Friday, December 12, 2008

At least I can tell you that this is a weekend without a major planetary event! That is assuming we all make it through Friday's Full Moon and major aspects! The energies are mixed so there will be some emotional confrontations where you feel you are not being heard or you may wish to express an emotion to it’s inth degree.

At the same time, there is wonderful opportunity to shine in the areas of artistic expression, romance or spirituality, as well as moments where imaginative breakthroughs, unique insights and brand new visions can take hold.


Depending on how secure you are feeling just now where your foundations in life are concerned will be equivilant to the energy you feed into emotional communications about your goals and career. If you are feeling sound, this will not be as intense a day is it will be for those who are trying to make the big changes happen now. The universe is favoring you shining in media, travel, education or legal matters if you involve artistic friends or groups.

Sunday something you learn from an unexpected source helps you deal with home or security needs. Work is on the agenda, you have the discipline to accomplish a lot today, especially around the house.


On one side are your feelings about your local environment or relationship with siblings. Your mind is tied deeply to your emotions and what you say today. On the other side are heavy or profound communications about legal matters, travel, media or education. Do your best to find balance. You shine in areas of outside money sources and the way you can find to favor an artistic goal of yours, use this to go after what you want.

Sunday talks with friends are inspiring, if not a bit eccentric or outside the box. The two of you could come up with some real gems today. Creative projects go well with effort so ask for help and get busy. Talks with loved ones are serious but offer opportunity in a positive way.


Your issues with earnings right now are pushing you to confront someone about shared resources. Conversations are going to be deep and profound. You shine in partnership regarding artistic or spiritual expression that goes out through media, travel, education or legal channels. There is opportunity here so push on these doors.

Sunday a nice surprise or change in career or with goals will leave you feeling better about earnings. You have serious opportunity to build upon your foundations and deal with home or property issues.


Your feelings are tied strongly to your own needs being met today and these are opposing a deep, profound conversation you are having with a partner. In other words, you need to put your cards on the table and deal with what you hear. You shine in the work you are doing today and there is opportunity to attract outside money sources through artistic expression.

Sunday brings nice surprises or changes around travel, media, education or legal matters, any of these arenas bode well for you so go with shifts that occur. Talks are serious and once again focused on your needs, today the energy is bringing opportunity.


You feel like being low key, private, retreating, or keeping your secrets to yourself. Mercury/Pluto have other ideas as they bring profound, heavy conversations or meetings about work or health or pets. Look to true love and creativity to feed your soul today as partners bring romance or artistic connection your way, it is all good.

Sunday your desire to rest or retreat, research or fantasize, is still strong and today Uranus is bringing wonderful surprises or excitement through sex, intimacy or outside money sources into the picture. Put some time into income matters when you can today, serious diligence pays off.


Saturday’s energy speaks of your feeling like socializing or connecting with friends but there is a heavy duty conversation or meeting on tap that is going to demand expression regarding lovers, children or creative projects. You are shining at home today and there is great artistic or romantic energy here to tackle work.

Sunday brings another surprise but this one is from a partner and opens up your social calendar in a nice way. There is opportunity to connect with a friend or group in a way that is serious for your image, body or ego needs, all positive.


You are likely to feel quite ambitious today but it seems that news or talks about home or property are going to throw a monkey wrench into our best laid plans. Do your best to find balance. Conversations with lovers, children or about creative projects are destined to bring opportunity for romance, the arts or spiritual connection.

Sunday Uranus is bringing some change or surprise to the work you do and this in turn is feeding positive energy to you achieving your goals. Time spent in serious research, fantasy or working behind the scenes brings about opportunity in the career midheaven as well.

SCORPIO:Talks or meetings in the neighborhood, about local issues, siblings or something you are writing or communicating about are due to be deep and profound today. Your feelings about a publishing, legal, travel, or educational matter are at odds with what is being discussed. Cheer yourself up with something beautiful for the home. Romance and artistic expression are shining here for you.

Sunday nice surprises or changes on the romantic front or with children or creative projects is bound to bring high hopes. Travel, publish, or take a legal or educational approach to the day, a friend could be the result.


Money is the focus of a powerful meeting or communication today. The challenge lies between ‘my money’ and ‘our money’ or ‘their money’. Do something artistic or spiritual or even romantic locally tonight, the stars are favoring a wonderful time, so dress up and get out there.

Sunday a nice change or surprise having to do with the home or property is going to have a sweet affect on intimacy or money. You are one step closer to your goal and should feel like connecting on a deep level. Keep working and putting in time towards what you desire.


Your feelings are being pushed and pulled between your own needs and a partner. Talks or meetings are going to go deep and have a profound affect, watch for power struggles via the pen or cell phone. This energy can be used to find a deeper understanding of each other or if you are not partnered now, to find out something key to what it is you want out of partnership. Research, work behind the scenes and fantasy lead to income.

Sunday a surprising talk or meeting brings nice changes to the idea of partnership, go with the flow, it favors you. Plan on travel, a legal matter or ceremony, or media or educational issues to include your partner, there is opportunity here for you.


Secrets are likely to fly today. With the meeting of Mercury and Pluto in your twelfth house, they could be big and life changing. Dig around and see what you find. If you have been struggling with health issues or dealing with someone else’s, you may get news today about an operation or other need to visit a hospital. Find time to spend with a friend or attend a party or gathering tonight, it will do you good.

Sunday Uranus is working for you and your income. Make money in unusual ways or spend on interesting things. Tackle work and health by going deep and being in charge, there is opportunity for positive results if you do.


Talks or meetings with a friend are going to be profound and deep today. Your feelings about love, children or creativity are going to be opposed to what is being discussed. You shine on the career front today and ambitions are high. Neptune is favoring your imagination or ability to vision your results.

Sunday Uranus brings a wonderful surprise or change to your body, image or ego needs, and this in turn sends you towards love and creativity. Be open to express yourself from your originality. Serious time with a partner today yields positive potential for growth in love or creativity.


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