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Sunday, February 8, 2009


A Leo Full Moon Lunar Eclipse is about bringing a peak experience to your life via true love, children or creative projects. Monday will be about the area of your life that one of these themes is either being celebrated as your involvement here is reaching it’s highest point or about it climaxing as a wrap up and ending. Because of the involvement of Neptune, it is likely that you will be feeling a bit sentimental and nostalgic either way. Neptune is active this week and this is really his spiritual, romantic or artistic summation to the efforts you have put into this over the last year.

Tuesday the Moon enters Virgo and you will feel like tending to the details and tackling the work in front of you. There is quite a bit of emotional adjustment energy in play today so you will be shifting the way you feel about the actions you are taking or need taking, the money or love tied to the situation, and how you wish to continue to expand your horizons.

Wednesday is a bit more sobering with the desire to seriously make headway in the work and to deal with any sudden shifts or changes to that. Talks and meetings are positive.

Thursday the Sun meets Neptune. This is a once a year event that marks the beginning of the new year for you as far as expressing your artistic, romantic and/or spiritual nature. You are entering a whole new cycle with this today so put your best foot forward. The Moon enters Libra so fairness and balance are key as well as personal relationships. Big actions are rewarded, however love and money issues are still big obstacles to be surmounted.

Friday requires an adjustment to new ideas or changes that are being ushered in. The Moon meets up with Neptune in her first contact since he met with the Sun so feelings will be dreamy and inspired today as you set out towards your new horizons.


Whatever you have been building towards with creative projects, lovers or children, Monday it peaks for you and you can expect to see an artistic or spiritual friend playing a part as you are celebrating a high point or wrapping up the loose ends.

Tuesday will see you diving into work and tackling health issues with a vengeance. You are feeling somewhat ruthless about reaching your goals and the force is with you today so blaze it down. The adjustments necessary today are about how you feel about the health or work issue before you and how that is going to affect getting out with friends or expanding your aspirations at the moment. Loving yourself is vital.

Wednesday you are ready to commit to the work or health issue and to take on any changes or surprises coming at you through institutions or the need to retreat and rest. Talks about goals and career are under positive stars so if you need to ask a boss for time to deal then do so today.

Thursday the Sun and Neptune meet in your friendship and aspiration house marking the beginning of a new, year-long cycle of expressing yourself artistically, romantically or spiritually in a group, with friends and striving towards your aspirations. Partners are important today as will be taking some action towards aspirations.

Friday the partnership issues will get their first influx from Neptune as you begin to define the dream with each other. Look to friendship, groups, networking, associations, and aspirations for outlets of the work. Make adjustments to any changes due to hospitalization, research, fantasy, or work done behind the scenes.


Creatively expressing yourself in the home or the love that is found in the home are what is coming to a peak on Monday with the Full Moon Lunar Eclipse in Leo. You may see a lover move in or you decide to move for a lover, a child leave home or one being brought home today, or you may be celebrating a redecoration project here. Goals are under the peaking of Neptune so the climactic experience may be a bit sentimental or romantic over the goal being reached.

Tuesday you will want to tend to details with the child, lover, or creative project. Big feelings and changes through a trip, legal, media or educational matter are deeply enhancing your feelings about this loved one or creative outlet. You need to adjust big goals and bring the fantasy of love in line with the reality.

Wednesday shows you getting serious about the lover, child or creative project. You need to deal with changes occurring in friendships and any shifts in aspirations. Talks about travel, media, education or legal matters are favored today.

Thursday the Sun and Neptune are meeting to begin a new one year cycle and for you this is happening in your career and goal zone. This is very auspicious for goals of romance or being seen in the public eye as an artist or spiritual guru of some sort. This should be your year to expand. Get your feelings out in the open.

Friday changes or surprises from friends or involving your aspirations are on tap. Focus your energy on tackling the tasks at hand, working towards your new goal and finding artistic or spiritual expression for career.


Talks about true love, children or creative projects or any writing or speaking project about one of these themes is where the Lunar Eclipse is peaking on Monday. You may see something to do with your neighborhood or siblings climax now as well. There is some challenge over romantic, spiritual or artistic inspiration tied to people at a distance, travel, education, legal matters or media/publishing.

Tuesday the focus is on home and property. Pluto is helping you handle major change with joint finances, outside money issues, sex, divorce or death in relation to the home. The energy today speaks of making emotional adjustments about home by taking action in a big way with travel, law, education, or media. A female friend is also key in this.

Wednesday is a bit of push/pull between the serious approach to home or property matters and putting in work or duty here while feeling the need to stretch and independently shift in goals, career and ambitions. Talks about loans, joint finances, sex, divorce or death are going to help you find a balance.

Thursday begins the new Neptune cycle in your house of media, publishing, promotions, travel, politics, religion, education, teaching, or legal matters. This is your day to take a fresh new step towards the year ahead by allowing yourself to shine as a spiritual, romantic or artistic person in one of these arenas. True love, children and creative projects are what the rest of the day will be about for you as you find it challenging to deal with emotions over powerful energies around intimacy, sex, divorce, death, or outside money sources. Taking a big step towards travel, legal issues, media or education is favored, even though a female friend is opposing today.

Friday continues on the path of creativity or love issues tied to travel, legal channels, education or media. There is positive energy to express your artistic, romantic or spiritual nature through this. You must, however, allow for unforeseen changes or surprises in goals or career.


An income matter is coming to a head under the Leo Lunar Eclipse on Monday and this will likely be tied to a creative project, involvement with children or a lover. Neptune is helping you finish out the years artistic, romantic or spiritual energy in this by asking you to find a solution through loans, credit, debt, joint finances, outside money sources, sex, or divorce.

Tuesday brings a very powerful talk or meeting with a partner or someone who represents you. This is positive and can help you to go to the core of the issue and find ways to make changes. Communicating is so important today that without it you won’t find your way out of the woods. You need to be willing to make adjustments in your way of thinking about things to take big actions on the intimacy and outside money sources. A female who is part of your goal will be affected by the shift.

Wednesday a serious or committed conversation is on offering as you communicate the sudden action you are taking to travel, tackle legal matters, or deal with education or media fields. A partner is going to be supportive to the news.

Thursday brings the new cycle of Neptune in the way that you shine romantically, spiritually or artistically in your deepest connections with others, sexually, intimately, or in shared money situations through joint finances or loans, settlements, etc., and in divorce or death. Dealing with home and property takes over the rest of the day as you deal with any challenges in changes from a partner and with the money or intimacy issues regarding home. An ambition involving a female is going to need balanced in this as well.

Friday brings some ease between home and sharing. Adjusting to last minute shifts around travel, legal matters, publishing or education will be necessary. Time with an intimate partner or dealing with loans or other monies tied to home are under positive stars today.


Monday is a big day for you dear Leo, as the Lunar Eclipse is bringing a celebration or wrapping up around your image, body, identity in the world, or around your ego needs being met. This is a peak time for you and with Neptune standing on the opposite side of partnership, you may be weighing this against the balance of a romantic, spiritual or artistic ideal you have held over partnership.

Tuesday brings focus on income and possessions. There is heavy duty energy there to help you make some big changes to the work you are doing or to your own health and this in turn should be positive for your income. It may show as you deciding to spend some of your earnings today on a health issue or pet and that would be good as well. There is adjustment energy at play today which is requiring you to make feel your way through income energies tied to big actions taken in partnership or by partners and to money spent on travel, education, media or legal matters.

Wednesday Saturn is making you very serious about income and Uranus is pushing for new approaches or change in joint finances, loans, credit, taxes, insurance, or any other form of outside money sources. Talks or meetings about work and health are positive so set up appointments or send out resumes.

Thursday opens up the new year of Neptune for you and it is going to help you to shine this year romantically, artistically or spiritually in the house of partnerships. The rest of the day brings communications into importance as you have at least one deeply profound talk about work, health or pets. Talks about taking big actions with partners are so favored, express passion and your desire for expansion. Money involved in travel, legal matters, education or media is the only thing needing balanced.

Friday brings very romantic, artistic or spiritual communion with a partner or someone you hire to represent you such as an attorney, agent or manager. Sex may push your boundaries a bit today and new approaches to outside money sources are potentially necessary as Uranus tosses a wild card into the mix.


The Full Moon Lunar Eclipse is bringing something to a head that has been private, worked on alone or behind the scenes, involving research or fantasy work, or involves hospitals or other institutions. If you have been reclusive, this cycle is wrapping up now. The way you express yourself artistically or spiritually in the work you do or the alternative, holistic approaches you have taken towards your health are also wrapping up as you find balance and prepare to emerge.

Tuesday the Moon enters your sign and the focus will be on your needs and body. The energy is favoring your feeling good about making big changes to areas involving true love, children or creativity. Emotional adjustments are necessary when it comes to how you feel about yourself and your identity and the big actions you with to take in the work you do and regarding your health. An issue about sexual intimacy or shared finances with a female is part of the picture as well.

Wednesday you are feeling very serious about your needs and being committed to your own personal needs as they are measured against the rebellious or independent energy coming from your partners or people you hire to represent you such as agents, managers or attorneys. You should continue to focus on taking yourself seriously and know that talks about creative projects, love or children are under positive stars for you today.

Thursday begins the new Neptune cycle for you where you will find ways over the next year to shine artistically, spiritually or romantically with the work you do, with co-workers, people you hire to work for you, in your health, and with your pets and small animals. Income becomes central as the day moves on and you are dealing with a major challenge in this regarding changes in love, with children or creative projects. Take action today with work assignments, health or pets, there is luck and expansion on your side. The only thing opposing is a female tied to shared resources or intimacy, seek balance.

Friday brings wonderful flow between income and work or health. There is great energy to express spiritual or artistic power here today. Uranus continues to shake things up in your house of partnership. Today this will require more emotional adjustments to your feelings about earning or spending money.


The Lunar Eclipse on Monday is bringing a friendship, party, association, networking group or aspiration to a climax in your life. You will be seeing someone leaving the scene now or celebrating something with those closest to you. Feelings of love and creativity are somehow opposing this from the standpoint of sentimental feelings, artistic expression, romantic or spiritual expression so you may be celebrating an art project with friends or love at a social gathering as examples.

Tuesday the energy moves behind the scenes to allow you to rest and rejuvenate yourself. Making big changes at home or with property is favored. You need to adjust your feelings about what is going on behind the scenes, with fantasy or institutions so that you can take some sort of big action towards true love, children or creative projects. A female partner is part of the equation.

Wednesday will be a bit of a push/pull between getting serious or dealing with responsibility or duty to the fantasy project, work behind the scenes, secret, hospital, or research, and the changes or surprises occurring in the work you do, a health issue or with pets. Talks at home or about home and property are under positive stars regarding this fantasy project, work behind the scenes, research or institution.

Thursday begins your new yearly cycle with Neptune and the way you are going to shine artistically, romantically and spiritually in the house of true love, children and creative projects. It is a great placement for you, one that is bound to bring some dreams your way. The Moon moves into your sign asking you to focus on your needs, image and body. Make some big changes to home or where you are living and push for big expansion and action in the creative projects or with loved ones. A female partner or money issue with a partner needs balancing.

Friday is dreaming and inspiring by way of creative projects, true love or with children. Make emotional adjustments towards any changes being asked of you in the work assignment. Also apply new approaches to your health regime today as you seek to redefine your body or image. Make time for pets.


A career goal or ambition is coming to a head under this Lunar Eclipse and the themes of creativity, loyalty, pride, true love, or children are part of the definition. Neptune is asking you to take a last look at how your spiritual, romantic or artistic roots are changing and how you are going to grow over the next year from these seeds you have planted.

Tuesday the energy shifts to focus on friendships, associations, social functions and aspirations. A powerful conversation is in the mix here and is going to be very positive. You must make some emotional adjustments today over how you are feeling about these ties if you want to take action in the home or with property, where you live or with whom. A female tied to work assignments, health or pets is part of it.

Wednesday asks you to get serious about your friendship, commit time or effort here, and if not a friend then an aspiration requires your dedication. Uranus is opposing this with changes or independent approaches in creative projects, with love or children so it will be necessary to balance the friendship and creative or love energy. Talks, meetings and contracts are under positive vibes with friends so open up.

Thursday begins your new year long cycle with Neptune and your ability to shine artistically, spiritually or romantically in the home, with property, in what you build, the roots your set down and through your security in life. You are going to want to retreat behind the scenes a bit today and take some major actions towards this in private, through research or fantasy work, or if you need to visit a hospital or deal with another institution, it is all good. A female at work or involved with health or pets is going to need balancing in all of this.

Friday the energy flow between retreat and home is superb. Working from home or on home and property is favored, doing research, applying artistic expression to fantasy work in building towards your future is all good as well. Uranus is shaking things up a bit around lovers, children or creative projects so go with the flow, change is good today.


The Full Moon Lunar Eclipse on Monday is bringing a legal matter, publishing or media venture, educational, or travel plan to a peak for you. Neptunes placement in your third house indicates that some sentimentality tied to your neighborhood or artistic expression in the writing you do is somehow needing balanced in this. It is possible that a brother or sister figures in this.

Tuesday you should focus your energy on career and ambitions. There is powerful transformative energy aligned with your income if you do. Making emotional adjustments today regarding career and goals is necessary and will lead to some big expansion through your writing, communications, neighborhood or with siblings. Dealing with a female who is a loved one or involved in the creative project is required as well.

Wednesday Saturn is going to step in to help you get dead serious about career or goals, think ‘mastery’ and ‘authority’ as you deal with Uranus opposing this with changes or unusual events in home or where you are hanging your hat. Talks about income are under favored stars so the day is great for broaching the subject.

Thursday begins the new Neptune cycle for you in the field of communications, your mind and how you are thinking about things, what you write, your local environment and your connection with siblings. This is about your shining here through artistic, romantic and spiritual expression. Focus shifts to friendship or aspirations and changes to income. Open up talks about action and expansion. A female love interest or someone involved in creativity needs balanced against this aspiration or friendship.

Friday the flow is golden for friendships and aspirations so connect, talk, meet, sign contracts. Uranus is tossing in a wild card over home or property, perhaps a friend will drop by unannounced or want to crash on your couch.


It is likely to be an intense Full Moon Lunar Eclipse for you dear Capricorn as the area of sex, intimacy, death, divorce, joint finances and any other form of outside money is coming to a peak or ending on Monday. Your creativity or love nature is tied to this as well. Some form of income tied to artistic expression, romance or spirituality is opposing this climax so sentimentality or misty feelings are inherent.

Tuesday the energy shifts to focus on legal matters, travel, education, or media/publishing. Powerful personal transformations are occurring for you today through these channels so step into your own. There is need for some emotional adjustments in one or more of these areas if you wish to take bold action to expand income or to spend a large some and to deal with a female at home or money issue tied to home.

Wednesday Saturn is helping you to get serious about the legal matter, travel plan, education, or media or publishing venture. Uranus is opposing this by way of changes or independent desires locally, through what is written, said or met over, and possibly involving siblings. Find balance. If you need to express your own needs to someone today legally or regarding the travel, education or media topic, the energy favors you in these conversations.

Thursday begins the new, year-long cycle of Neptune in your house of earnings. This is where you will now shine artistically, spiritually or romantically so think about making or spending income in ways that lead to this for you. The Moon enters your Midheaven and helps you to focus on goals and career and the major transformations occurring with your image or identity in relationship to this, all good. Take action today to expand your earning potential. A female tied to home or property needs balancing in the situation or a money issue here.

Friday brings wonderful flow between income and career or goals. There is opportunity to make or spend here on artistic, romantic or spiritual ways. A few unusual conversations are likely or the need to talk about changes you see necessary in approaching career or goals.


The Full Moon Lunar Eclipse is bringing a partnership to a head on Monday. This is the celebration or ending of a union. This can also be about a manager, agent or attorney you hire to represent you. Neptune is going to make you feel a bit sentimental about your own identity today.

Tuesday is about dealing with what you share with another so look at sex and money as topics to tackle. It is a positive day to make major changes to work you are doing behind the scenes, in dealing with secrets, research, fantasy or any escapist tendencies, as well as dealing with institutions. You need to make some emotional adjustments today regarding how you feel about these shared energies if you are to take some big actions towards expanding your own identity and image. Talks about money or a female or love are going to require the same adjustment.

Wednesday Saturn is going to help you get serious about the joint finances, sex, divorce, or death. Uranus is tossing in a wild card around income so you may need to spend some money today as you deal or you may need to find new ways to make money. Talks about your secret or private world are positive today so reach out.

Thursday begins the new, year-long cycle of Neptune's solar expression in your sign! This is about how you express our image or needs artistically, romantically or spiritually and this is how you will now shine. The energy shifts to legal matters, travel, education, or media ventures and the powerful challenges you need to work on privately here. Today is a day to take action and hop that plane or schedule that flight, take legal action or publish, pick up a class or teach. Talks about money must be balanced.

Friday the flow is wonderful between you and your artistic, spiritual or romantic expression and the trip, law, education, or media venture. Uranus is still asking for adjustments to money you make or spend today, be independent and embrace new ways of going about it.


The Lunar Eclipse is bringing a work or health issue to a peak for you. This is about the way you express creativity or deal with lovers or children as you either celebrate or end some form of work or a health issue. Neptune is opposing so something hidden, secret, or involving rest and recuperation is part of the mix, most likely leaving you a bit sentimental. Hospitals or other institutions may be part of it.

Tuesday is about partnerships and the big transformation possible in the friendship there. You need to make some emotional adjustments about partnering if you are to be able to do some big things while resting, retreating, dealing with hospitals or other institutions, researching, or dealing with fantasy projects. An income issue is part of the equation.

Wednesday Saturn is helping you to get serious about a partner, to commit or sever emotionally as Uranus pushed for personal independence yet again. Expressing your needs is vital. Talks with friends and concerning aspirations are under positive stars with partners.

Thursday begins the new, year-long cycle of Neptune and the way you are going to shine artistically, romantically or spiritually through fantasy projects, research, working behind the scenes, in private or alone, in dealing with institutions and dreamscape. The focus shifts to intimacy, sex, divorce, death, or shared finances. A friendship is morphing through another profound challenge here. Take action to expand your world from behind the scenes today, just watch for issues involving the amount of money you are earning.

Friday the flow is wonderful between outside money and fantasy or research projects. Any time put in behind the scenes is aligned with money that comes through other sources and deeply connecting with others. Expressing your independent nature is once again a bit radical but pushing you to define your own identity, even in the most intimate situation.


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