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Sunday, February 15, 2009


Oh my friends, I can’t tell you how happy I am to share this week’s energy with you!!! Everyone has been through so much major change, we are in the middle of an ongoing battle in the Heavens and although we must pace ourselves for the long haul, this week is a blessing and I am just so happy to be able to share it with everyone.

Monday the Moon moves into generous, expansive Sagittarius and you will immediately feel the desire to stretch yourself and find an outlet for happiness. Venus and Jupiter are going to dance. This is about love and money dancing with happiness and luck, lots of opportunity to spend it or make it today!

Tuesday is a magical day as Mars the planet of action and passion meets up with Jupiter, the planet of luck and expansion on the same degree in Aquarius. At the same time, the North Node of Destiny traveling the other way is going to meet at the same degree and the three of them are going to push something to the outer realms that will be big and dynamic and part of our group path forward as well as influencing our individual life paths. Travel, legal actions, classes or teaching, and media and publishing are the arenas that will expand in bigger ways than normal from actions taken today towards your future.

Since Mars can also be anger or aggression and Aquarius radical or rebellious, with Jupiter making things bigger, there may also be news of earthquakes or attack, (even the best energy can go the other way in conjunction). It is less likely but since the potential is there, make sure to be cautious in questionable surroundings. The Node of Destiny here may push unstable individuals beyond the norm.

Wednesday Venus and Mars dance as the Sun enters Pisces. Passion and romance will be high today as well as opportunity to find your way into someone’s arms. Just remember the placements, as passion is a bit unorthodox and love is aggressive while the ego is awash in romantic or spiritual fantasy.

Thursday ambitions stir, powerful emotions rise and the ego drive is charged to meet the day. All the action and passion and expansion has left you ready to tackle just about anything!

Friday is the only obstacle you must face and it arrives as an emotional challenge over love or money. So all the good you started this week will need a bit of finessing as you rise to meet a challenge so you can continue on your chosen path.

The weekend is just as amazing! I will fill you in later in the week. Hugs and have a great time out there :)


Monday there is potential for you to help a friend expand or to enjoy a great time with a friend through the love you have to share. You will feel like taking a trip, legal action, or diving into education or media with this person.

Tuesday the Destiny spot is with a friend. The action you take today or they take today has the future expansion written all over it. Once again, legal matters, travel, education, or media is part of the scenario.

Wednesday the Venus/Mars dance is between you and a friend. This is joyous and about action or love and money between you. Once the Sun enters Pisces it marks the last phase of the year before your Birthday and the time for you to review, rest up, recharge your batteries and make some strategic plans for the next cycle. Fantasy and research are where you shine.

Thursday is a big day for goals, ambition, reputation and career. Big transformations, being recognized in a powerful way, meeting someone powerful who can help you morph your future here, and applying your fantasy, research or behind the scenes work to the situation, will all be huge for you now.

Friday your challenge is to figure out how to get paid.


Sexual intimacy and deep connections along with sharing and external money sources bring the feelings of happiness and expansion your way on Monday. Goals and career can expand now through private time with a female or through time withdrawn or private dealing with strategizing a love or money issue.

Tuesday the Destiny spot is on your goals or career. What do you want more than anything? Take action to expand this today. Feelings of deep intimacy or connection and sharing of resources will fuel this drive to achieve your goals.

Wednesday Venus and Mars dance and the love and passion, money and action, are working in private, behind the scenes, in fantasy and towards goals or career. Opportunity is yours in these realms. The Sun’s move into Pisces puts you in the spotlight with friends and at social functions for the next month, enjoy!

Thursday brings a trip or something dealing with legal, media, publishing, or educational issues into focus. There is powerful transformation through one of these channels as well as a way to shine with a group or friend.

Friday your challenge is to figure out how the distance or legal, media, education issue can be surmounted in order to have the love or money you fantasize about.


You want to expand your horizons in the area of partnership on Monday. The potential for help from a female friend through the arenas of travel, legal routes, publishing or media related openings, or education will be there for you as you embark upon this expansion or road to happiness.

Tuesday the Destiny spot is through travel, law, education or media/publishing. Feelings about partnership will be the fuel that helps you take action to expand through one of these realms today.

Wednesday Venus and Mars dance between friendship and travel, law, education, or media. Combine love of the friend with action in one of these areas for opportunity. The Sun enters your goals and career arena and puts you in the spotlight for the month ahead here, pursue your ambitions.

Thursday is about sex, intimacy, or external money sources. How you share in these arenas can meet with powerful transformation today and align with your goals. Once again it is an opportunity if you are proactive.

Friday your challenge is to figure out how to find the money to make your aspirations real or how to deal with a female friend over something shared.


You feel like expanding your work assignments and any health issues on Monday. Spending money on goals or to pursue love may expand your intimate connections or your credit card debt today. The opportunity is there for both as you feel passionate about your objectives.

Tuesday the Destiny spot is through sex, divorce, external money sources, or sharing. It is about passionately taking action to expand something through one of these realms. Feelings about the work you are doing and these deep connections will be positive and part of what drives you to action and expansion.

Wednesday Venus and Mars dance between goals and sex or money. This means that there is opportunity to express love through sex or to spend money on goals by going after the outside money sources. The Sun’s entry into Pisces puts travel, publishing, media, education, and legal matters as the realms you will shine in over the next month.

Thursday is about partnership. There is potential for deep, powerful transformation in this arena today and the way you shine in travel, legal matters, media, or education is part of the package.

Friday your challenge is to figure out how to bring partnership and goals or career together. The issue here is love or money.


Your feelings are expanding in love and creativity on Monday. There is opportunity to expand in the area of partnership through putting your love or money into travel, legal agreements, legal issues, media or publishing, or educational outlets. Be proactive.

Tuesday the Destiny spot is in partnership. Take action, make it big, this is the road forward! This is about a romantic partner, business partner or someone who represents you such as an agent, attorney or manager. You can break it or commit to it, make it legal, feelings of happiness and love are in the mix spurring you on either way, don’t hold back.

Wednesday Venus and Mars dance and this is a happy dance:) For Leo it is playing out between making love legal or traveling for love, sharing your love in the media or teaching love. Any of these ways brings action or passion to partnership and it’s all good. The Sun enters Pisces and opens up a month ahead where you will shine in realms of intimacy, deep connection, sharing, sex, and external money sources. If these connections have been about helping you to break apart from a partnership, today’s energy can also help you to divorce.

Thursday brings work and health and pets into focus. There is great potential for transformation in one of these arenas now and the way you are shining on an intimate level or in finding the funds you need will be part of the mix.

Friday your challenge is to find solutions to love at a distance, through travel, legal matters, media or education. Your feelings can affect your health and the work you do so put time in today. Pets may also be part of the obstacle.


You should be feeling good about the expansion you are embarking upon regarding home or where you live. The money you are expending on credit cards or through some outside money source will help you to expand in the work you do or to tackle a health issue today.

Tuesday the Destiny spot is in the work you do, a health issue or with pets or small animals. Talk action, expand, involve your feelings about home, property, foundations you are building and where you hang your hat, as you push forward in one or more of these realms.

Wednesday Venus and mars dance between the money you are borrowing or sharing through some outside resource and the actions you take to tackle work or health. There is opportunity here so be proactive. The Sun enters Pisces and puts the spotlight on you in partnerships over the next month, romantic or business partners as well as people who represent you.

Thursday feelings shift to true love, children or creative projects. There is opportunity to make some profound transformations in your life through one or more of these themes today. The way you shine in partnership, your ego needs and identity, are under opportunity for something in love or creativity as well, open the doors wide.

Friday your challenge is to find solutions in joint finances, divorce, sex or shared issues with a female so that you can find your way back to true love and creativity.


Those pastures certainly do seem greener over there, if you haven’t set off or landed on expansive blades just yet, you will at least feel like reaching out through the mind. Venus and Jupiter are dancing and it means sweet, sweet music between all things involving creativity and partnership, love and money. This is opportunity energy so go get it!

Tuesday the Destiny spot is in your house of true love, creative projects, recreation, and children. You are going to be emotional in communicating what you are going after here but it is under some of the best stars ever so come from the heart and push for your projects and connections today.

Wednesday Venus and Mars dance together, hear that music my friend?! This is amazing energy to meet someone who sweeps you off of your feet or to take romance to a new level and if you would rather funnel the energy into creativity that is just as golden! A female partner is where it is at today in creativity. Once the Sun enters Pisces, you are on the road to a full month of shining in the artistic or spiritual work you are doing and to focusing on your body’s health through organic, natural alignment.

Thursday puts the focus on home and you rising to the top in the work you are doing here. Major transformations are possible, take the lead.

Friday your challenge is to come to terms with feelings that stem from childhood issues of feeling loved or nurtured and how that is affecting your needs in partnership as well as who you attract. If you are in partnership today, don’t fight over the home.


You will likely hit the ground running on Monday as your desire to make money will be positive and the dance between Venus and Jupiter will be opening up lovely possibilities to expand your base or something tied to home through the work you are doing. This is a day when money should flow easily for you so put your plants into action.

Tuesday the Destiny spot is happening with home, property, security needs, foundations you are building or anything related to mom. Taking action that expands in one or more of these areas is your path forward. Some of you may be setting up base on foreign shores today! You should feel good about the money you are spending or making here.

Wednesday Venus and Mars are dancing and this is playing out between work and home, or health and home. This is where the love and passion is as well as the money and creative outlets. Once the Sun enters Pisces today, you have a full month ahead to shine in the arena of love, creative projects, or with children.

Thursday will be a day to connect with others through phone calls and emails and meetings. There is intense energy here to transform something through communications. The positive light of your glow illuminates who you are in love, creativity and with children so make sure to express yourself in these realms.

Friday your challenge is to communicate your feelings about a love or money issue tied to work, health or pets. A female may be significant in this conversation or news.


What wonderful energy is coming your way beginning Monday! The Moon brings her emotional comfort to your sign and helps you to feel your way around your own needs and what needs doing regarding image or body. Venus dances with your ruler, Jupiter, for some real happiness or expansion in talks with lovers, children or about creative projects.

Tuesday the Destiny spot is happening in communications. So what you write, speak, meet about, or think, as well as things happening either in the local neighborhood haunts or with a brother or sister, will be the place to take action to expand your way forward. Express your needs and put yourself first, it’s ok, promise!

Wednesday Venus and Mars dance and this is the stuff of love and passion playing out for you in dynamic talks or meetings. You may meet someone who blows you away today if you are single or you may have that passionate talk about feelings with someone close. Creativity and children are other topics to be expressed. Coming together and splitting apart, opportunity is there for what you desire.

Thursday income is the focus as you feel like being responsible and structured in what you are building or spending on here. You are shining in the realm of home or property so continue to transform through the money you make in powerful ways.

Friday the challenge is to deal with how you are feeling about your money and the way you express or receive love. You may want to buy something beautiful but can you really afford it right now?


Your fantasy realm will have you dreaming of far off places today or the desire to retreat into your own happy realm. Venus and Jupiter are moving in sync with each other today bringing luck and happiness to the realms of home and income. Spending on the home or making money here is favored today.

Tuesday the Destiny spot is occurring in your income zone. This means that taking action to expand something here is the road forward. You may find a bigger income today or receive a nice check in the mail or you may decide it is time to invest your earnings into something for your future. Feelings are very dreamy, just be sure to double check anything you invest in now for clarity.

Wednesday Venus and Mars are dancing together bringing love or money around the home together with action or passion in the earnings zone. So once again, you may be spending money to beautify your surroundings or making money on the sale of a property. If you are looking for love, look at property or home related areas as places to meet someone.

Thursday is a day to feel your own oats so to speak, step into your own authority, take care of your body and your needs. The connection to Pluto means there is potential for transformation within yourself today. Emotions may run deep. In expressing these needs or concerns about your body or image, you should be well received.

Friday your challenge is to come to terms with how your emotions about your own needs in life or being wrapped up in yourself are affecting the love you see at home or are stemming from issues of love from the early childhood home.


Connect with friends today even if it is a Monday! Venus and Jupiter are meeting to help you communicate your needs in any situation and to be able to positively express your position. There is money, love and expansion tied to this for you so don’t hold back.

Tuesday the Destiny spot is you. Your body, image, identity or ego needs are where action and expansion are going to occur to move you towards your future. So take action, change your image or name, do something for you in a big way. A friendship or aspiration is key in all of this so reach out.

Wednesday Venus and Mars are helping you to communicate about love, money, passion, anger, romance, creativity or children. There is great opportunity here to get it out there so open up. If you are single, you could meet someone very interesting at a local haunt such as the post office, grocery or at a club at night. The Sun enters Pisces and will bring you opportunity to make or spend money, put yourself first.

Thursday is a good day to fantasize, do some research or to just get away for some alone time. There seems to be a way to make money through something you are doing behind closed doors or perhaps you are spending money on a hospital or other institution now. There is power to transform.

Friday the challenge is to talk about or with a female, or to talk about love or money. Your feelings are rather self-undoing at the moment so take it slow and if you are one of the Aquarians who discover a secret today, use your judgment in who you share it with.


Monday should have you feeling pretty good about goals or career as Venus and Jupiter help you to make some money while in retreat or through research or fantasy work. Any time spent alone investigating things can lead to money now as well as spending money on the work behind the scenes.

Tuesday the Destiny spot is occurring in research, fantasy, retreat, or any other work behind the scenes or dealings with institutions. This is where the action you take will expand you on your forward path in life. There is positive energy here to drive career and goals towards this spot.

Wednesday Venus and Mars are making magic in the same place between income and retreat, research, fantasy or institutions. IF you are single and meet someone today at a hospital or library, they will not only seem romantic and dreamy but may have a benefit for you in making money. The Sun enters your sign and the month ahead is going to be about you, your image, body and identity in the world so shine your light.

Thursday is about friendship. Find your closest buds and spend some time together! There is wonderful energy to transform and change in the relationship. You should feel very connected and in your element.

Friday the challenge is to deal with how you feel about a certain friendship and the income issue you have going on or what you are spending here. Love is the key to unlock this door.


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