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Zoe's weekly forecast Nov. 3-7

Well, I have already discussed what a significant week this is to our country and therefore, the world in the monthly forecast so I will not revamp the entire theme here. I am going to say again that Tuesday is not the final word on it all, and it is very likely that over the next year and a half, we are all going to have to look very seriously at what we believe in because our country is going to force us to take a stand in the crazy political events that are about to take place. There is a war in Heaven (Saturn/Uranus) with the first blow hit on Tuesday. As above, so below. You wanted to live in interesting times, remember?
I am going to focus on how this affects us on the personal level this week and you can decide for yourself about the bigger picture as it unfolds around you.
Most of the activity is in the first two days of the week. Monday Venus is getting into the middle of the Saturn/Uranus opposition that will be exact on Tuesday. Venus is about our money and the love in our lives. So one or the other is going to feel at stake for you as you look at the choices between Saturn and Uranus. Venus may also show up as a woman to point out the discrepancies. Saturn is about work, authority, structure, and commitment or loss, restriction and confinement while Uranus is about freedom, independence, novelty and change, or rebellion, revolution and anarchy.
On Tuesday the way you are thinking is going into the deep, sometimes obsessive, sign of Scorpio. Mars is challenging Neptune so actions will challenge beliefs, passions will challenge your romantic ideals, you could find yourself angry but not quite sure why or what is really going on. Do your best not to riot against perceived deceptions until you know what is what. Saturn opposes Uranus in the first of five face-offs. Are you going to break free or commit?
Wednesday Venus and Neptune make nice. If you have someone to love, dive in, it doesn’t get more romantic than this. If you are single, mingle. It is also an opportunity to come out of the fog financially a bit so look at your position.
Thursday continues in the positive love and money vibe but Mars is either angry about something or pushing you to go do something when what you really want to do is snuggle.
Friday a spiritual mindset takes over, philosophical debates and meditation beckon. The opportunity to change something profound on an emotional level within yourself is there for the delving.
Venus is pointing out an issue with love or money tied to travel, legal or contractual agendas, publishing, media, or education. It is in the middle of what you are working through between Saturn’s more and more restrictive feel in the work you do or with your health, and Uranus’s drive for freedom to do work in secret, behind the scenes or connected to something spiritual. With Uranus in this position you MUST watch for hidden enemies. I am not saying that all Aries will have to deal with one but the potential is there that you get side smacked by someone working against your interests. If this is so, you may see signs of it today. The other way Uranus can work at odds with you here is to amp up that negative loop you play in your head and affect your health so be mindful and send yourself loving energy for your body.
Tuesday news is intense. Communications are most likely going to make you angry so keep that in mind as you meet each challenging bit of information. Talks or news are about money, payouts, settlements, insurance, taxes or joint finances. There could be deception from a ‘friend’. Just breath, you have had an inkling about what is going on and you can handle this change. The overall change is going to take a year and a half to play out so you will have time incrementally step into the new arena. Saturn perfects the opposition to Uranus and the first stand off between work and what is going on behind the scenes, or between health and any form of substance abuse or dealings with hospitals, begins.
Wednesday brings an opportunity to deal with the publishing, media, travel, education, or legal issue. This will involve your money, your love or a woman. There will be a friend who can help you most likely in a secret way or digging into the matter on your behalf. Reach out.
Thursday your focus is on your friend and what you are doing together. Aspects are positive for dealing with the money or love issue today with this persons help. Mars shows you are set off once or push yourself to take action regarding the settlement, insurance, credit or other form of outside resource.
Friday you can take a deep breath. You have come through the storm as the Moon slips into Pisces, allowing you to rest, retreat, ease away from the wild week. Opportunity is there to see the changes you have made in the legal, publishing, media, travel, or education arena. Talks are beneficial today about the money source and any news you can glean through research or digging about behind the scenes.
Venus is asking you to take a good look at your finances on Monday. The goddess of love has your loans, credit, debt, insurance, settlements, alimony, child support, divorce and sex issues in hand as she stands in the middle of Saturn and Uranus. Venus is going to say show me the money or where is the love? Saturn is about something feeling more and more restricted with lovers, children or creativity while Uranus is pushing for change or freedom with aspirations and friendships.
Tuesday your thinking goes deep regarding partnerships, news may be intense. The actions a partner takes or you take regarding a partnership are due to anger issues around what is going on with career or goals that appears to be deceptive or just in a haze of fog and confusion. Saturn says children, lovers and creativity are work, time, commitment and restriction or loss while Uranus says friends, parties and aspirations are free, exciting, new and represent change. Remember that finances are in the middle of this right now.
Wednesday brings opportunity to get a handle on the money issues, to deal with a female in a positive manner and to approach any intimacy issues successfully. Set your goals today to your highest level in romance, artistic expression or spirituality.
Thursday goals are under positive stars as well as career and reputation. Venus is still working for you to take care of money and sex. Mars is aggravating partnership again so take care not to escalate into a fight.
Friday change is possible in the money arena that benefits you. Sex will be intense and intimate today. Find a party to go to or call a friend as the energy supports good times and positive talks later on.
A woman, love or money…one of these three things is showing up as the partnership issue today, smack dab in the middle of Saturn and Uranus as they begin to amp up energy between where you live and your ambitions. So, expect to be dealing with this person, or situation through partnership today, energy is dynamic.
Tuesday talks and meetings about work or health get pretty deep and intense. You may be feeling angry about what is going on or just pushed to your limit to do something about it. Neptune is clouding issues or outright deceptive today and he is working through a person at a distance, or around travel, publishing, law or education. Saturn digs in around feeling more and more restricted where you live, with your home or property, or your security needs, while Uranus is shouting change, seek freedom, as a goal or around career and ambitions.
Wednesday brings harmony and opportunity with the female partner or over money or love in partnership. Neptune is working for you today with travel, legal matters, publishing or education.
Thursday is a feel good day about the publishing, law, education or travel themes, partnerships are positive. Mars is pushing you to make something happen at work or with health related to one of these themes.
Friday brings more powerful change to partnership that is beneficial to you. Career and goals become focal as talks and meetings about work harmonize.
Either you are dealing with a female regarding work or health today or you are screaming ‘show me the money’ where the work you do is concerned. Venus is standing between the building Saturn/Uranus opposition and you are going to need to take care of her today. Saturn is feeling like more and more restriction or responsibility in writing, communicating, neighborhood activities or with siblings, while Uranus is saying change, be free someplace far away, through travel, teaching, studies, publishing, promoting, media, or law.
Tuesday talks get intense about love, children and creativity. You may meet someone deep and powerful now that sparks your interest. The Mars/Neptune square could mean a passionate attraction that seems amazing and romantic. You may need to deal with a male who is not being forthcoming about money today. Saturn digs in with tough news, authoritarian influences in what you think, write, communicate or locally while Uranus takes his jab at a change or surprise from far away, legally, in publishing, or teaching.
Wednesday work and money come together with what is owed coming in or being worked out or credit or loans coming through. The arts are favored, women are supportive.
Thursday brings good vibes around outside resources, love and money are still harmonizing with women, and work and health. Mars has you taking action with a lover, child or creative project or you may be responding to passion or anger here.
Friday brings opportunity for deep change around the work you are doing or your health. Talks about creative projects are favored with people at a distance or tied to publishing, legal contracts, travel or education. You could fall for someone on the internet or over the phone today or meet someone interesting while traveling.
Venus is causing a stir in your love life today or with children or creative projects. Venus is going to be either a woman, love or money. She is taking it up with you so prepare to deal with her energy today as she is right between the Saturn/Uranus opposition which is all about money, value and sharing.
Tuesday talks are deep about home, what goes on where you live, property, and security needs. Mars and Neptune are getting busy with each other which will look like one of two things, either passion and romance taken to another level at home with a partner, or anger at home with a partner over perceived deception. Saturn is opposing Uranus so you will see round one of what feels more and more restrictive or responsibility laden with the money you make and the want to break free, change or do something wild with loans or other outside money, or sexually.
Wednesday find the one you love and stay there. Venus and Neptune are making up with each other and it is about love and romance, lovers and partners.
Thursday is about positive vibes in the partnership arena, romance, artistic expression, spiritual connections, having fun. Mars is pushing you to do something with the home or property, look for passion not anger.
Friday deep change is possible emotionally regarding love and partners. Connecting on an intimate level and sharing your bodies and resources are favored. Talk about what you want at home.
Home is where the heart is. Today is about a woman in the home or about love or money related to home or property. The energy is saying do something about it one way or another. It’s a big T-square kinda day so look at what you need. Saturn is feeling more and more restrictive regarding your personal needs while Uranus is pushing freedom and change regarding partnership. Home is where it plays out today.
Tuesday talks are intense, powerful, change oriented, deep. Mars is going to bring you angry words regarding perceived deception or disillusionment around a work or health issue. Saturn takes his hit on your ego needs, body or image saying work, restriction or responsibility on your way to mastery, while Uranus does something change oriented, unusual or sporadic in the partnership realm.
Wednesday brings opportunity to deal with money issues for home or property or to deal with a female in the home. Neptune is making nice so romantic gestures through work or artistic expression and a spiritual enhancement to health.
Thursday is nice energy playing out between work and home, health and rest at home. Working on something in the beauty or art field from home is favored. Decorating is as well. Mars could trigger angry words with someone over work or health at some point.
Friday is opportunity for deep change at home, feeling good about work. Partners take up energy for the rest of the day, talks are good, meetings favored.
Talks are going to be challenging today. Local agendas, neighborhood activities, communications with siblings, and any interaction with others verbally or in writing is getting the Venus energy in the T-square. So, are you talking about money or love, or is it a female that is key? It is coming in the middle of Saturns feeling of restriction in your private world, in research, fantasy and dealing with institutions, and your feelings of need for change in the work you do or with your health.
Tuesday talks are going to be intense about income. You are making or spending today on a creative project, kids or lovers and either passion or anger is driving you. Saturn could be triggering depression or some kind of withholding that is self-sabotaging. Saturn is restricting or adding responsibility in research, time alone, in institutions such as hospitals or prisons, in fantasy and fantasy work such as film or acting. Uranus is opposing this with I want to be free to do the work I choose, to do something different, to do something radical with my health, or here’s a wild one: to get an unusual pet.
Wednesday brings good vibes. Talks about love, children, recreation, speculation and creativity are positive and offer opportunity for your wallet or in sharing love.
Thursday keeps the golden vibe going between loved ones and creativity and all meetings and conversations regarding romance, artistic expression and spirituality, love and money. Mars is pushing you to spend or go make money today, it might hurt.
Friday there is opportunity for major conversations that are powerful and change oriented with a lover, child or about creativity. It is positive. Work and health take center stage later in the day. Talks about money are positive.
Venus is pushing buttons about the money you earn and the things you spend it on today. A woman may be involved in this and the topic of love gets tossed into the mix. Keep an eye on how you handle the purse strings as Venus is right in the middle of the impending Saturn/Uranus opposition. This means that restriction or responsibility to friends, groups or aspirations are up against the need to break free or change in the area of love, children and creativity.
Tuesday talks are intense about your ego needs, your body and your image. Today you are motivated by passion or anger to do something about what is going on with the home, property or security needs. Neptune is making the issue foggy or deceptive where the home is concerned so take care. Saturn claims his hold on you through friendship, groups or aspirations today while Uranus throws the monkey wrench into love, creativity or children. It is possible that you are so overburdened with duties to groups and aspirations that you have allowed no time for love or fun and today you feel it or see it clearly.
Wednesday spend money on home or make money from or with home. Venus and Neptune are shining romantic light here, decorate or beautify your surroundings.
Thursday home is still highlighted, romance and beauty are here. Mars is making you quite active here and once again this could be passion or anger.
Friday you are feeling pretty good about home and foundations as the opportunity to make some big changes for the better through this affect your income or you spend big and it benefits. Love and fun are yours the rest of the day, focus on creativity or loved ones, talks are positive.
It looks like you are right in the middle of the Saturn/Uranus opposition dear Sage and it is about your personal needs for love or your physical needs for beauty. You may need money for your image or body today as well. The T-square makes it tough as you feel more and more restriction or responsibility in career and goals while Uranus is saying break free or change something in the home, with property or your foundations in life.
Tuesday talks are deep and news you find out in secret could be intense. Conversations in general are having an obsessive or secretive tint to them and a male is involved in this, possibly hidden romance or deception. Saturn makes himself known as loss or restriction, work or authority on the career front, while Uranus does something unexpected regarding your home or property, or rocks the boat of your sense of security.
Wednesday brings opportunity to talk about your needs regarding love, money or spirituality. Romance and artistic expression are other positive topics. Short trips and meetings favored.
Thursday is all about connecting, writing, talking, meeting, for love or romance, the arts or spirituality. Money talks go well. Mars is doing something in hiding or behind the scenes that is local or involving a male.
Friday brings opportunity to make big changes to your image, body or involving your needs. Talk it out. Spend time at home, retreat, talk behind closed doors, it is all good.
There is a private issue dealing with a female, love or money that is going to be key today in the battle that is amping up between Saturn and Uranus. Saturn is about restriction or responsibility to someone at a distance, travel, education, law or publishing, while Uranus is about change or surprise around what is said, writing, neighborhood and with siblings.
Talks are intense today with friends or about aspirations. A male friend is active today with you and you are doing something together or in a group towards aspirations that are artistic and tied to money you earn. You may hit a snag or two but push through. Saturn is restricting, adding work or limits to teaching, learning, travel, publishing, promoting, media, legal issues or expansion as you hear news about something unexpected, a change, or surprise. Uranus could be a shock in the neighborhood, change there, or something shifting with brothers or sisters.
Wednesday brings opportunity to deal with the love or money issue in secret or behind closed doors, or a fantasy or research project, and get to the money or income.
Thursday brings more focus on making money in an artistic, romantic or spiritual manner, positive flow to working behind the scenes or in fantasy or research here. Mars has a male friend pushing boundaries again.
Friday change is possible around the secret or hidden work or issue. This should have you feeling better about income. Talks with friends are good, meeting for fun highlighted.
A female friend, or an aspiration that is geared towards making money or the beauty field, or doing something with a group or friend that costs money, or owing/lending money to a friend, are the ways that Venus will likely show up in your world today with a challenge. She is between Saturn tightening the restrictions on other peoples money or the money you share with a partner, and Uranus’s cry for freedom and change in making and spending your own money.
Tuesday talks and meetings are powerful regarding your goals and career. You are taking action towards this today even though it feels somewhat disillusioning to your image or own needs in some way. Saturn is making the first dig in around the other persons money or the outside resource financially while Uranus is changing something in the way you make money.
Wednesday brings a good energy to bear between a female friend and yourself. This is a great day to look at love, money or artistic expression with a group or friend. A spiritual gathering would do you a world of good as well.
Friday you are feeling better about yourself through the change that came with friends or a group. Talks and meetings about goals and career are under positive stars and support your feelings about earning money.
Venus is calling attention to your goals or career today through a woman, money issue or love. It is challenging and is right in the middle of the big stand off between Saturn and Uranus. She is saying do this or that in an authoritarian manner and it is likely to trigger Saturn’s feeling of being more and more restricted by partnership or his demands of responsibility here, and Uranus’s need to break free and be independent on your own to express your individuality.
Tuesday talks are intense and powerful about legal matters, travel, publishing and promoting, and education. Mars is pushing you to do something about one of these areas and you are feeling a bit disillusioned about it or in a fog about what to do. Saturn makes his opening move by demanding something in partnership while Uranus pushes you to rebel. This could be a day to commit or break away from a one on one partnership. It is likely that you will stay during round one, just watch what it costs you if you feel it too strictly. This may also be the day you do an about face and commit to someone you have been running from.
Wednesday brings good flow between a female authority, love and money in career and goals, and positive energy behind the scenes or in secret. Romance, the arts and spiritual connections are favored.
Thursday is about retreat, rest, time behind closed doors, working behind the scenes, research and fantasy. A female or a love or money issue plays well into this. Mars is pushing you to tackle travel, education, legal or publishing issues today.
Friday you may make a big shift on the career front or with goals that leaves you happy about what you are working on in private. The energy shifts to focus on you and your body and talks and meetings go well regarding legal issues, learning, teaching, promoting, publishing, and travel.

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