Thursday, February 19, 2009


Well, to say it was an interesting week is an understatement. I hope you found yourselves meeting new opportunities and stimulating people. Whatever twists and turns came round, you certainly should have a bit more idea where you stand and what you are up against! It was quite the eye-opener for me J

Saturday brings you serious and spontaneous energy, both working in harmony to your flow so allow yourself to think outside the box and try new things. Commit to what you feel deeply in your heart about, you won’t be sorry. The link between Sun and Pluto is there to help you find your own sense of power in the situation. If you are looking for a way to transform your identity or physical body, start today, so much is working for you.

Sunday brings a very important communication your way or an opening for you to say what you have wanted to say for a long time. Jupiter is going to make it big, take it over the top, and make you feel free to share feelings of optimism and happiness with each other. If you find that you are on the other side of the fence this round, then allow Jupiter to help you say what needs to change or be let go so that you may find your happiness. You’ll see what I mean about the big speeches if you watch the Oscars tonight! With Jupiter involved, those speeches may get political or religious.

Venus is on guard as well intimating to me that there should be opportunity to come from love, protect the money or focus positive energy on both. This weekend’s energy is trying to help you choose the new road, so leave fear in the closet, you don’t want to be afraid to live your best life now.


Saturday is about doing the work, tackling your health issues and stepping up to your own personal power in career or pursuing goals. The way you shine now is from the deep internal work you have been doing, the research, the use of your imagination and intuition, and being ready to embrace new inspiring ways of approaching these areas as you step forward. The evening was made for friends or social gatherings so show them what you’ve got!

Sunday brings all of that expansive talking and meeting round through your friends, networking and at gatherings. This is great for you. You should find ways to connect today and don’t be shy about touting your own horn or asking for what you need from those closest. It seems that a friend holds the keys to a love or money issue at present so take this up with them, it is likely to be the theme in the upcoming Venus Retrograde.


There is a mass of energy for you on Saturday and it is covering quite a bit of ground really. There is some sense of commitment or work tied to lovers, children or creative projects and this is in a wonderful harmony for you at present. Some distance seems to be part of it or you may be on a trip together. There is also the potential for making it legal, jumping into a publishing project together or teaching. Your aspirations are also clearly at the forefront here and you are at your summit now, friendships will also help support what you are striving to create. Don’t be afraid to stretch yourself.

Sunday the big talks or news is on your career or with your ambitions and goals. This is a day to open up about what you seek, to speak from authority and to allow your reputation to steer you through the door to new opportunities. A female working on your behalf behind the scenes is there to help. Love and money issues may want to be private a bit longer as you allow them to develop.


Whatever you are striving for today, let no one get in your way! There is an intense energy behind the way you are committing to your goals and allowing yourself to be seen for who you genuinely are. The potential to transform in this area is stemming from big changes going on with joint finances, credit or debt, divorce or death, sex or intimacy. The rest of the day will be tied up in travel, legal issues, media or education.

Sunday the talk or meeting that is over the top is going to come from afar, or be about travel, legal issues, education, or publishing and media related things. A female friend is important in this and you need to take the opportunity to work through something in one of these realms with her.


Partnership is the word you must get your head around on Saturday. This is a big day for you dear Cancer. At least one serious conversation needs to take place with this individual and I can’t stress it enough that there is huge potential for transformation in your life through the realms of publishing, travel, education or legal channels if you communicate what needs to change or transform. Be open to new approaches and take it seriously.

Sunday the talk that is going to be huge is about joint finances, debt, sharing, loans, credit, settlements, insurance, taxes, or any other form of outside resource, or about ways of sharing yourself through intimacy, sex or the demise of such through divorce. Whatever the deep topic is between you, remember that a goal of love or money is paramount here and a female is likely to be the door to what you wish to share.


Saturday appears to be a day of work or taking care of your leonine body. There is great energy around the work you do and some serious income today. If you are out of work, use the days energy to put together resumes or job hunt. The potential to transform the work or health, or just change something about how you approach it is on tap as well as you find your sense of personal power on an intimate level through sharing who you truly are with another. If you are trying to raise money, strut your stuff today.

Sunday the big talk or meeting revolves around partnership. So you are talking with a partner or talking about partnering with someone. This can mean a romantic or business partnership as well as talks or meetings with those who represent you such as an agent, attorney or manager. Love is at a distance or through travel with this person or you may find legal issues, education or media are tied into the dynamic, whichever it is for you, it seems to be very positive where love or money is concerned.


Saturday is big for you dear Virgo. There is incredible energy at your disposal and it is pouring forth through your creative, true love and children house. This means that getting serious about your needs, either committing or isolating away, will be where the flow is and the opportunity to transform your identity in a partnership is intense today. Ask yourself how you wish to transform the ideal of Love or the way you express your creative nature and then do what is next on that pathway.

Sunday the talks or meetings are going to be about work, pets or health. It may seem mundane but there is big, over the top energy here for you to express yourself in these realms and what is shared with a female is part of the picture. Think love or money.


Saturday is about transforming something big at home or with property. You are in a position to change something fundamental with your foundations here and you should embrace the work before you in this. You may hear of a sale or decide to purchase a home under this aspect, as well as wish to renovate or redecorate. Even on a smaller level, any work done around your property today should help you change your outlook.

Sunday the talk or meeting is going to be about love, children or creativity and the person you are going to want to involve in this talk is a partner, either romantic or business. If you are not partnered with anyone, this may be the day to share those feelings and see if they are really worth your attention.


It is all in what you say and how you say it on Saturday. You have tremendous power behind your words today and that could mean in conversation or in what you have written. Either way, there is huge potential to put yourself in the spotlight of love or creativity today through the deep insights and shared ideas you communicate. An older friend is important in this as well or a friend who is in a position of authority. Open up!

Sunday the focus is on home or property. Talks and meetings are going to be big today in these arenas so make those calls if you are looking for a place or just wanting to put your property up for sale. Work you do around the home today ties into money here so make sure you are tackling anything before you now.


Earning money and putting in time on career is important on Saturday. The roots you are putting down or the foundations you are building is where you are shining today and this may portend to home and where you hang your hat at present. Transforming the income is part of this in a very big way so you will either be making a big change in the money situation or you will be spending on something big today, home related.

Sunday is about talking things out or communicating your ideas. If you are a writer, this day is a huge bonus for you, put pen to paper even if you don’t know what you will write until it starts to flow. There is money in creativity today tied to this. There is also great energy in communicating about love.


There is serious energy available to you today regarding travel, law, education or media related issues and the flow is positive towards your needs being met or your authority being recognized. You can shine in the fields of communication today and there is a sense of you transforming either you physical body or your image or identity, so talk about what you need to do to see this happen or how it makes you feel.

Sunday the big talks or meetings are going to be about income or money you need to spend on something. Home is a good place to look as well as property. The energy is very big and expansive, lucky even and the love or money that you seek through this is in opportunity aspect here so follow your heart.


If you have been working on something behind the scenes or been involved in a fantasy project such as acting or filmmaking, even research work or dealing with institutions, then the energy on Saturday is going to help you absolutely shine in the income arena from this. You are going to see one of these areas transform and it have an affect on the money you make or what you choose to spend your earning on.

Sunday is about you. The news or communications are over the top and very expansive and opportunistic for you as you hear you are loved or that there is some money coming your way. If you need to ask for financial help, try it today. If you wish to express your feelings for someone, this is great energy to help you find the right way.


Saturday is great for friendships and for networking as well as attending any social functions you are invited to. You will find that you are the star of the show if you get out there today and that at least one of your friendships or aspirations is transforming in a huge way. There is a positive flow between friendship and partnership as well today whether that is about committing or severing will be up to you.

Sunday is about spending some quality time with you. Draw the shades, cozy up in something comfy and tackle any research or work you would like to do in private. If you don’t feel like working you are off the hook and can use the day to rest and recharge. Talks or news about fantasy work, research or institutions should be huge and over the top and lead to openings in earnings.


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