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Sunday, December 14, 2008

Zoe's weekly forecast Dec. 15-19

It’s one of those weeks where you will be up and down as the energy takes you on a lovely little ride. You get to decide what you are willing to work with and what you will do to get what you want. The Universe is setting it up so these challenges come to you and help you define what it is really about. Remember, you are at the beginning of a long phase, it is ok to not have every duck in a row, it is ok to feel apprehensive about the big changes, but do your best to trust the process and to move forward into the new with confidence and excitement.
Monday challenges even the most dynamic Aries as your ruler takes on Saturn. This seems to show you busy, doing your best to take action involving travel, education, publishing or other forms of media, or involved in a legal matter. Saturn is squaring this action by way work or health issues. This is a time to push hard even if you feel as though you aren’t getting anywhere. Under this influence the payoff comes later, just show up and do what is necessary and don’t let it get to you if results aren’t immediate.
Tuesday brings much better energy your way and shows these same realms of legalities, travel, education or media moving forward as you once again make things happen, this time in concert with an artistic or spiritual friend or aspiration. Groups are favored as well today.
Wednesday is just an incredible day to get a pile of work done. Do yourself a favor and focus on career or goals that are important to yourself and go after them today. Both Mercury and Pluto are helping you get through on a deep, connected level through your communications and meetings.
Thursday you may feel a bit run down or self-undone so breath, take it easy, you most likely pushed for the stars over the last few days. Today you may have to deal with something you weren’t expecting and more issues around travel, education, legal or educational matters, pace yourself.
Friday is a mixed bag. First your feelings are empowered over career or work and the positive transformations occurring there. Second, a travel, media, educational or legal challenge is making you feel like you are up against it on the work front. Partnerships are going to be important today and there is one more challenge to overcome in the charge towards your goals together.
Mars is squaring Saturn, not the easiest energy to deal with, Mars wants you to make things happen, Saturn wants to hold you back. Mars is acting out in your sex and money zone so you want to see some progress here. Saturn is withholding or demanding more work in your true love, children and creative projects zone. Do what you can and don’t let the day discourage you, you are just at a time of testing here.
Tuesday is So much better as Neptune listens to Mars and offers up an opportunity. For you this is a big hello to your goals whether they are romantic, artistic or spiritual, push again on the doors of intimacy or outside money sources, you should see some results.
Wednesday brings some breakthroughs concerning your feelings about loved ones and creativity. The goddess Moon is meeting with Mercury and Pluto to inspire feelings about travel, education, legal matters and all media. Today should be about communicating and deep connection.
Thursday you can expect the unexpected from a friend or a change in a social function or group activity. If you are feeling a bit squashed creatively today blame it on Saturn asking you to get serious about what you really want. Or better put, what do you love enough to work hard for? Sex brings fireworks for better or worse.
Feelings about love and creativity take a higher turn on Friday due to the transformations you are seeing in the ways you expand your world. Whatever challenge you feel about how you see yourself sexually or involving joint finances or big money, do yourself a favor and don’t let it cloud your feelings towards loved ones. The day revs down towards more work as you try to tackle the travel, education, legal or media issue at hand.
Mars has you charging after something partner related, it could be passion or action, even anger if you get caught off guard, just fuel up and be prepared to tackle the issue. Saturn on the other hand is limiting you maneuvers in some way around home or security issues. He is saying, slow it down, you aren’t going to move or sell or redecorate just yet or he is cramping your style a bit at home. It is as it is meant to be, continue to plow forward with the partner or doing what needs done but don’t expect instant results regarding where you or they are living just yet.
Tuesday brings wonderful opportunity with a partner and this shows as you getting lots done, making things happen, all with the opportunity that is based around artistic or spiritual media, travel, educational, or legal matters.
Wednesday the vibes are the best. Focus on home and security needs and the inroads into deep and profound change in areas of joint finances or shared money, and/or sexual intimacy. Talk, talk, talk today, make plans.
Thursday goals are spun about as Uranus strikes with inspiration or sudden shifts or surprises. Home is still somehow holding you back or feeling restricted, do your best to find balance between the two arenas. Mars is triggered in partnership so passion or anger are possible, choose the high road.
Friday helps you to connect on a deep level about the important things regarding intimacy or money. There is still a prickle between partnership and home as you work this week through the obstacle so that up ahead you can benefit from the good. Creativity and love take on more importance later in the day as Pluto triggers the need to connect on a deep level.
Mars is pushing you to tackle more work than normal and passions are high. Saturn on the other hand is restricting you in some way locally or making talks about the work or health issue more challenging. This is push/pull energy and you will do best to just do what you can without letting the obstacles get you down, you are going exactly as fast as you are meant to right now.
Tuesday Mars gets to dance with Neptune and this is going to be much better energy for you. Mars is amping up the work you get done and tackling any health issues as well. Neptune is opening up opportunity for money to support artistic expression or romantic energy around sexual intimacy. This could be a passionate day.
Wednesday is the day to schedule all meetings and talks with partners. The Moon is meeting with Mercury and Pluto in a harmonious trine so you can expect talks to be powerful and transformational.
Thursday Uranus is going to throw his lightning bolt into legal matters, media, travel, or educational matters so do your best to adjust to changes or surprises here. Talks may be intense about work or health today as you do your best to communicate a serious matter.
Friday talks with partners are favored, the feelings are genuinely deep. Your work or health is tied to your image or body in some way and talks about this are challenging. Feelings about home are pushing at partnership transformations as well.
Mars is mixing it up with Saturn on Monday, they are known for being a bit volatile together as mars tries to push things through, gets passionate or angry, while Saturn tries to hold things back, be serious or restrictive. Mars wants what he wants regarding a lover, child or creative project. Saturn is holding onto the income tightly, either regarding what you are making or spending. Don’t let money come between you and what you love today, this is just testing energy and a bump in the road you can overcome.
Tuesday Mars is excited by Neptune and this is going to be so much sweeter for you dear Leo. This is about passion and action in the love and creative department meeting up with romance and artistic expression in the partnership zone. Take the day to express your emotions and enjoy.
Wednesday is a great money day. Do your Holiday shopping today and you should find great deals and love what you buy. This is also a great day to earn money or take meetings, make calls to people about work and ask for what you need.
Thursday Uranus is throwing in a wild card around credit or debt that you will need to be ready to pay on or deal with if it is not the right amount. Whatever money issue pops up, just do your best to work it through. Mars is going to want you to spend money on a loved one today or a creative project, once again, some balancing is key.
Friday Pluto is going to help you get lots done and you should feel good about what you are making or spending on today. Somehow, the way you shine in the arena of love or creativity seems to be at stake in this. Talks take on a more emotionally deep tone later in the day as you try to express important issues.
Mars and Saturn are challenging you on Monday as Mars wants things to happen with home, kicking up lots of activity here, while Saturn is making you feel limited personally in some way by it all. If responsibilities seem intense today or you feel you can’t make things happen regarding home or property, know you are in a testing moment and just show up and do the work of taking care of yourself and your needs best you can.
Tuesday Mars and Neptune dance and this is sweet as Mars is activating home again but this time to Neptune’s artistic, romantic or spiritual energy in the work you do or your health. So use the day to make beautiful music in the home. Fantasy work may define your home now.
Wednesday is the day to mark on your calendar this week. Spend it with a lover or doing something fun, recreational, take time with children or dive into a creative project. The aspects speak of profoundly positive times and deep, intimate conversations.
Thursday Uranus is tossing in a last minute change or surprise from a partner. Saturn is urging you to withhold yourself in some way. So you are going to have to find balance once again, adapting to change will take some effort. Mars is kicking up energy in the home again as well, you look like a busy star sign today.
Friday love and creativity are receiving positive vibrations in the first part of the day, more challenging in the latter, so approach these energies first thing. Put time into what you need at home.
Mars and Saturn are squaring which is bringing dynamic energy to talks and meetings, as well as with neighborhood or sibling issues. Mars is passionate or angry as he comes up against Saturn saying slow down, this is going to be work or held back a bit longer. Saturn is limiting energy in the area of hospitals, prisons, dreamscape, fantasy, research and any escapist activities. Continue to make your point passionately, even if you feel things aren’t moving behind the scenes, you are making progress.
Tuesday Mars meets Neptune in a wonderful energy that is going to stimulate passionate talks and meetings with lovers, or about children or creative projects. This is an opportunity to express your desires under supportive energy so don’t hold back.
Wednesday is a perfect day for hiding away at home to daydream or rest. Research would bring you the best results of a while now especially if you are trying to dig deep and uncover information about a home, property, security need or childhood issue.
Thursday Uranus is taking a health, work or pet issue in a new direction, don’t be afraid to change course. This may require you coming out of your seclusion a bit and that may feel premature but it seems you will have to find balance. Watch the words you use today even if a secret comes up in the mix.
Friday brings ease at home in the first part of the day, less so later on. Communications tend to be challenging again and revolve around hidden things or institutions.
Mars square Saturn means you want to do something (Mars) and you can’t make it happen fast enough or it takes more work or lacks something (Saturn). For you this is playing out between your money and a friend, aspiration or social function. So watch that you don’t get down trying to figure out how to make or spend money in one of these areas. It is going as fast as it can, if a friend pulls out today in some money making venture or can’t pay you back just yet, this too is something you have the tools to work through.
Tuesday Mars meets up with Neptune and the actions are much happier. This is about money and the home. Neptune says dream, romanticize, find your spiritual center, fantasize. Make or spend money here for positive results.
Wednesday should be the day you get together with friends, talk, meet, attend a social event, and expect some profound moments, all positive.
Thursday a lover, child or creative project is where Uranus is going to be acting out his sudden shifts or surprises. You feel obligated to a social function or friend or that you are restricted in your ability to connect here because of the shift. Do your best to tackle the money issue somewhere in the middle of this all and find balance.
Friday brings communications to a deep level. The early part of the day has your back here more than the latter, so schedule talks and meetings for the first half. Income is still tied to the friend or social obligation, look for ways to meet your needs in this.
Mars and Saturn square today and that is somewhat frustrating as Mars wants to go and do while Saturn wants to restrict or take time. Mars is amping up in your first house so your ego needs or body or image are wanting to go for something while Saturn is withholding a bit in the area of your goals. Just keep moving forward and don’t worry if it seems to be taking longer than you want it to. DO NOT get in a conflict with an authority figure today.
Tuesday Mars and Neptune are dancing. This means good things for you. Talks or meetings about you, your needs, or your image or body are going to meet with artistic, romantic or spiritual energy that is helping you achieve something. So schedule the haircut or dye job or meet the lover at a local haunt.
Wednesday is all about career and income. It is very good news. Mercury and Pluto are meeting the Moon here and so communications are powerful and transformational and positive, show me the money!

Thursday Uranus is bringing a surprise or change at home or with property or mom. It is likely that you have your hands full with career responsibilities or that your goals are taking up a good part of your time so do your best to balance the two and roll with the punches. You won’t be sitting still today.
Friday brings positive energy around income in the first part of the day and more challenging later in the day especially involving friends or a party. So buy gifts or focus on earning in the beginning of the day.
Mars and Saturn are squaring today so you are going to be dealing with wanting to get things done and being held back at the same time. This is playing out between the work you are trying to do behind the scenes, dealings with institutions, or fantasy or research work, and what is being held back legally, in publishing or media, education or travel.
Tuesday Mars meets Neptune and this is wonderful energy about passions and actions that meet with romance, artistic expression or spirituality. For you making or spending money is favored somehow tied to all of this so dare to dream.
Wednesday you hit your stride. This is a great day to travel, host a visitor, interact with someone at a distance, learn or teach, publish or promote, or deal with legal issues. Talks and meetings will be profound and positive.
Thursday Uranus is going to toss in a wild card making something come at you in the neighborhood, with a sibling or through some unexpected communication. If you are a writer it could come through this medium. You will need to think on your toes and take it as it comes. It looks like the publishing, travel, education or legal matter is going to be restricted a bit because of the shift of the day, find balance.
Friday brings intimacy early in the day if you are open to it. You may feel like time alone but it seems you have to deal with the visit, teaching, legal or publishing need. Goals and career are going to take up much of the latter part of the day.
Mars is pushing you to do something with friends while Saturn is restricting you some way in the area of shared resources or intimate connections today. It’s a tough square so do your best to find ways to work around it.
Tuesday will make you much happier as Mars moves into dance with Neptune. This means that you are going to be able to socialize to your heart’s content, spend time with friends or chase aspirations, it is all dreamy and artistically inspired.
Wednesday is a golden day to focus on doing your research, digging for answers, putting your mind into a deep fantasy realm, all to deal with intimacy or outside money sources in a positive way.
Thursday Uranus is going to spark some sudden shift or surprise and it is going to affect your pocket book or wallet. This could be you wanting to spend money on some unusual object or something changing in the way you earn money, whatever, watch that you don’t go in debt over it. Wanting to do something with friends seems to be the stimulus.
Friday brings some deep connections with friends early in the day, if you are partnering with a friend deal with anything between you early on. Later the energy gets challenging and you will have to get around the money issue again.
Mars is squaring Saturn on Monday so you want to do your best not to get into it with a partner. You are striving hard towards goals today and Saturn is going to make it seem as though the partner is holding you back or demanding too much. Take time to pull back from the energy and ask if this is really best, instead of lashing out. You will reach where you are going, it just seems the universe is intent on making it take a bit longer.
Tuesday Mars meets Neptune in a much sweeter vibration. Neptune will help you daydream or fantasize about what to do, or to research or interact with institutions, all in a way that leads you to taking more action on the career front or towards goals.
Wednesday is the day to put in time with a friend about partnership. This is the day to talk or meet and get to the core of issues in a positive way that may transform the situation.
Thursday Uranus is going to set you off in a new direction once again, you want your independence today and partners would do well to give you a wide berth. Saturn is making you feel restricted in some way by partnership so once again, take time to really access if this is real or if it is just hard work right now. You are best advised to put your energy into the goal.
Friday the partner/friendship is going to flow well in the early part of the day up until you feel your ego is somehow threatened regarding your reputation or goals. It is possible that the way you see yourself before the public and the way they do are two different things. Shared money resources need tackling later in the day and how that pans out with a friend.

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