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Zoe's Weekly Forecast Dec. 29-Jan. 2

Well my dears, I hope you all enjoyed your holiday week and that you are looking forward to wonderful New Year’s Eve plans. I, myself, am trying to decide between flying to see my friends play a concert on the east coast, doing a road trip with a best girlfriend to see the ball drop in Times Square, or attending a house party in Ohio with a small gathering of friends. I have to admit that I am such a recluse at times that the idea of buying a wonderful bottle of champagne and snuggling in with a good movie and a warm blankie appeals to me as well.

It is VERY IMPORTANT that you write down your New Year’s Resolutions this year, Jupiter is about to change signs, (this means the area of luck in your life over the next year is shifting), Saturn is going to Retrograde on the 31st (this means the responsibility and restriction is abating and going within in one particular area), and Mercury is going to Retrograde in January,(this means communications and meetings are going to retrace the past in some way and confusion and miscommunication is going to come knocking at your door in some arena of life). So you need to think about what you truly want to manifest and write it down now. Do it. Do it on the 31st before 1pm eastern time, 10 am pacific time.

Take is easy on yourself the first of the week, the universe says you deserve it. Monday brings the Moon and Jupiter together in your career house so you are going to be emotionally bound to expanding yourself along these fronts. There may be some luck on your side over the next two days so if you must push yourself, do it here.

Tuesday is about friends and gathering with like-minded people. You may have indulged in this as early as last nite with this positive energy. Enjoy your connections, it is the real deal and you are soon to see just how powerful that is going to be.

Wednesday brings some communications or information to light that is lucky and positive and fully there for you about career or new goals. Don’t wait around to see if the communications come at you, make them happen! Saturn is retrograding in your work and health sector so you can enter the New Year revisiting your work ethic and doing inner work on how the tie between work load and health is affecting you. The Moon slips into romantic, dreamy Pisces as the festivities kick off and for you this is going to make you somewhat introspective, intuitive, and feeling a bit dreamy. Just watch out for escaping through substances tonight, designate a driver!

Thursday opens 2009 with a positive push from Mars. You are going to wake feeling like doing something about career or goals and there is ample opportunity here to help you do it. A friend enters the picture in an important way today and remains over the next few weeks, think outside the box here.

Friday brings some inspired insights in the work you are doing behind the scenes or in something you discover through researching or fantasy. Saturn is going to bog you down a bit with work or health today so you may feel pushed and pulled between doing this private work and dealing in the real world.


Monday starts off with glorious feelings about something you are dreaming up involving travel, media, education or legal matters. There is good reason to believe you are on the right track today. If you don’t have a specific career ambition before you, look at other long held goals and see which ones you can boost forward with enthusiasm today.

Tuesday the Moon is gearing up career goals and any other important ambition you have set before you. There is truly nothing else in the way of focusing all this positive energy on what you want to draw to you in the New Year. Make your list today.

Wednesday brings lucky news from afar or a happy visitor or trip. If you have been waiting for information regarding a legal matter, today is the day, ditto media or educational issues. Saturn is going to kick of New Years Eve by Retrograding in your house of lovers, children and creative projects. This means that someone from the past may show up now or someone from a past lifetime with karmic ties to you. It also means that you will be doing some inner work now on commitment issues regarding the work that these things represent to your life. The moon enters Pisces and intimates that you will be spending the evening with friends, enjoy!

Thursday Mars is going to gear you into the new year taking action in your travel, education, media or legal house. Friends are involved. Mercury enters your career and ambition zone to help you get mentally focused on your goals, news should flow around these themes now.

Friday may bring a sudden invitation to a social function or something interesting by way of a friend. The only hold up seems to be responsibilities to loved ones or creative endeavors.


Monday is about big feelings regarding intimacy or finances. Jupiter is bringing some happiness here or the possibility of happiness if you take action on what you are feeling. If you have over extended yourself on credit cards or otherwise, use the day to make a plan to bring your world into alignment in the New Year.

Tuesday is about news from afar, travel plans, a visitor, or something regarding education, legal matters or media. There is really nothing to interfere with this expansive energy so put your mind to one of these higher arenas and see what you can do.

Wednesday is going to bring news about credit, debt, taxes, jointly held finances or the money of your partner. If this is not a money issue, it could be about death, transformation, divorce, sex or intimacy. Any way you look at it, it is deep and powerful but the Jupiter energy is helping protect it. Saturn is Retrograding on this New Years Eve in your home, property or mother zone. This begins a period when you will be doing inner work regarding loss or responsibility in one of these areas. The Moon enters Pisces so the energy tonight will be ambitious and either focused on career, goals or father.

Thursday Mars is going to kick off the New Year with action being taken regarding the outside money source, sexual intimacy, or death. There is positive energy here to tackle whatever goal is before you. Mercury enters your ninth house today and opens up communications regarding travel, education, legal matters and all media ventures. Meet and talk about these things now.

Friday any changes or surprises regarding career, goals, reputation, ambition, or father should put you on future oriented roads so go with the flow. The responsibility or loss associated with home or mother is the opposing force here and you will need to find balance.


Your ruling Moon is meeting up with Jupiter today and helping you to share happy or expansive feelings with a partner. This should be positive and is seeding new beginnings in the way you communicate.

Tuesday the energy is focusing on all outside money sources, those shared with partners and through institutions, as well as intimacy, sex, death, and transformation. The day is geared towards finding your independence through these deep waters and dealing with things in your own unique way.

Wednesday brings lucky or happy news from partners. Meetings are lucky as well today. Share your ideas and expound on your greatest dreams together. Saturn is Retrograding in your local environment, in your way of thinking and all communications as well as with your interactions with siblings. This means that responsibilities and loss associated with these themes becomes inner work now as you assess what works for you here. The Moon enters Pisces tonight and indicates that you will be spending New Years Eve with people who are expansive, educated, discussing politics or religion, possibly traveling or including a visitor.

Thursday Mars is going to help you kick off the New Year doing something with or about a partner, there is positive energy here involving your feelings about media, travel, education or legal matters. Mercury enters your arena of outside money sources, death and sex. This is what the talks and meetings are going to be about.

Friday travel, education, legal or media issues, are where you are going to want to be free and spontaneous. The only thing holding you back is duty to your local environment, or serious communications, meetings, or duty to siblings.


Work or health should bring you joy on Monday as the Moon and Jupiter are conspiring to broaden your world here with a touch of luck. Spending time with pets or adopting one is favored as well.

Tuesday the energy is decisively about partnership. This is the area to be spontaneous, open, experimental and excited. You should be able to honor your individuality within the partnership and feel alive with this person today. Surprise them with something out of the ordinary.

Wednesday news comes in about health, work or pets and it is very positive. Jupiter is meeting with Mercury to bring positive, happy meetings and talks about any of these themes. Saturn is Retrograding in your income zone to kick off the New Years Eve festivities. This means that you are going to be doing some inner work now about what you give to make a living and what you value. The Moon’s entry into Pisces could mean a sexy New Year’s Eve for you in the arms of passion or spending money on the cards to enjoy the high life!

Thursday welcomes the year 2009 with Mars helping you do something about any health issue or taking charge of a work situation. The energy is positive and beneficial so act now. Mercury enters your partnership zone and heats up conversations about what the state of your partnership is and if you want to partner with someone if you are single.

Friday brings a change or surprise that seems very exciting around sex or money, go with the flow. The only thing holding you back today is responsibility to earn a living or lack of money to spend on something you would like to spend it on.


Monday brings feelings that are big and expansive and all embracing regarding a creative project, a lover or a child. This is happy energy so don’t second guess it, it is ok to feel this positive.

Tuesday the energy is focused on work assignments, health or pets. There is a strong need to be independent, spontaneous, to think and work outside the box, and look for original answers in what you are doing. If a stray finds it’s way to your door today, it is there to lead you into new adventures, take it in and feed it well.

Wednesday the news is big and positive and expansive and it revolves around a creative project, a lover, or a child. If you do not receive the communication, by all means instigate it yourself, the universe wants to support you here. Saturn Retrogrades in your sign and this should be a huge sigh of relief as the weight of all that work and duty is going within instead of without for a while. Look at how you are holding up physically and what work can be done to align your goals with your body and any spiritual work you can do to enhance your place in the world. It looks like New Years Eve is spent with a partner or dreaming of one.

Thursday Mars is kicking off the New Year with love, passion, or creativity, much enhancing your feelings about partnership or representation. Mercury enters your work, health and pets zone and this is what talks and meetings will be focusing on the rest of this month.

Friday brings a surprise or change regarding partnership. This can be a romantic or business partner or even someone who represents you such as an agent, manager or attorney. The only thing holding you back seems to be your own need for independence and inner work. Find balance or favor yourself.


Home is where the heart is on Monday. Moon and Jupiter are fusing luck and happiness with heartfelt emotions and it is revolving around home, property and mom so use that energy in the most beneficial way you can imagine.

Tuesday the energy is around lovers, children and creative projects. This should be inspirational and exciting. Remain open to spontaneous moments and new ways of doing things but follow your own inner guidance and original ideas towards enjoyment.

Wednesday the news or meeting is going to be about home, property, security needs, foundations or mom. This is very positive and expansive so set up any meet and greets you need to do if you are selling or buying or meeting with contractors today. Saturn is going to kick New Years Eve off by Retrograding in your private part of the birth chart. This means secrets, retreat and rest, fantasy and research, as well as dealing with institutions such as hospitals or prisons will feel the responsibility of Saturn going within. It should help you to do inner work about what needs effort here for the future. The Moon enters your sixth house and intimates that New Years may be spent working or dealing with a health or pet issue. At the least you will likely be talking about one of these things most of the night.

Thursday Mars kicks off the New Year with positive action on the home front that should bode well for feelings about the work you have done. Mercury enters your lovers, children and creativity zone and this is going to be what talks and meetings are going to be about for the rest of the month.

Friday brings a surprise or change regarding work, pets or health. This is where independent action is required, the only thing holding you back is the desire to retreat, hide away or in some way self-sabotage the effort.


Call everyone you know, meet up with people for lunch, send out notes and invites, whatever form your communication takes on Monday, Jupiter is there to bless it and make it happy and expansive. Interactions with siblings and doing things locally are likewise blessed.

Tuesday the energy is focused on home life, the house, property, security needs or issues with mom. The energy is all about taking an individual approach and following your own drummer here. Changes favor you.

Wednesday once again is opening on fabulous energy in your communications zone. Talks, meetings, short trips, local activity and interaction with siblings, speaking engagements and anything you write, all of it is golden today. Mercury and Jupiter are coming together to bless this with luck and prosperity. Saturn is Retrograding to kick off the New Year’s Eve in your friendship zone. This should lighten the burden you have been dealing with involving social obligations and associates. An old friend may bump into you tonight. The Moon enters your true love, children and creative zone tonight, intimating you may find the spark of love in the air or ring in 2009 in some creative endeavor.

Thursday Mars kicks off the New Year with passionate talks or meetings about love, kids, recreation, speculation, or creative projects. There is opportunity here that is positive so open up. Mercury enters your home and property zone and this begins a month of talks and meetings about where you live and any security issues you have.

Friday brings a surprise or change around something recreational or fun, involving kids, lovers or creativity. This seems exciting and the only opposing factor is your responsibility to groups or friends.


Focus on the money you make or spend on Monday. Feelings are buoyant and Jupiter is egging you on to either make more or spend on something that would make you happy in an over-the-top kind of way. Don’t worry, it is your ruler afterall, you will be just fine.

Tuesday is a very communicative day. Phones ringing, emails piling up, short trips and meetings, it could be a bit of a madhouse but that suits you just fine. Rebel and say the first thing on your mind!

Wednesday is lucky once again and once again it is about news or meetings regarding your income. So you are seeing more money coming in the form of a bonus or raise or new income or you are deciding to spend on something you really want. Saturn is Retrograding in your career Midheaven this night of New Year’s Eve. This means that all the work and burden of career and goals is going to lighten up from this point and from here forward you will be doing some inner work to realign yourself with your true goals up ahead. The Moon enters Pisces and intimates that you will be spending New Year’s Eve at home or doing something towards satisfying your security needs.

Thursday Mars kicks off the New Year by making or spending money, yes, again! It is an opportunity towards getting you home or satisfying security needs. Mercury enters the arena of communications so you can spend the next month meeting and talking about writing, speaking, doing something locally or involving siblings.

Friday brings a surprise or change regarding home or security needs. The only thing opposing this seems to be your responsibility to career and goals and the inner work you must commit to this at this point.


The Moon/Jupiter embrace on Monday is happening in your sign and so you should be feeling very happy and expansive today. Just be careful not to let it go to your waistline!

Tuesday is about income. This is about finding your own unique, original ideas and letting them attract money into your life or about spending your income on something innovative or special.

Wednesday brings more luck and prosperity your way as news or meetings take on bigger than life feelings. Do not hide yourself away today, this is wonderfully beneficial to you. Saturn is retrograding in your travel, education, media and legal zone. This means that the responsibility you have been shouldering in these areas are going to lighten up and internalize as you look for ways to make them work for you in the future. The Moon enters your third house and intimates that you will be spending New Year’s Eve locally with friends or with siblings.

Thursday Mars is going to push you out the door first thing in an effort to work on your body or image, so get going and set the New Year off on the right foot, this is positive energy. Mercury enters your income arena and this means that talks and meetings will be about earnings for the rest of the month.

Friday brings a surprising communication or meeting your way, don’t be caught too off guard. There is opposing energy here that involves responsibility to travel, someone far away, education, legal issues or something media related. Balance is key.

Take Monday to rest, retreat, day dream about anything you can fantasize about. You can spend time working on something in private or researching if you desire or if you need to visit a hospital this is positive energy to support you. Any of these areas bring luck.

Tuesday the energy is all about you. This is electric. Use it to work on your image, take care of your body, do something independent involving your identity or exciting about yourself. Allow your ego to emerge in a rebellious way, trust me, it is good for you just about now.

Wednesday brings amazing news or meetings that are secret, or about something secret. This could be news you discover through research or working in a fantasy related field. Even dealing with an institution is positive today. Call or send out word. Saturn Retrogrades in the area of sex and money this New Year’s Eve. This means that the responsibility or duty you have felt here is going to lift a bit and you are going to be dealing with an inner work ethic around these things as you figure out what you really are willing to put up with or not. The Moon enters your income zone intimating that you will be spending money to enjoy the evening or possibly making money tonight!

Thursday Mars is kicking off the New Year with more fantasy action. Whatever goes on behind the scenes is passionate and positive. Mercury enters your sign and you can expect that over the next month there will be more than the normal amount of talks and meetings about you and your needs. Use this opportunity wisely.

Friday Uranus is bringing a surprise or change around income so you may be spending on something unique or making money in a rebellious way. Saturn is the only thing holding you back as he reminds you of any perceived lack coming from a joint resource.


Fill your day with friendship and social occasions if at all possible on Monday. Jupiter is blessing these connections with luck and happiness. You have every right to feel your aspirations are on track at this time as well, just trust your highest insights.

Tuesday the energy is about rest, retreat, fantasy, research, or dealing with institutions. The energy is also about being independent, thinking outside the box, following your own inner voice and daring to be original. Don’t let fear hold you back.

Wednesday the combination of Mercury and Jupiter is guaranteeing you at least one hugely positive talk or meeting with a friend or associate. This should be great news and luck when getting together with someone on a similar wavelength. Saturn is Retrograding in your partnership zone as the New Year’s Eve begins to kick in. This begins less responsibility and loss connected with a significant other or business partner. Now the trick is to do the inner work so you can find your way to a better definition of working partnerships up ahead. The Moon slips into your sign and indicates that the evening’s festivities are going to be about you, no matter where you end up! Sweet.

Thursday Mars jumps out of the New Year’s gate as a friend. This means that you will be doing something with a friend or attending another social function today. The energy is positive and brings opportunity. Mercury enters your hidden part of the chart. This means that talks and meetings over the next month will be secretive, about work done behind the scenes, fantasy work, research, and dealings with institutions such as hospitals and prisons.

Friday expect a surprise or change and you are the one going to be doing it! You are going to have the need for independence or outrageousness involving your own body or image. You may physically just set off in a new direction or do something interesting to your look. The only thing holding you back seems to be responsibility or feeling restricted by a partner. Good luck with the balancing act!


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