Friday, December 26, 2008

Zoe's Weekend Forecast Dec. 27-28

In the field beyond the Pleiades there’s a light that grows like wild flowers blue, it bends to gentle breezes and thoughts just made by man. If you leave your breath behind you, entreat the conscious veil to let you slip past dreamscape, there your mind will three times free the unwinding of immortal trails that summon you to gather what your soul is ready to create. Refuse to believe it otherwise. You are amazing beings. ~Zoe Moon

I write this poem to you my friends because this weekend changes many things. It is powerful. Mars is active, the New Moon is starting new themes, both are in the same sign and just after these energies push in, Mars meets Pluto and nothing is going to be the same. Some of you will experience this on it’s highest level and therefore do things or see things happening that completely transform your world. Some will experience this in painful ways as Pluto destroys something with Mars’ help, to make way for your steps ahead.

If at any time, you find yourself obsessively or manipulatively acting out…STOP. Do not go there, it will find it’s way back to you and not that far up ahead, the energy is like a boomerang, you are spiritual seekers, you can step away from your bodies and their chemical desires long enough to see your soul in the grand scheme of why you are here and what you wish to achieve. It is a weekend. It is going to change some things. The New Moon may give you over the next two weeks to see it occur but occur it will. Pluto can mean fear, do not act on fear, act from your truth and you will be alright. Lead the world in the direction we all long to go.


Your ruling lord today enters the sign of ambition and reputation to push you towards making your goals a reality. This is more impassioned or aggressive than anything you have known in some time, Mars is helping you to crystallize your goals. The goddess Moon is new in this sign on the tail of this flame. This means, dear Aries, that it is now that you begin in earnest to set your life up for the next year in the career of your future. Take action today and over the next two weeks to begin what you dream. If action is taken upon you then know it is to move things out of your way so you can strive to be your best self. You won’t be able to sit the fence this weekend, anger may try to overcome you, focus on your highest vibrations. Venus and Neptune share an embrace, blessing your friendships and aspirations with the highest form of love and inspiration.

Sunday brings opportunity to talk about innovative ideas and the kind of work you see fit moving forward but the main event today is the meeting of Mars and Pluto. Once again, it is your ruler who is instigating the action. Pluto can be about huge change and transformation or deep manipulations, death and destruction. Mars will push for some action associated with Pluto’s themes. You are seeing this embrace in the career and ambition zone as well as in your dealings with people in a position of authority. Strive to transform and assume personal power rather than find yourself in a dangerous eruption with someone with the power over you. Some Aries will see themselves up against an authority figure or a corporation that is taking action to end or change something, remember the bigger picture. Protect yourself today as your ruler is being taken over to some extent if you don’t pace yourself. I am transforming, my goals in life are transforming.


Mars is entering the place that rules travel, education, publishing, media, politics, religion, ceremony, and law on Saturday. He will want you to take action. The New Moon today is in this sign as well. She will want you to take action. You have two weeks to make something happen, book a flight, engage someone far away, marry, sign up for a class, file your papers in court, launch your website or send in your manuscript . Venus and Neptune come together to bring the highest form of blessing to whatever you set forth on today, dream it and do it now.

Sunday brings interesting friends and serious creative work together as you focus on the topics brought forward on Saturday. The big news today comes with the meeting of Mars and Pluto. This can be dangerous energy as there is intense power and action melding here but in it’s highest form this can be about using the action dynamic of Mars to powerfully transform your world through Pluto’s soul energy. Whatever you are embarking upon is going to change your life. Law or legal action, education, travel, publishing, any of the areas brought forth on Saturday, your actions, passions or aggressions are going to lead to total transformation, take the high road.


My dear Gemini, this is going to be a weekend you don’t soon forget. Mars is entering your arena of shared resources and intimacy. This is the house of loans, credit, debt, divorce, death, sex, and anything else that belongs to the ‘other’ that is shared. This is the place of deep intimacy and connection. Saturday begins with Mars pushing you to take action or express passion or anger here. The New Moon is opening this arena asking you to take action as well. She gives you two strong weeks to instigate something in these realms towards new beginnings that will color the year ahead.

Sunday asks you to take home seriously and strive to answer for yourself what home is and where, as your goals and reputation are changing before your eyes. The true thrust of the day however comes from Mars again. This time he means business in no uncertain terms. He is meeting with Pluto on the same degree and this can be the defining moment when action changes things forever. Pluto will seek to destroy to transform and Mars will light the fuse. So know that the action, passion or anger brought forward today will not be reversible and will play out sexually or through shared money, death, divorce or any other joint finances. DO NOT stray into dangerous places or push the buttons of someone who could take this energy to it’s lowest form, seek to do what is needed to change your life for the better by claiming your personal power.


As a conduit for the goddess energy of family and nurture, country and home, you are a sign that falls naturally into partnership, it suits your need to take care of others to have someone close. On Saturday, Mars enters your partnership arena and is going to begin to make things happen. The New Moon is also in this sign for you and she will make things happen as well. You have two strong weeks to connect and combine with others. This means romantic and business partners as well as those who represent you. Mars here is about action and passion but is also about anger and aggression as well, see which way your partner manifests this energy. Venus and Neptune are embracing, bringing a magical glow or fog to shared money resources or sexual intimacy.

Sunday brings serious talks and interesting insights from afar. The big thrust of the day however, comes from Mars finding his way to the same degree occupied by Pluto. This is the god of war and passion merging with the lord of the underworld, death and transformation. It is happening in your partnership sign. So, expect a partner to take action to transform your world today or that some transformational or destructive thing occurring to them to affect the partnership. You will know beyond a shadow of a doubt what you are dealing with now as this energy can take it’s highest form through the partner by doing something to make huge changes or in it’s lowest form, attack or manipulate from dark corners. All you have to do is watch to see who and what this person is and then use the New Moon’s energy over the next two weeks to go for it or let it go.


Saturday begins a strong push forward in areas of work or health for you, dear Leo. Mars is forging his way through these doors bringing action, aggression or passion into the work you are tackling or any health issue you may have before you. At the same time, the New Moon is occurring in these same arenas, giving you two strong weeks to begin something new here. Any issues with pets can be taken on now as well. If you want a new pet or are looking for work, get out there. If you are under the weather, you should be able to find a doctor or clinic whose opinion you trust now who can help you. Venus and Neptune are embracing to bring a wonderous magic to the highest side of your partnership.

Sunday is a day to remain open to new ideas and serious feelings, if it hits you as unusual, talk it through, you may be surprised at what you discover. Mars is again active today and this time it is really big as he meets up with Pluto. This is action and passion or aggression coming together with death and destruction or major change and transformation. Since this is occurring in your health house as well as your work and pet arena, make sure that you are extra careful with yourself today, if you feel down at all seek assistance right away as this could escalate. You can take action to transform the health issue if you are on top of it now. Ditto whatever work you are going after or if a pet seems low today. Last word of caution, stay away from animals that might bite.


This is a big weekend for you dear Virgo. Absolutely all of the action and I do mean action, is going to be playing out through your fifth house. The fifth house rules true love, love affairs, children, speculation, gambling, and creative projects. Pick one and prepare to see some things take off. Mars is entering this arena and the New Moon is in this house as well today. You have two strong weeks beginning now to make something happen, passion or anger, action or aggression, do it or end it. Venus and Neptune are embracing in your work and health arena to bring a kind of magical glow to the work or helping you find some spiritual inroads to better health.

Sunday is going to shake you to the core, that is if you aren’t already. Mars is going to embrace Pluto in your fifth house. So, action or passion or anger that destroys or transforms is on the agenda. It comes through lovers, children or creative projects, take extra care with children, if you don’t want to conceive a child right now, skip the fireworks today or use double the protection, otherwise, make sure your kids are in safe environments. In creative projects you can move mountains, just take care that you don’t ride over all else with a steamroller as you may need human contact in the future. If love is transformed today, good for you, if love is destroyed today, this was it’s time to fall away, you have the best year of your life ahead in the realms of love.


Home, property, security needs or mom. The weekend is going to revolve around one of these things and it is going to be VERY active. Mars is moving into these arenas to make things happen, to kick up passions or anger. At the same time, the New Moon is happening here today and opening up two strong weeks to begin new things in any of these areas. So you can see you are going to be pushing forward now. Venus and Neptune embrace in your house of true love and creative projects so there is a magical glow and higher vibration circulating around these as well as around children in your life.

Sunday talks are serious and bring insights or surprises that can be good for you if you remain open. The big news is Mars continues on amping up the level around home, property, security needs or mom as he meets up with Pluto in a loud and powerful embrace. This is about action, passion or aggression meeting death or destruction or transformation involving your foundations in life. Think new beginnings, what you do today will not be undoable but the time is now.


The weekend is gearing up to be huge for you and it is going to be playing out in one of a few areas, either your neighborhood, with siblings, or in communications such as through lots of meetings, calls, emails or what you write or speak. Short trips rate in the agendas as well. Mars is moving in here so there is going to be more action, passion and possible anger around what is communicated, local or involving sibs. The New Moon is here as well today so you are getting two strong weeks to open up something new in these arenas, so send out manuscripts, speak your mind, reach out to brothers or sisters, change neighborhoods. Venus and Neptune embrace bringing a certain magic to home today, this is where the inspiration, love or money is found.

Sunday brings some unusual ideas and serious feelings into the mix but the really big energy is when Mars meets up with Pluto in your communications, siblings and local neighborhood arena. This is action, passion, aggression, anger, meeting death and destruction and transformation. The energy is powerful and is going to make something happen that leaves things different than they were before. You can take the highest form of this and passionately transform or you can be pulled into the lower forms of anger and manipulation and destructive behavior, think about that before you utter a word over this weekend, each sound from you is carrying more than you realize and you will not be able to undo what you set upon.


Income and what you spend, values and what you possess, these are the areas getting a huge hit of energy over this weekend. Mars moves into the zone today along with the New Moon occurring here. This gives you two strong weeks to go after new income, to spend on something significant, to begin something that aligns with your higher values. Mars is bringing action and anger and passion and aggression so you can go after is in whatever way you choose. Venus and Neptune are embracing in your communications zone so the magic is in what you write or speak, love and art rule.

Sunday brings nice surprises to home or with family, talks are fresh and feelings are soundly secure. The big energy today is when Mars meets up on the same degree as Pluto in your income house. Mars makes something happen, Pluto destroys or transforms on a deep level. So you can see either a huge new income coming in or spending on something very important, some may feel the loss of an income or possession today, guard your wallets. Whatever is occurring seems to be in line with pushing you towards your new souls growth, there is just likely to be no fence sitting today.


Well my dear Capricorn, go easy on yourself and others this weekend, the energy is pouring into your sign and it is not the easiest energy to handle. You are going to feel the pulse of Mars as he crashes the gates and amps up physical energy within you. He is moving into your sign and will want action or passion or anger to come through your body, image, identity or ego needs. You may decide to do something about your image today and get physical about it or you may get angry if your ego feels slighted. The New Moon is happening here today as well so this blesses you with two strong weeks to begin something new, change your body, your hair, your name, your behavior. Venus and Neptune embrace to bring something inspirational and promising to your income sector, think arts or females.

Sunday will give you ample opportunity to express yourself in your unique way and you should feel serious about what you are conveying. The big news however is the meeting of Mars and Pluto in your sign. Once again your body, image, ego or identity is being charged by Mars action oriented energy, do something! This time however, Pluto is going to raze something to the ground to rebuild, it is the phoenix from the ashes time, you can’t go back, you need to destroy to transform, let go of the old identity, move forward. For any of you with health issues, if you get the slightest inkling today get yourself to the doctor and don’t put yourself in situations where you could be in danger. Transformation is the word you want.


The weekend is gearing up to be big for everyone and for our dear Aquarius it is most interesting. Things are going to happen this weekend, Mars is going to make sure of it, the New Moon is going to make sure of it, both very bold today. What is interesting is where this is playing out for you, it is happening in the secret part of your life, behind closed doors, work behind the scenes, research, snooping around, dreams, fantasy, film, acting, psychic abilities, and escapism, self-undoing and any dealings with confinement such as prisons or hospitals. You have two strong weeks from today to do something, begin something here. Venus and Neptune are embracing in your sign which is favoring you with an almost magical glow, others are bound to notice you now, you seem almost angelic.

Sunday the really big guns come out as Mars meets up with Pluto behind the scenes in your life. This is about action or passion or anger or aggression meeting death or destruction or change or transformation. It is powerful and is going to make something move. What is moving is happening under the surface, with a fantasy or film, with research or secrets, with hospitals or other institutions, from a hidden enemy or self sabotaging tendency. You can make a huge change in your life over this weekend if you use the higher form of this energy and meditate, get deep within yourself and ask for the answers to find you.


Mars is entering your social realm on Saturday and is going to bring a lot more action, passion or anger into friendships, parties, networking and aspirations. The New Moon is occurring in the same realm and this opens up two strong weeks ahead to begin new things with friends, meet new friends, involve yourself in networks and open up your aspirations to the world. Venus and Neptune are embracing so you have the blessing of the goddess of love and money and the lord of artistic, spiritual and romantic energy to do something behind the scenes, in fantasy or through research to enhance what you are opening your new world up to.

Sunday brings some surprises to you that should be sweet, remain open to spontaneous moments as they are likely to support you. The big event of the day is when Mars meets up with Pluto in your friendship, associations, social functions and aspirations zone. This is about action that transforms or destroys. It can be a blowout with a friend or something you passionately engage in with them that completely transforms you, there is a load of power here and it wants to happen so take that into count as you move forward. Any new friend you meet today is going to have a major impact on your life, good or bad, you won’t be the same person at the end of the journey.


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