15th and sparks are going to fly! This will be an instant sexual attraction, a spontaneous romp, or something happening to your finances that is completely out of the blue.

Venus stations Direct on the 17th in your joint finances, sex, outside resources, and divorce house. This energy is now going to move forward regarding love or money. Talks about career or goals are under favored stars today, doing something serious with your income or discussing some structure around earnings will pay off.

The Sun enters Taurus on the 19th and throws his spotlight on your career and goals. This will put you in the position to shine over the next month here so use the energy to further your goals and be seen. Venus and Mars meet in your house of sexual intimacy and money on the 21st. This is the day to find yourself in the arms of a lover, to pursue a conquest or to take action on a money issue.

Mars enters his sign on the 22nd pushing you to travel, take a class, teach, publish, do something in the media, take legal action or fight for your beliefs. You may get a visit from a man who is traveling today as well. Talks about goals or reputation with a partner are going to be challenging and over the top.

Venus enters Aries on the 24th bringing her ability to attract love and money into your travel, education, law and media zones. This means you will most likely find love and money here to open up to the possibilities. Talks or meetings today about goals are likely to bring some surprising responses by way of money or intimacy, all positive. The New Moon today is in your career zone. This marks two strong weeks to seed new beginnings on the career front, in the goals you are setting for yourself, with your reputation, or dealing with father.

There is a challenge that looms rather weighty on the 26th, a day when mars and Pluto are angry or frustrated with one another. This will play out between travel, education, law, or media, and a work or health issue. Big changes and action is necessary.


The upheavals and evidence of power beyond your own shores has been playing out in the area of creative projects, true love, speculation, and children. This is where you have been undergoing a huge metamorphosis. Pluto has been introducing himself to you here over the last few months by way of ridding you of anyone or anything that will not be able to meet you over the course of the next 16 years.

These years are due to bring the most profound love and creativity of a lifetime into your life but not before you yourself have been deconstructed and laid bare to prepare to rise from the ashes ready to meet it. On the 4th you will see it slow down, you have been through the worst of it now, you have several months ahead where the process will be about assimilating and reclaiming your own power with the past behind you, so that when Pluto goes Direct again you will be as powerful as what is about to meet you.

Your ruler, Mercury, changes signs on the 9th and your mental focus will shift to legal matters, travel, education, and media or publishing. The Full Moon today is in Libra, bringing an income matter to a culmination in your world. This means one source of earnings could be drying up or that you are celebrating a raise or possibly spending on a large possession.

Venus enters your partnership house on the 11th, backing into this arena one last time to take a look at a past love or money issue tied to a partnership. On the 15th Mars and Uranus are going to meet up in this same sector so you can expect fireworks on this day! This is about unexpected attraction or a new idea or something sudden or unexpected that you will act upon, all tied to a partner or someone who represents you such as an agent, attorney or manager.

Venus stations Direct on the 17th so you will be ready to move forward with or from the partnership or representative from the past now. Talks today will be about legal matters, travel, education, or media. These are very beneficial to you and the personal authority you need to wield just now.

The Sun enters Taurus on the 19th sparking a full month ahead where you will shine in matters concerning travel, media, education and law. It’s a great time to take a trip or launch a promotion regarding your image or identity. Venus and Mars meet up on the 21st sparking passion, anger or action with a partner tied to love or money. It’s a peak experience as Venus is wrapping up her final issues with the past.

On the 22nd Mars enters the sign he rules, Aries, and giving you a major boost in areas of sexuality and major finances. You may dive into an intimate affair now, take action regarding a loan or outside resource or go after the divorce. Legal talks are challenging now regarding something big you want for work or health.

Venus re-enters Aries on the 24th and helps you attract the love or money you are seeking on a deep level here. She may help you destroy something in this department or deal with a female tied to shared resources, divorce, or intimacy. Talks about travel, law, media or education with a partner are going to be surprising and an opportunity to make some real changes, go with the flow. The New Moon today is opening up two strong weeks to take legal action, seed new legal ventures, travel or book the trip, sign up for classes or open up a class you teach, or launch a media or promotions campaign.

There is a challenging obstacle to deal with on the 26th when you will be in the cross hairs of Mars and Pluto as they try to take action on the jointly held money, outside resource, divorce or sexual connection, all in the name of huge change where love, children or creative projects are concerned. This energy can be rather dark and destructive so do your best to find ways to move it forward with positive transformation in mind.


The roots of your chart have been undergoing Pluto’s major upheaval over the last few months as he began the process of destroying anything that would no longer be worth building on as you move forward with him in Capricorn. This means you have seen anything tied to home, property, security needs, mom and childhood issues come up against some powerful deconstruction, via people or situations coming and going in a heavy way in your life.

On the 4th, Pluto will Retrograde slowing down the process and internalizing it as you look at how far you have come and what you need to transform personally to meet the new opportunities up ahead. You must use this time to recharge your power, you are meant to completely transform what you are building on and come into your own power on a larger scale. Talks today with a partner show you where the love is, you must take action on the work or health front now and find a way to balance it with time spent behind closed doors, recharging or working behind the scenes.

Mercury will enter Taurus on the 9th helping to focus your mind on issues of finances, shared resources, transformation, and sexual intimacy. You may meet someone new under this influence that draws you like a magnet. The Full Moon is bringing an issue with your physical body, identity, image, or ego needs to a peak in your life, this is a time to wrap up one way of moving through the world or to celebrate something tied to who you are, as it reaches a peak moment in time.

Venus, your ruler, backs into Pisces on the 11th allowing you to take one last look at a health or work issue, spend the money and see the doctor today or invest in the work needs or go after the money owed you, you get the idea. Mars and Uranus are going to meet here on the 15th which brings something active and unexpected on the work or health front. Use extra caution around sharp objects as you may be more accident prone today, some Librans will be going under the knife today to heal a health issue while others will be acting on the spur of the moment dealing with a change at work or something exciting or surprising being offered to work on.

Venus stations Direct on the 17th in your health and work house so you will be ready to move forward on love and money issues here now. Talks about shared resources, outside money, divorce, death, and intimacy are under positive stars. Get serious about recuperation or time spent in retreat or working behind the scenes, let people know what is going on.

The Sun enters the deep arena of finance, meaning loans, investments, inheritance, credit, settlements, debt, taxes, insurance, joint finances and outside resources, along with the arena of sex, intimacy, divorce, and powerful transformation on the 19th and these realms are where you shine over the next month. People will be open to you in these realms now so make sure you are making the rounds. On the 21st, Mars and Venus meet up to super charge something on the work or health front. Take action towards money or love here, apply passion, be proactive. An attraction with a co-worker is possible today.

Mars enters Aries on the 22nd and everyone will feel a burst of fresh air in their vitality. For you this sparks a drive to partner with someone or to do something with your partner. Mars can be passionate or angry so take care how you approach this person. Talks today are over the top by way of outside financing and creative projects, or by way of sexuality and true love or children, be careful what you promise.

Venus re-enters Aries on the 24th bringing her ability to attract love or money with her. This is going to play out with a partner so see what transpires today. Talks are going to be very exciting about sudden changes or something new on the work front or with health, and the money. The New Moon in Taurus is opening up two very strong weeks ahead where you can go out and find new beginnings in the arena of outside money, joint finances, shared resources, loans, investors, settlements, inheritance, debt, taxes, credit, alimony, child support, divorce, sex, and intimacy. These are a powerful two weeks for you.

The 26th brings a major challenge you will need to deal with regarding the actions of a partner or actions you decide to take regarding a partner, and the powerful change that is at the root of your foundations. Home, property, security needs, and what you are building upon is at the root of what you tackle today with this person.


The mind is an incredible tool, all that we find without stems from the way we filter reality through our perceptions, so with the huge upheavals that have been going on over the past few months in the way you think about things, the things you say or are said to you, what you write and the words you choose, as well as in your local environment and relationship with siblings, you will be happy to know it is about to slow down and become more of an internal process as of the 4th of the month.

This is about your ruler, Pluto, deconstructing your communications zone along with your connections to brothers and sisters and your local environment, weeding out outworn thought processes and ideas, to ready you for a much more powerful approach and place in the world through your mind. Use the time over the next few months to rebuild your own sense of power so that you may meet this next stage up ahead. Talks about work or health are positive helping you expand your base today.

Mercury enters your partnership zone on the 9th opening up communications and a new way of thinking about this connection. This is a good time to meet or look at contracts but wait until Venus is Direct to sign. The Full Moon is bringing something you have been working on behind the scenes, a research or fantasy project, secret or stay in a hospital, prison or other institution to a culmination. Wrap up the retreat and prepare for coming back out again.

Venus backs into Pisces for a last look at a past lover, creative project or issue with a child and how your love or money is attached to this situation. By the 15th, Mars and Uranus are going to meet here for something sudden, unexpected, exciting or aggressive, that will get things moving. You will need to be prepared for whatever transpires and act quickly.

Venus stations Direct on the 17th ready to move forward on what you have decided regarding the lover, child, or creative project. Talks about partnership or with a partner are positive today as you look at the work or time necessary for an aspiration or towards a social function or friendship.

The Sun moves into Taurus on the 19th and will cast his rays upon you in the partnership arena. This lasts an entire month ahead so you will shine most brightly in your connections with important or significant others. On the 21st, Mars and Venus meet up to ignite passion or action with a lover, child or creative project. This could represent meeting someone new who ignites your interest or doing something about the money and the creativity, either way it is new beginnings.

Mars enters Aries on the 22nd and your energy level will rise accordingly, at the top of your list of things to tackle will be the work at hand and any health issues. Talks with a partner may be a bit over the top today regarding home, property or what you are trying to build upon, do your best not to promise something you can’t deliver or agree to something that they cannot deliver.

The money arrives for the work you are doing or the health issue on the 24th with Venus’s move into Aries. Go after what you need. Talks with partners are going to open your eyes about some creative venture or love issue in a very exciting, positive manner. The New Moon today is in your partnership zone so you have two strong weeks to begin new partnerships, make changes to the ones you have, go after an agent, manager or attorney and seed new beginnings.

There is a major challenge on the 26th between your ruler and your co-ruler and it will be heavy. It is playing out between work, health or pets and the action taken here, and major change or powerful things communicated, in the neighborhood, with siblings or involving what you write or a short trip. Take extra care to keep pets on a leash today if you walk them locally.


The money you make and the amount you have to spend to sustain your lifestyle are what have been being deconstructed by the power of Pluto over the last few months. This entry of power into your earnings zone is set to put you on a course to your best potential for wealth over the next 16 years but first he had to take away things that would not support that journey. Therefore, many of you have been struggling as you see expenses mount and income narrow. For some, a major purchase has been part of this process.

On the 4th Pluto will Retrograde and this process will slow down out there in your world and internalize. You have made it through the most trying time and now you must do the inner work so that you are ready when Pluto goes Direct to step up a level in the way you are earning and spending your money. Talks with loved ones or about creative projects are very positive today and should be attempted. There is a need to balance what is occurring with the home or property with limitations or responsibilities to career.

Mercury enters your sixth house on the 9th stimulating talks and meetings about work, pets and health. The Full Moon today is bringing a friendship to a culmination or an aspiration to a peak experience. You will be celebrating or wrapping up an ending here. Venus backtracks into Pisces on the 11th for one last look at a money or love issue tied to your home or property. On the 15th, Mars and Uranus meet here which will trigger a sudden action, surprise, inspiration, or doing something exciting that you weren’t expecting.

Venus stations Direct on the 17th and will be ready to move on the love or money issue with home or property. Talks today will favor the work you do and solid career stability. A serious health goal can be shared as well with good result.

The Sun enters your work and health zone on the 19th opening up a full month ahead where you will shine in the tasks you set out to do and in your personal health. Mars and Venus meet up on the home front on the 21st, a great day to be with a lover at home or to put money into something to beautify your surroundings.

Mars enters Aries on the 22nd, for single Sages this could mean the arrival of a new love interest, for those dating this energy will reignite passions. This is energy that can help you to make babies or spark your creativity to new levels. Talks about work or health will likely be over the top today so watch what you agree to.

Venus follows Mars into Aries on the 24th bringing love and money into the realm of lovers, children and creative projects. You should find you have no shortage of admirers at this time. Talks about work, health and home take on an excited edge and may lead just about anywhere. The energy is positive so go with the changes. The New Moon is occurring in your work, pets and health zone. This is a wonderful two weeks to begin something new here.

Mars and Pluto are going to be at odds with each other on the 26th and this can be dark and manipulative or just outright aggressive. It is playing out over actions involving creative projects, children or lovers, and big changes in income. Watch how you go after what you want.


Have you figured out if you are coming or going yet? Pluto has been introducing you to just what it means to own your own power over the last few months, you have been getting an inkling about what your soul purpose is this lifetime and people are reacting to you on a completely different level. For some Capricorns, there has been the beginning stages of a complete physical overhaul as you begin your steps towards the best you possible.

On the 4th, Pluto Retrogrades and the deconstruction is going to slow and turn within for you. You will now have the months ahead to catch up to the process and do any inner work necessary to see yourself as this new powerful person so that up ahead you are ready to take on the world. Talks about home or property are under positive stars today and finances will reflect this. You must find a way to balance what you are doing locally and how you are thinking about this activity, with new responsibilities on the legal, education, travel, or media end of things.

On the 9th, Mercury moves into your house of love, children and creativity. You can expect to hear some news now about one of these things and to begin thinking more about having some fun in your life. You may meet someone new now who intrigues you on a flirtatious level. The Full Moon today is bringing a goal to a culmination so plan to celebrate and wrap things up. You may end one career now as you prepare for another road forward.

Venus re-enters Pisces on the 11th and it likely to stir up more talks about love or money tied to the past. You may run into a woman you haven’t seen in a while around the neighborhood or interact more with your sister. This week is the last look around at these issues so take the time to deal. Mars and Uranus meet here on the 15th, a highly electrical energy day when you may hear something radical done by a brother or male in your local scene, or do something spontaneous and exciting on a short trip.

Venus stations Direct on the 17th and this means you are ready to move forward with or without someone or thing tied to writing, local environment, siblings, or short trips. News about love or money today reflects this. Talks about love, children or creativity are flowing in a positive direction with those far away, involved in legal matters, publishing or education.

The Sun enters your house of creativity, fun, lovers, and children on the 19th and sparks the beginning of a month long transit where you will be the center of attention here. If single this is a wonderful time to draw someone new into your life. Venus and Mars are meeting on the 21st in a wonderful dance of the sexes. This is going to come through your local arena so get out to your local haunts and mingle.

Mars enters his sign, Aries, on the 22nd and you energy level is going to pick up, especially where home and properties are concerned. The combination of Mercury and Jupiter now means you should not make speculative financial gambles, don’t agree to, promise or sign contracts today.

Venus follows Mars into Aries on the 24th and will be bringing love and money to you through home and property. It is also a good time to entertain at home. Talks today have the go ahead where fresh ideas and acting on something unexpected are concerned, you are in a better position to sess out the speculative energy as well. The New Moon is occurring in your house of true love, children, recreation, speculation, and creative projects. This is the strongest two week period of the year to meet a new love interest, fall in love, take new steps with a lover, conceive, do something new with children, take a gamble (If other significators in your personal chart agree), and launch a creative venture.

Watch for a major challenge that arises on the 26th. You will have to act or react on a home or property matter and your personal transformation and power is involved in this moment. There may be large sums of money at stake so forewarned is forearmed.


The powerful changes that have been going on in your private world have been shaking you up at a core level. There have been secrets and issues of substance abuse or escapism, along with upheavals involving fantasy and self-undoing. For some Aquarians, there has been the need to deal with institutions such as hospitals or prisons as well.

On the 4th, the Plutonic energy is going to Retrograde and all of this hidden subconscious energy is going to slow down it’s deconstruction in your world and let you catch up a bit with where you are now. You are learning to step into your own power by facing what scares you the most, once the inner demons have been banished for good, there will be no stopping what you can achieve. Talks are very positive, even lucky today so open up, take meetings, share what is on your mind. You must find a way to balance spending against debt.

Mercury enters your fourth house on the 9th and talks about home, property, where you live and with whom, will open up. The Full Moon today is bringing a legal matter, trip, educational or media issue to a culmination. This may a day of celebration or endings or both.

Venus re-enters your income zone on the 11th and you should start to see the money coming in more readily tied to a past situation or person. Just watch for a tendency to spend more now on luxury items. Mars and Uranus meet in this same arena on the 15th and fireworks are the result. Something exciting or sudden is bound to happen today involving your income, you may spend on something in the spur of the moment or be offered some new source of income you didn’t see coming.

Venus stations Direct on the 17th and you are now ready to make some decisions regarding the past and the way you make your money, as well as regarding your possessions. Talks today are positive regarding the home and joint finances so take a serious approach and come to an agreement.

The Sun enters your home base on the 19th opening up a full month ahead where you are bound to shine at home, with property and in the foundations you are building in your life. Venus and Mars embrace on the 21st bringing a wonderful combination of action and money for you, more coming in or finding something to spend on that really excites you. If you are looking for a way to make money, send out resumes today.

Mars enters Aries on the 22nd and you energy level will perk up as well as the activity in your neighborhood, with siblings, and in your communications. Watch for Mars’ tendency to anger today as talks about home or property are bound to go over board a bit. You may not be too happy about how your needs are being met on this day.

Venus enters Aries on the 24th and opens up talks about love and money for you. There is a sudden or surprising twist regarding income and home today that should please you in talks, meetings or contracts. The New Moon is occurring in your home base and this means you have two strong weeks to begin new home or property based projects, to move, buy or sell property, or launch something you are trying to build upon.

Watch for an obstacle between Mars and Pluto on the 26th. This is a particularly dark combination and will likely be about hearing about some action taken that is self-defeating or was done in secret. You may also hear of news about something someone did that has resulted in them being in a hospital or prison. You will need to spring into action locally or on the phone to deal with it.


One by one your closest friendships have been undergoing a major upheaval in your life over the last few months. The way you network and who you interact with on this level has as well been morphing. Your very aspirations in life have begun their powerful transformation along the way as your world has been undergoing deconstruction.

On the 4th, Pluto will Retrograde and this will slow this external process down for you as the energy turns inwards over the next few months. You are being isolated or refocused in your connections because over the next 16 years you are going to be interacting on a completely different, more powerful level in your life. This time now will be about you doing the inner work to catch up and step up to the next level in how you see yourself from your souls power. Talks today favor income tied to work being done in retreat or behind the scenes, fantasy or research. You must find a way to balance the things you are doing with the limits in partnership.

Mercury enters Taurus on the 9th and will open up all kinds of communications as well as meeting new people locally or through short trips. The Full Moon today is occurring in the deepest part of your chart. This is bringing a debt, loan, insurance, tax, settlement, credit, alimony, divorce, death, or sex issue to a peak in your life. You are going to be celebrating or ending something tied to how you share in some powerful way in your life.

Venus re-enters your sign on the 11th and you are being given one last look at the past and how you are able to love yourself and earn money for yourself compared to the way you have done it up until now. Mars and Uranus are going to meet up here on the 15th for something exciting, spontaneous, sudden, unexpected, shocking or passionate involving you and your physical body. Whatever you do today will express your need to be you and be free.

Venus stations Direct on the 17th and you are now ready to move forward as the new you in the realms of love and money. Talks today are very positive and will revolve around partnership and commitment, time, work, and stability.

The Sun enters Taurus on the 19th which will put the spotlight on you in your local arena, through communications, writing, short trips, with sibings and how you are thinking. This transit lasts a full month so put yourself out and about. Mars and Venus are meeting up in your sign on the 21st. This is a stellar day to meet someone who rocks your world, love and passion are sparking and you are at the center of it all. This is also a great day to spend money on something for yourself.

Mars enters Aries on the 22nd and will kick start activity in your income zone. You will be more active making money and may find some physical ways to spend it, like on a gym membership or hiking boots. Talks today are stressed as people are going to be promising the moon, watch you don’t get yourself in trouble with this and undo something good that is happening.

Venus enters Aries on the 24th and brings her ability to attract love and money into your income house. This is a time when financial matters should run more smoothly for you and love will be found while you are out making money. Talks today or a spontaneous meeting with someone can be very exciting and surprising. The New Moon is occurring in your house of communications so this is a great time to launch a writing project, to start a speaking engagement, to being something with a sibling or to plan a short trip.

Watch for some challenge that is arising on the 26th as Mars and Pluto get into some dark and powerful aggression or sexual manipulations with each other. This is playing out between the money coming in and a friend. You will need to take action with your money in dealing with it.


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