Friday, February 13, 2009


“Ground Control to Major Tom…..Ground Control to Major Tom….Take your protein pills and put your helmet on!” ~well I think David Bowie’s lyrics are a good way to start the weekend. I want you to think of this Valentine’s Day as a David Bowie experience :) Think Space Oddity/Ziggy stuff, seriously. It can be fun and strange and as far outside the norm as you are willing to dare. Remember, you’ve had plenty of roses and chocolates in the years before, this time around it’s ok to sport a clingy space suit and let your imagination rocket you into a free cloud of LOVE :)

If you remain open to new forms of expression you may find this is one of the better V-Days you have had! Why? The energy of the mind: (what you think and the words that come tumbling out of your lovely mouth), is changing signs today and entering the quirky, rebellious, innovative sign of Aquarius. FREEDOM! A bit of kink and lots of experimentation as well as thinking about the group, friendships and the betterment of humanity, SEE?!! It’s going to be different.

At the same time, the Moon who has our feelings in tow is moving into the deep, dark, sexy waters of Scorpio where you will feel like ravaging someone or using your power to manipulate, control or destroy. Oh Spiders, may I say that you really should take into consideration the intention of Valentine’s Day and put the destructive stuff away! If you are obsessing, and that is possible under this energy, require a little bit more of yourself. What? Too much reverb in here? REQUIRE MORE OF YOURSELF :)

So, we have the rebel mind set combining with the most powerful emotions and then the Moon decides to square the Mind (Mercury) and sextile the Power (Pluto), pushing the boundaries of both and making it a day where the freedom or newness may be a bit challenging to our feelings but where there is intense opportunity to transform the way we love and think about love. Remember our wise Bowie theme, “Step through the door, float in a most peculiar way, the stars do look very different today!” Make a fresh start and LOVE YOURSELF! I’m just saying :)

Sunday looks like a day to deal with the big actions of Saturday or to take some big actions in response to where your life is at. Adjustments are necessary over feelings of love and money.

From me to you, have a Happy Radical Valentine’s Weekend~


Your friends are going to show you how much you are loved, and ditto in reverse. Spend time with your favorite people. Put that intense Scorpio energy into a hot, steamy encounter with someone powerful or use it to take on a money issue, sharing and the way you want to transform your career.

Sunday puts you in the emotional driver’s seat over sex, money issues, divorce and all things shared. Take a step with a friend towards expanding the scope of what you aspire to. You will need to make an adjustment to the amount of money or love you require or are willing to give to feel balanced in what you share with others.


The angles are being poked today so goals and partnership, ambition and radical approaches are all being stirred together with a dash of transformation via a trip, a legal ceremony, a talk about beliefs or politics, a class you take together, or something you send out via the internet or other media related field. Yep, sounds like you are broadcasting on all fronts and ready to go deep in an, oh so unique way.

Sunday passions are on fire over goals you are trying to achieve with a partner, over expanding your horizons or reputations together. Venus is requiring some adjustment from you today and it is coming through the land of fantasy and tied to your feelings about partnership or a specific partner, make sure you make the effort.


The radical impulses are streaming through travel and higher ideals as well as legal, media and educational avenues. There is a depth to the work you are approaching today as well as to your ability to transform a sexual union or spontaneously change and transform your intimate world through a connection here. So hop the plane or open up about love or creativity to someone at a distance.

Sunday you are traveling in a big way or taking action to extend yourself through media, education or legal matters. There is a drive here to see results in the work you do or involving a health issue for you, find ways to cover your pets as well. You need to make an emotional adjustment regarding a female friend in this.


You’ve decided to commit your credit cards or some other form of external money source on your new quest for intimacy, and no, I’m not saying you’re paying for it, just that you are investing into something that will lead to a powerful connection to love. (If you are paying for everything, this is the wrong person). Sharing how you feel with a lover today will transform the partnership, you need to be free to express your sexual desires.

Sunday you are taking action in a big way to chase your heart’s desire. This will either mean you are putting your money where your mouth is and investing in something that leads you there or you are diving in sexually with a loved one today. You will need to make an adjustment to a goal of love or money or with a female in authority in this quest.


Freedom in the partnership house, radical thoughts about what partnership means to you, potentially meeting someone unique or eccentric to partner with, or some unusual and interesting things coming from your partner today will mix with powerful feelings about the home and who you share it with. The potential to transform something at home through tackling the work there is big.

Sunday there is huge action going on in your partnership zone and this is going to push things to the max here and involve your feelings about home and who you live with. You need to make an adjustment to what is occurring with traveling for money or a legal, media or educational issue that involves money or love. A female may be involved.


Your mind and your ruler are set on fresh new work or approach to health that gives you independence and allows you to follow your own unique vision. At the same time, your feelings are going to be quite intense as you express feelings of love or creativity that are swirling around all of this. There is potential to make headway through talking about feelings with a lover or someone you are involved with creatively.

Sunday you are taking action on a health or pet issue or you are doing a huge amount of work, all to help you deal with feelings about what was said, written, or what is going on with the neighborhood, (moving?). You need to make an adjustment to the female involved sexually or with some external money situation, or a love or money issue tied to sex or outside resources.


You are free to love who you want or to express it in your own spontaneous manner today, for those single Librans, you may meet quite an interesting character today who takes your breath away! Feelings are intense and focused on values for you. You have the potential to transform an income matter through something tied to home or to spend money on where you are staying.

Sunday is about spending money on doing something over the top that is FUN! Spend on lovers or kids or recreation. If you aren’t in the spending mode then use the energy to focus on making money creatively and don’t get frustrated with the square today, it is there to push you harder, you want perfection don’t you?! You will have to adjust to something coming from a female partner or rep.


Feel those fresh winds of change and freedom of expression coming into the home today! New ideas and spontaneous moments burst forth here, follow your own drummer. The Moon moves into your sign for some intense emotional connections to what you truly need for yourself and there is potential today for you to express that under lucky stars. If you are hosting a party at home tonight it will be amazing.

Sunday Mars and Jupiter are going to push you to do something big around the home or with the home. Take action today to expand something here and feel better about yourself, your place in the world and your body or identity. An adjustment to work or health or pets is in the mix and will likely involve a female or love/money issue.


Uranus moves into your communications today so watch what you say! You may just shock yourself! This is about new ways of expressing yourself, fresh approaches in the neighborhood, with siblings or meeting up with someone original locally. If single, get out to one of your local haunts. The Moon is going to put you in the mood for fantasy or retreat. You may decide to spend some money on one or the other of these things today to good result.

Sunday Mars and Jupiter are going to push you to take action locally in a big way, to communicate your passion or anger and to push the boundaries of what has been hidden or secret up until now. Watch for self-sabotaging tendencies or escapist activities under this pattern. You will need to make an adjustment to a female involving love or creativity.


You may decide to spend your money on something highly unusual or radically spontaneous today and it looks like it will be involving friends or a party. Connecting on a deep level with a friend will help you to make some sort of personal transformation that looks to be profound for you! Change is in the air.

Sunday Mars and Jupiter are pushing the boundaries as you spend big or push a friend to make some big money, either way the friend is involved. Adjustments are necessary regarding a female and home or about money or love tied to home. Don’t spend more than you can afford to lose today!!!


Valentine’s Day finds you with a new mind set about yourself, your own identity and finding ways to express your originality as the goals you are now setting are powerful and deeply connected to your desires. Show your true colors and share your spotlight with anyone you choose. There is potential to change through fantasy or research or just time spent alone and in deep mediations or retreat.

Sunday you are going to be active in a very big way, doing something to change your appearance or body or just getting out there in a passionate way regarding your needs and ambitions. An adjustment is required in a conversation with a female or about love or money.


Your talks are going to be about original ideas that spring from your fantasy world or through a time of retreat you are enduring. Look for surprises to be dreamy or romantic and very unique. Feelings are intense today about expanding and one of the venues that this might come through such as travel, law, education, or media. There is potential to make a big change here through transforming a friendship.

Sunday you will be doing something big behind the scenes, researching, fantasy work, retreat, or dealing with institutions. This is tied to feeling pushed to tackle legal challenges, travel, classes or teaching, or media/promotions or publishing. You will need to make an adjustment to income today tied to a female.


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