Friday, December 5, 2008

Zoe's weekend forecast Dec. 6-7

Oh kitties, there's a wild talk or meeting coming to a head mid day that is trying HARD to help you figure out what you really think, to help you focus your thoughts which will then manifest your world, onto the path you want to take. So look closely at what comes up today and ask yourself this question, "If I could only put my beautiful energy into ONE thing, what would it be and what can I do today to WORK towards that?"
Remember that when we are going through transitions, sometimes the Universe socks it to us to give us that little shove from the proverbial nest, if it feels like that today, you STILL have time on the way out onto the winds while your wings are desperately trying to open up, to ask yourself that question!
Feelings will be fierce or passionate over whatever it is since the Moon is heading into Aries. Keep your claws retracted! This is good energy, you need days like this to make your word manifest. Neptune will help you to find the higher ground as the day progresses, forming the kind of wonderful aspect that brings romantic and spiritual inspirations to light.
Sunday is about one thing: Venus entering Aquarius. Watch out! Love is going to get experimental, outrageous, you may find yourself being attracted to more eccentric types, or wanting your freedom. Money is going to be made or spent on wild and unusual objects, techno gadgets, and humanitarian causes!
Legal issues regarding work or health, or some other form of higher mind issue such as education, media or travel regarding work or health is the theme of mind over matter on Saturday. You passionately defend yourself or your ideals. Where in this group of topics is your way forward? A spiritual or artistic friend helps you find your inspiration later tonight.
Sunday brings a breath of fresh air with Venus entering your friendship zone and female friends opening doors to love or money.
Bring your mind and your efforts together over money or sex. This is a big issue here. The feeling of loss or work is around creative outlets, children or lovers. You may feel angry and want to retreat or motivated and want to push forward, either way feelings are charged. Neptune gives you the inspiration to navigate career waters from this in some artistic or intuitive way.
Sunday Venus enters your career Midheaven and beams the ability to attract love and money, whichever is your goal. A female met now will have a positive if not unusual effect on career.
The conversation on Saturday is a whopper with a partner about something serious or loss related around home or security needs. The work you have done here or the duty you feel here is meeting with new thoughts about partnership. What do you want to put the energy into? Emotions are with friends and aspirations. Talks with partners lead to opportunity to deal with legalities, promote or travel.
Sunday Venus enters your house of higher learning, travel, media and the law. This is where you can make or spend money and attract love now.
The talk or meeting is about work or health and it is seriously focused on what you write, think, communicate or speak. Emotions are focused on career and goals. Solutions come through outside money sources that are artistically or romantically based.
Sunday Venus enters your joint finances and sexual intimacy zone. This is where love and money will flow, find you and be expressed now, put yourself outside the box.
You are talking or meeting with a loved one about serious income issues or possessions. It's possible that the talk is over a creative project and the money involved as well. You need to get your mind around what you are willing to work for here. Look to your partner for fun and inspiration later on in the day.
Sunday Venus enters your partnership house and you should see a significant smoothing out of balance between the two of you. Look to important connections now for love and money.
The talk or meeting is about home or property and your personal responsibilities as well as your physical presence in the matter. Your needs are key in this conversation. You will feel like focusing on money or intimacy later in the day. Work takes on an artistic slant.
Sunday Venus enters your work and health zone. Expect to spend and attract love and money through these channels.
The daily environment, communications and siblings are where the conversations are going to be with a slant towards what is going on behind the scenes or involving some sort of restriction going on in secret or through escapism, fantasy, substance abuse or research. Partners and loved ones are key to opening up now.
Sunday Venus enters your house of true love, children and creativity. This is an amazing time when you can attract wonderful people and situations to your life and enhance the ones already there.
The tough talk or meeting is about earnings and it is with an older friend or about something serious with a friend or association. How do you combine your thoughts about income with this connection? Work is where you are emotionally. There is a wonderful vibe at home today, open up and share what you are thinking.
Sunday Venus enters your home and property arena. This helps you attract love and money here and to spend money on things of beauty at home.
You need to open up about your own needs or physical well being today and it may be tough as you will feel that your career or goals are weighing in heavy here on the other side of an obstacle. Put some time into romantic talks with a loved one, they will go better.
Sunday Venus enters your communications zone and you will now come across to others with less bite. It will be easier to smooth things out with nice words, promises of love and money.
The challenging talk or meeting is about a secret or something going on behind the scenes. This could be about a self-destructive energy or fantasy or dealing with an institution. The serious part is the challenge to legal, educational, media or travel plans.
Sunday Venus enters your income arena and opens up a nice time of attracting more money and a desire to spend on things of beauty.
It may be hard but you need to talk to a friend about money or pay a friend for something today that will feel challenging. The Moon enters Aries so your communications will be passionate. A friend helps you connect with your spirituality or artistic nature.
Sunday Venus enters your sign and shines her lovely glow upon your image and body. You will find you are attracting others like bees to honey, enjoy! This is a good time to improve your appearance with new hair styles or looks or spend money on things that makes you feel better.
You need to bring mind over matter regarding career or goals with a partner. There is some issue about work or restriction here, or differing ways of thinking about the work that needs to be remedied. Your feelings are wrapped up in earnings today. Time alone to think things through and research or fantasize will do you good later in the day.
Sunday Venus enters your hidden part of the chart. Love and money will come through retreat, private research, fantasy, dreams, intuition, and dealings with institutions now. A love interest sparked now would tend to be secretive at first.

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