Sunday, November 16, 2008

Zoe's weekly forecast Nov. 17-21

Hey lovers! I hope you are all feeling the upsurge. The week is taking off with Mars now in Sage so you can chase after your highest ideals and protest to your hearts desire. People are going to promise the moon and the stars on Monday and although you just might get them you don't want to bet the farm on words alone.
Secrets surface all around you, geesh it's just a bit disconcerting isn't it? Well, such is life. The urge is going to be towards far off pastures where you just know the grass is greener. Work it through the week to the great big Jupiter/Saturn trine on Friday that will bring you one more step closer as you expand and build, expand and build.
Sun enters Sagittarius then as well and you will finally feel like you are on your way. Lastly, there are lots of good-byes going on as people shed the cacoon, look around for a helmet that matches their butterfly wings, and let it rip. Such is Pluto's farewell to Sage, 13 years is a long time but hey, it's time to go.
If you need to talk it out with your friend, what are you waiting for, it won’t get any easier later on. And don’t expect to skim the surface, you need to address the deep part of what is effecting you even if when you start out you’re not sure what that is.
Tuesday is going to be busy making adjustments in your creative world, you need to tweek a few things if you want to reach certain money or love goals.
Wednesday will take you where you want to go with the big guns blasting open legal channels, promoting, travel, or education in your creative outlets, but not before you have to deal with artistic/romantic issues with a friend and talks about money or sex.
Thursday I advise you to go do something about the travel plans, legal matter, publishing or educational pursuit, it may feel like a mountain of work but it is necessary. Look to females for help in career.
Friday is the big day this week. Jupiter and Saturn meet up for luck and effort paying off in the work you are doing towards career. The Sun enters the sign of the Sage and puts the spotlight on those expansive endeavors: travel, education, law, publishing, media, promotion, politics, and beliefs. This is where you shine!
You really need to talk it out with a partner about whatever you are feeling disillusioned about today, the goal is not getting farther away, it is just cloudy and needs clarifying.
Tuesday you will have to wrap your emotions around home and property issues and make some adjustments regarding travel, education, publishing or legal matters.
Wednesday brings some positive energy to deal with home and big change through outside money sources. Before you can get to this though you are going to have to ascertain what your goal really is here and talk it through with the partner again, a challenge but necessary.
Thursday Mars is gearing you up to tackle shared money issues or some passionate time between the sheets, either way your feelings about loved ones seem to be at stake here. Venus brings positive money or love news about the legal, travel, publishing or education matter.
Friday is big as Jupiter and Saturn meet up in harmony to bless you with some luck and happiness through travel, education, legal matters or publishing, adding some solid results with creative outlets and loved ones. The Sun enters your sex and shared money house so expect the spotlight to be here over the next month, this is where you shine.
Talks heat up over work with someone at a distance. Travel may be an obstacle to overcome. Deal with publishing, promoting, education and legal matters now.
Tuesday you will have to face emotions about what is going on in your local environment. Make the necessary adjustments as you may have a few charged conversations as you deal with a money or credit issue.
Wednesday is leading you to some deeply felt conversations or meetings with partners that are supportive but first you are going to have to have a talk about travel, publishing, education or legal matters to clear things up and the work that is expected.
Thursday the action going on with partners is having an effect on your feelings about home and your security. Venus is supporting love in intimate encounters and sharing resources on the home front.
Friday is big as Jupiter and Saturn are meeting up to bring luck and solid outcomes between shared resources and home or property. Loans and other joint money will support you taking care of the foundations today. The Sun enters your partnership zone and this is what is going to be focal for you over the next month, you shine here.
The talk on Monday is about love, kids or creativity and it is challenging due to the fog around outside money sources and sexual intimacy right now. Do the best you can.
Tuesday you need to adjust your feelings about income. A partner’s money or love is part of the equation, work it out as best as you can.
Wednesday will bring you the chance to deconstruct the work you are doing and align feelings about making money but first you need to deal with any fog around shared money sources and have a talk about love or creativity.
Thursday your feelings about what is going on in the local environment spur you on to take action regarding work, you may just get a lot done in the neighborhood today. Partnerships flow positively, especially with women.
Friday is a great day to have serious talks or meetings with partners as Jupiter and Saturn bless this with luck, prosperity and solid foundations. The Sun enters your work and health zone helping you shine here over the next month.
Talk to your partner about your needs at home and any boundary issues you may be feeling. Don’t expect them to be crystal clear and if you really want the truth from them, dig past the first answer.
Tuesday focuses on how you feel about yourself and what you are doing for money. You should look at how love is affecting your health as well and make adjustments.
Wednesday will bring you round for some wonderful changes and powerful contacts where love and creativity is concerned but first you need to deal with whatever cloudy issue your partner is wearing and talk a bit more about home and security needs.
Thursday Mars kicks you in the pants to do something about lovers, kids or creative projects and it will be your feelings about income that motivates. Venus is bringing some nice vibes to work and health.
Friday is grand, oh yes indeed. Jupiter and Saturn meet to tie work and income together in a lucky, prosperous and structured manner for you. The Sun enters Sagittarius and lights up your house of true love, children, fun, speculation and creativity for the month ahead. This is where you shine.
The meetings and talks today are pushing you to open up about any artistic issues you have regarding the work at hand, dealing with coworkers, or around any health issues. Whatever you hear today, don’t believe the first version, second opinions mandatory.
Tuesday you are going to want to rest, regenerate, and maybe spend some time fantasizing or researching. Make adjustments regarding the work or health, a female may be key here. If you feel really low, get to the hospital.
Wednesday will bring some nice retreat at home to deal with the changes in a positive way but not before you deal a bit more with the work or health issue and talk about what you have been keeping hidden.
Thursday pushes you to do something at home or with the home. Venus is bringing harmony to love, children or creativity helping you flow.
Friday is big for you as Jupiter and Saturn meet again to boost luck and structure between you/your needs and true love, children or creativity. The Sun enters your home base and this is where you will shine over the next month, move or redecorate!
You have to have the money talk with a lover or child today. If not this scenario, then you need to meet or talk about what is being spent or what money is needed for the creative project or recreational venture.
Tuesday your desire to hang with friends or socialize need to adjust to the financial issues at home or obligations to a woman there.
Wednesday you have great energy to talk with friends and meet up for some big or profound moments but first you must deal with the loved one or creative angst and talk some more about the money issues.
Thursday Mars is gearing up locally for you so you can get lots done in the neighborhood, just watch that you don’t sabotage your best efforts by responding with angry words today. More focus on home goes well.
Friday Jupiter and Saturn are align for luck, prosperity and structure between home and private time, retreat, fantasy, research, and work behind the scenes. The Sun enters Sagittarius and lights up all communications and short trips for you for the next month. Expect to get busy!
It is time to talk about your needs regarding the home or property matter. Don’t fudge the facts and don’t believe the first thing you are told, dig deeper and press for the truth.
Tuesday you will need to be detached emotionally from goals a bit as you talk or meet with the female in question. Love or money is shifting.
Wednesday brings some harmony your way around income and the changes you want and need to reach goals but first you are going to have to deal with the home or security needs and talk about how it is effecting your personally.
Thursday Mars amps you up to go make or spend the money, don’t let it effect how you feel about a friend or social obligation. Talks with friends are wonderful, broach money or love, females favored.
Friday brings Jupiter and Saturn together to bind luck and structure for you and this is going to happen through talks and meetings with friends, associates and at social functions today. The Sun enters your income zone so you have a whole month ahead where the spotlight will be on your interests here.
You have things that you have been keeping quiet about or to yourself. Monday that is no longer going to work for you, expect to get it out there but know that Neptune is clouding the issue and the truth may or may not come out. If you have been harboring a secret or suspect another of this, today it peaks.
Tuesday you need to adjust your feelings around something that is out there, think travel, education, legal matters or publishing. Income depends on the adjustment.
Wednesday brings another big shift in your personal transformation as long as you talk about the foggy issue at hand and your feelings about someone at a distance, travel, education, publishing or legal matters. You also HAVE to come clean about what you are hiding or the secret.
Thursday Mars is gearing up to motivate you to do something physical or take care of image. Venus is favoring income, making or spending on something beautiful.
Friday is big. Jupiter (your ruler) and Saturn are meeting up to bring luck and structure together for you. This is playing out between the money you are spending towards goals or money you are making in career. The Sun enters your sign and you shine so sweetly over the next month, make it count!
A friend may hit you up for money today and whatever the reason it probably is only half the truth. Not the best day to mix friendship and income.
Tuesday self love is key. There is probability that you are adjusting your image or sense of identity today over feelings regarding a sexual intimacy or some big money situation. Sharing is important, make sure you don’t get lost in there!
Wednesday helps you to make another big change behind the scenes, with fantasy, research, retreat or dealings with hospitals or prisons. First you are going to need to deal with the money issue and any clarity that needs to come here, as well as talking things through with a friend.
Thursday Mars is helping you tackle things behind the scenes or in private. Feelings about a legal matter, travel, publishing or education should improve with the Venus energy coming to you, think love, money or a wonderful female!
Friday is important for you as Jupiter and Saturn are coming together to bring YOU some luck through the structured effort and work on a legal matter, publishing or educational project, travel or dealing with someone distant, or involving political or spiritual efforts. The Sun enters the hidden part of your chart for the next month which means revive your vital energy, rest, soul search and meditate.
Whatever talks or meetings are about today, and the goals may conflict with someone else, just keep your focus on your own spiritual, romantic or artistic needs. You count.
Tuesday you need to make some emotional adjustments about your partner or partnership in general. Venus is granting you some private time for love or money if you can do this. Work in private.
Wednesday will help you make some profound shifts with a friend regarding your feelings about the partner as long as you deal with your own needs first and talk about your goals very specifically with the partner.
Thursday Mars is helping you go do things with friends or drive your aspirations forward, even if you are feeling deeply obsessive about something shared. Venus is once again favoring time within, behind the scenes, involved in fantasy or research.
Friday is good for dealing with the big money or intimacy issue, anything at all to do with what you share with another and their income. Jupiter and Saturn are meeting to help you work some things out favorably in secret. The Sun enters your friendship zone for the next month and our social calendar fills up.
Your ruler, Neptune, is dreamy and inspiring when it comes to fantasizing about romance, the arts and spirituality, but today he seems to be pushing some buttons. If you feel as though depression or confusion are present, you need to talk or meet about legal matters, travel, publishing, promoting, media, education, or beliefs. Don’t believe what you hear today without more information.
Tuesday a female friend has answers as long as you make adjustments emotionally to what is occurring in the work you do or with your own health. Reach out.
Wednesday feelings about health or work align with more profound changes in career in a positive manner as long as you deal with the behind the scenes work, research, fantasy or hospitals and prisons. Talk about the legal, publishing, education or travel necessities as well.
Thursday Mars pushes you to make something happen in career or towards personal goals, just don’t expect the partner to see it your way. Venus is bringing positive friendship support by way of a female, love or money.
Friday brings harmony between friendship and partnership. Jupiter and Saturn are meeting between these two arenas to bring luck and structure, expansion and work. All good. The Sun enters your career Midheaven and will tour here for the next month, you shine!

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