Sunday, February 22, 2009


It’s a stage, life. So take a look at the scene you’re in. Right now. Do you like the plot? The supporting cast? They are supporting, right? What about your character? Is there arc here? In other words, are you growing? Is this someone you would root for when the times got tough? How about the obstacles and motivation? Is it worth the price of admission?

Well, here’s the thing… There’s a whole lot of storyline that may be outside of your control but the lights do go down at some point, those folks who have shown up to witness your story, they exit, and rewrites…well, they are acceptable form, seriously.

This week, you could cast a whole new scenario, and hey, if you haven’t written yourself a leading role, in your own life, who do you think is going to do it?

Monday, the goddess Moon is meeting up with both Mars and Neptune for a fresh emotional start. This means that you can go after something in a different way emotionally and that you can come from your spiritual, romantic or artistic depth in doing so. What do you have to lose?

Tuesday Mercury meets up with Jupiter. This is the messenger god, inquisitive and full of new ideas, embracing Zeus, the lord of luck and expansion and over-the-top optimism! Write yourself an epic J Don’t just tell the cast what you want, tell the crew, the audience and the people out in the street who didn’t even want to see the show, maybe they will be first in line for the new spin!

There is a New Moon in Pisces today as well, meaning those dreams of yours are ready to be stirred up, strategized, researched, or fantasized. Piscean energy is that of the guru, artist or romantic. Whatever it is, know that your inner voice and psychic perception is at its height.

Wednesday Mercury dances with Venus. Ooo, the new story line is good! So the messenger god is twirling the goddess of love and money around the barn or maybe out on the ice of the frozen pond. This is opportunity to say or meet about what you care about most. Maybe you write it about love AND money, sweet. Ouch, and just when you feel yourself light as air, the antagonist is there, staring you down, Saturn, the lord of time and work and lack and responsibility! Big whoop. You can handle it, step up and do what you are required, just don’t stop dancing.

Thursday we are talking real page turner stuff here as the Moon meets up with Uranus and emotions go off in some wildly unexpected direction, perhaps something is changed on you at the last moment and you have to will you react? Oh, and then your feelings slip into Aries, so my guess is intensely, passionately or angrily, wait, then that Aries Moon squares Pluto, wow! This is what I am talking about, holy cow, this is sex and power and transformation, now you are living.

Friday…geesh, you really had me there on Thursday, good thing you swung down on that grapevine and rescued your sanity at the last minute, now you get to feel really good about yourself, your progress, as the Moon sextiles both Mercury and Jupiter, getting your feelings around what you decided on Monday. Moon meets up with Venus so that both goddesses can embrace over the love or money issue. Don’t you just love weeks like this?!


Monday’s feelings are tied into doing things with friends or associates and making sure that your dreams are part of the picture. Think about your aspirations in life and ways that you can make them happen. Who is it you know that can get you there or contribute in a meaningful way? It is a day to act on your instinct or intuition.

Tuesday is lucky for talks, contracts or meetings with friends, groups, a network or associate. Expand your aspirations today, pick up the phone, get out and connect. The New Moon in Pisces is offering you a fresh beginning to seed something behind the scenes, to strategize, retreat, research, dream and follow your intuition. You may initiate a fantasy project or take care of something at a hospital or other institution.

Wednesday brings Mercury and Venus together in a wonderful union as you find ways to talk about a love or money issue that affects you personally with a friend. This is positive opportunity to make headway so take it. Saturn is making you look at work assignments, the time you are devoting to pets or health issues seriously. You need to put in some time or work here.

Thursday brings some radical shift in emotions around escapist attitudes or behaviors, needing time alone or fantasy. Dare to look at it differently. It’s possible you will need to react to something you didn’t know about until today, breathe. The Moon enters your sign and you are going to be intense about making sure your needs are being met, especially where goals, reputation or career are concerned.

Friday the air has cleared and there is great energy around feelings for friends and talks or visits with those you care about. The goddess embrace is happening in your sign so enjoy the feeling of love that is yours by right today. If you can afford it, splurge a little on something for you.


You are going to want to shoot straight out of the canon on Monday, take aim at the goal, blow a hole through it or around it, send your ambitions into outer space, it’s time! Make sure you are applying the intuition, the artists touch, the dreamer’s imagination or a bit of romance as you let it open up your vision of what you can achieve.

Tuesday brings Mercury and Jupiter together in that career Midheaven. Big! Talks and luck and meetings are all about your reputation, career, goals, and ambitions. The New Moon in Pisces is fueling a strong two week period beginning today to seed something involving your aspirations or your friendships. Tie this all together and go make it happen today, open up lines of communication or send out manuscripts, you get the idea.

Wednesday the dance between Mercury and Venus is bringing more news or talks or contracts or meetings about career together with money or love. It is going to be secret or private or it will come through research or fantasy work. Females are helpful today in getting what you want. Saturn is antagonizing you from the house of lovers, children or creative projects so expect that some duty or time is necessary here.

Thursday feelings about a friendship are triggered in some radical or unusual way. It seems you are going to retreat or take some time alone to research issues regarding changes to publishing, travel, legal or educational needs.

Friday feelings are on the upswing as you see the work you have done behind the scenes is paying off on the career front or in achieving other goals. All things involving love or money are met here. It’s a day to dream.


Get your feelings around the action you are taking legally, in education, with publishing or other media, or in travel plans. You need to do this so you can express yourself romantically, artistically or spiritually. Follow your HEART.

Tuesday contracts, meetings or talks are going to open things up in a huge and lucky way for you in one of these arenas. Once again this means that consulting attorneys, taking legal action, signing contracts, traveling, planning a trip, talking to someone far away, teaching or signing up for a class, and publishing, promoting or involving yourself in anything media related is big, positive and expansive for you. The New Moon is giving you two STRONG weeks to launch career goals or other important ambitions.

Wednesday Mercury and Venus are dancing for you between the travel, legal, educational or media related topic and a friendship or aspiration. This means there is opportunity for you to talk, meet or sign contracts for love or money in one of these areas today. Saturn is antagonizing by way of home and limits or responsibilities there.

Thursday you will need to roll with the shifts of emotion around career or goals, deal with passionate or angry feelings for a friend and issues regarding power, sex or joint finances/shared resources. It’s a volatile day so stay centered.

Friday brings peace around friendships and associations, parties and groups. There is good support from the universe in stretching again in areas of law, travel, education or media. Talk about your beliefs and desires, especially with females.


Some of you are obviously in the steamy throes of romantic passion today as Mars is active in your sex house and Neptune is bringing the roses. For others, this is a day to get your emotions aligned with how you are going to spend or lay hands on the outside money you need to make artistic or spiritual dreams a reality. Whatever you are ardent about, just make sure you pace yourself since Neptune may be casting a lovely rosy glow that may or may not last.

Tuesday brings talks to the table, news, meetings and contracts if you please, involving loans, credit, joint finances, settlements, insurance, taxes, alimony, divorce, sex or intimacy, and anything else that is shared. The New Moon is giving you two strong weeks to initiate a trip, sign up for classes, begin teaching, launch a promotion, publish, or begin something media related, or take legal action on something as of today.

Wednesday brings together Mercury and Venus to dance through your talks or contracts about outside money sources or sexual connections and your ambitions, goals or career. Open up about love or money, this is opportunity here. Saturn is antagonizing from duty or restriction in your local arena, with siblings or involving serious talks or meetings.

Thursday the emotional surprise is around travel, education, law or media. Feelings are going to get instigated over career or ambitions and the challenge coming from partnership. Transform by embracing those feelings and working through them.

Friday brings wonderful flow in career and towards goals as you stretch through outside money sources or connect intimately with someone. Talks are positive and meetings are lucky. A female is important in this.


How are you feeling about the passion with your partner? If you are not in a romantic partnership, how about the action going on in your business partnership? Do you need to take action to find a partnership? Neptune is bringing you a new beginning in areas of romance, artistic expression and spiritual connection with partners, put it to good use today.

Tuesday Mercury and Jupiter are combining here to talk or meet, sign or break contracts, with partners. What do you want? This is lucky energy here so please use it wisely. The New Moon is opening up two strong weeks to seed new beginnings in sexual connection, intimacy, joint and shared resources or divorce.

Wednesday the dance between Mercury and Venus is going to bring about talks or meetings with partners over love or money issues. This is going to play out through travel, legal agreements, teaching or studies, or something media related. The energy is positive and brings opportunity so be proactive and open up. Saturn is antagonizing from responsibilities or limits in income.

Thursday brings some shift in emotions over sex, intimacy or shared resources. Feelings will be geared up over travel, legal issues, education, or publishing/media issues and any big power plays or changes in the work you do, your health or regarding pets.

Friday brings good feelings around the partnership. This is a direct result of dealing with the love or money issue tied to travel, law, education or publishing. There is opportunity to find your way here today so take it.


You are geared up and raring to go with the work assignment before you. If you have a health issue, take head of that as well. There is good energy to tackle what needs doing and to apply artistic, spiritual or romantic energy to the attempt. Follow your instincts in all you do today and blaze a new trail.

Tuesday brings the contract, meeting or talk that is going to open things up for you in work, health or even with pets. Make sure you are asking for the stars today, you just may get them. The New Moon is occurring in your partnership house and this triggers two strong weeks ahead to seed new beginnings with romantic partners, business partners and with those who represent you such as managers, agents or attorneys.

Wednesday talks, contracts or meetings about work, health or pets are going to get a major boost from the dance between Mercury, (your ruler), and Venus. Venus is there to help you get the money you want from outside sources or the intimacy you need. Saturn is antagonizing through responsibility or limits on your physical body or tied to your image.

Thursday could see you having a change of feelings about a partner or you may be dealing with something out of the norm from them. Feelings are going to be uber intense today as you push for sexual conquest or the money for a creative venture.

Friday work and health are back on an even keel with talks being open and expansive for you. Feelings should be deeply connected in what you are doing and sharing your intimate nature is going to prove beneficial for health as well as in what you are tackling on the work front.


Feelings are vested in taking action, expressing passion or doing something to deal with any anger over lovers, children or creativity on Monday. This is a day to make something happen and to apply your romantic, expressive, spiritual gifts in doing so.

Tuesday brings Mercury and Jupiter together to begin talks, receive news, take meetings or sign contracts regarding creative projects, lovers or children. This is big energy and the things that are agreed upon or broken apart are going to expand your world in major ways so open up! The New Moon is opening up two strong weeks ahead to pursue new work, tackle work before you, take on a new health regime or do something to affect your health in a fresh new way, and to take in a pet or do something with animals that will sooth your soul.

Wednesday brings the talks and meetings your way regarding love and money. This is the dance between Mercury and Venus and it offers you opportunity to go for what you want. It is playing out between true love, creativity and children on the one hand, and partnership on the other! Saturn is antognizing from the hidden part of your chart so this could show up as feeling isolated or depressed for some reason, or having to put in time or effort in research, fantasy or dealing with institutions, remember, reach for the dance today!

Thursday brings some shift around work, pets or health and you will need to get your feelings around the new approach. Feelings are diving into the partnership realm aggressively and will be fueled up to deal with any major changes or power issues regarding home or property, breathe.

Friday is a really terrific energy day where the flow between creativity, true love and children is aligned with partnership. Feelings should be positive, opportunity is waiting, talk, meet, sign contracts, make agreements, look for love and money here.


Feelings will be passionate about home or property today as well as in looking at your own security needs and foundations. Take action today or allow your dreams or intuition to guide you in what you would like to create. Romance on the home front should be quite dreamy. If you are feeling alone here today, get busy so that the Neptune energy doesn’t turn to nostalgia.

Tuesday Mercury and Jupiter are coming together to talk, meet or sign contracts regarding home, property, mom, or security needs. It’s a great day to have people over, to come to terms, to open up in therapy, to buy or sell your home. The New Moon is opening up two strong weeks for you to initiate fresh starts with lovers, children and creative projects. If single, these two weeks could bring someone dreamy your way but you’ll need to put yourself out there.

Wednesday begins the dance between Mercury and Venus helping you to find the money to do the work you would like on the home, or to talk about home and property with a female at work. If you would like to begin a new exercise or diet regime in the home, this is a good day to begin. Saturn is antagonizing from responsibilities or limits with friends today, just deal with the person.

Thursday Uranus is tossing in some changes or unusual characters by way of lovers, children or creative projects so go with the flow. Your feelings are going to be vested to work, health or pets and dealing with the obstacle that presents itself. Watch how intense your words are in handling this as you may mow someone down if you’re not careful. Also, take care in walking pets in questionable areas today.

Friday brings a really terrific flow between work, health, pets and home. Feelings should be good as you expand, meet, talk and make agreements in these areas. There is money or love on the work front today or in caring for pets or dealing with health, so once again, if single, get out there!


Monday’s energy could go either way for you since your communications are going to be riled up. You will feel like expressing romantic or artistic ideas very passionately or you may feel like expressing anger over something you feel confused about. There is good energy here to tackle things locally or with siblings. Writers should feel a great boost in inspiration so keep your pen handy.

Tuesday Mercury comes over to sit with your ruler, Jupiter, and this is very expansive energy for you to talk, meet, make agreements or sign contracts, especially if they deal with neighborhood, brothers or sisters, something you are writing, or in emails or calls made today. The New Moon is opening up two strong weeks of fresh starts with home, property, security needs or mom. Initiate new beginnings in these areas to take best advantage of the energy.

Wednesday the dance between Mercury and Venus is going to open up opportunistic talks or agreements regarding love or money with a lover, child or involving a creative endeavor you are working on. If you have been dreaming up something creative or wanting to express love, open up today. Saturn is antagonizing from the need to meet responsibilities or deal with limits on the career front today.

Thursday your feelings will be meeting up with a change or new input regarding home and property. Then you will feel like aggressively pursuing love or creative ventures and tackling any obstacle regarding income. Perhaps a child will need money for something or you will need to put out income towards your desires.

Friday brings feelings about love, children or creativity back into the flow and talks or meetings should be lucky, expansive and help you to find the love or money you desire in the situation. Either way, it is a day to express your needs here and learn where you stand.


You should feel revved up and ready to tackle income issues on Monday. The energy is going to help you make money or push you to spend some on something romantic, artistic or spiritual. Feelings will be passionate, angry or dreamy, so it is quite the combination, take care.

Tuesday Mercury and Jupiter are meeting up by degree to talk, sign contracts or make/break agreements regarding income. This is big and lucky energy here so allow yourself to be expanded in this area. You could find a way to earn much more money today or decide to spend a large sum. The New Moon is opening up two strong weeks ahead in your communications realm so beginning new writing projects, setting up speaking engagements, beginning something new in the neighborhood or with siblings, are all favored now.

Wednesday begins the dance between Mercury and Venus and this is helping you to find flow between income and home or property. Mercury is about the talks, meetings, contracts or agreements while Venus is about the love or money. This is an opportunity to take a step in the right direction so open up. Saturn is antagonizing through duty or limits coming from legal channels, travel, education, or something media/publishing related. You will need to tend to this.

Thursday feelings shift regarding writing, talks, local agendas or siblings, as you flow with changes or new approaches. You will feel an intense push in emotions when dealing with home and the changes you wish to see in your identity or needs being met.

Friday the home front is flowing again and the energy is very supportive in the realm of income so expand, find your luck or happiness here, talk, meet and deal with agreements today. Love or money is in the home for you.


Monday could be a very interesting day for you dear Aquarius. Mars is going to have your feelings aroused to passion or action or anger and the issue is going to be your body so use it the way you best see fit! Your needs are going to be stirring your emotions and Neptune’s placement is going to shade this with feelings of romance, nostalgia, artistic or spiritual expression. You should find you are at least one person’s dreamboat today.

Tuesday Mercury and Jupiter are meeting up in your sign on the same degree. This is about talks, meetings, contracts, or dealing with agreements that involve you, your body, image, identity or ego needs. This is very positive energy, it can expand, bring luck, prosperity, and happiness so open the flood gates. The New Moon is occurring in your earnings zone so initiate new starts with income, ask for more money or look for another way to make money, look at things you want to spend your money on, and handle any issues regarding possessions over the next two weeks.

Wednesday Mercury dances with Venus and this is divine for you as the talks and meetings will be about love or money and they are happening between your sign and the local neighborhood haunts. Expressing your needs about love or money should be easy now and the flow is supportive. This bodes very well for single Aquarians to meet someone wonderful in the neighborhood or through brothers or sisters. Saturn is antagonizing from responsibilities or limits coming through joint finances, divorce or intimacy.

Thursday feelings shift about income or possessions and any changes occurring here. Then the emotional rollercoaster plummets into passionate or angry conversations about secrets or things that have been going on behind the scenes. This could get really intense so tread lightly.

Friday the energy is once again flowing gently and the local arena is smooth going, as well as talks, agreements, writing and interaction with siblings. Look to expand, find happiness and express your needs to those close by today as topics of love or money are going to find an ease of understanding.


Monday you will likely feel quite passionate about some alone time. This is a great energy day to tackle research, but more than that, this is a great day to let your imagination lead you to something great. Neptune, your ruling planet, is going to align your actions and feelings with the dreamscape so your intuition, psychic nature has never been better. Fantasy work will reach a wonderful level today as well as following hunches in investigations. Just guard against any anger you have unresolved leading you towards self-destructive or depressive feelings.

Tuesday Mercury and Jupiter are meeting to open talks, take meetings or deal with agreements or contracts in a very beneficial manner. These will relate to retreat, research, fantasy, work behind the scenes, investigations, or dealings with hospitals, prisons or other institutions. The New Moon is in your sign! This gives you two weeks starting today to begin a fresh start with your image, body, identity and taking new approaches to your personal needs. Begin the diet, start the exercise routine, reinvent yourself.

Wednesday the dance between Mercury and Venus begins and pulls the information you have gleaned in your alone time or through fantasy or research, institutions or dreamscape, together with an opportunity to MAKE MONEY! Bring it forward today. Saturn is antagonizing through responsibilities or limits tied to partnership so put in your time or deal with this as well today.

Thursday Uranus is going to shift your feelings about your body or needs once again so allow for new ideas to morph here. Once the Moon slips into Aries and squares Pluto, you will be hell bent to dive into earnings issues and deal with any major obstacles you see regarding friendship or aspirations. This is a day of intense emotions and one that can be quite transformational for your earning potential.

Friday brings the energy back around in a beautiful flow between earnings and the expansion and luck that is flowing your way in work done behind the scenes, in retreat, doing research or fantasy, or in dealing with institutions. Talk, meet, make agreements, expand, the money should find its way to you now.


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