Friday, November 28, 2008

Zoe's weekend forecast Nov. 29-30

Hey turkey and tofurkey gobblers! I hope you all had a wonderful holiday with friends and family. I am certain it was not uneventful. Uranus was determined to toss a wild card or two into the mix.
The weekend ahead is a blessing from the Universe. It is saying feel the build. Feel as the weekend moves you closer to the luckiest day of the year on Monday when Venus and Jupiter embrace.
There is a big embrace of the Moon and Pluto on Saturday to lend a deeply profound emotional power to what you are doing. This is about finding the desire to make a change. Venus and Saturn align in a harmonious aspect to help set love and money issues together with stability, endurance and work.
Sunday has no major aspects. This means you are continuing on the positive energy of Saturday and towards the amazing conjunction between Venus and Jupiter on Monday in the wee hours.
Use this weekend to take the first steps towards what you TRULY, DEEPLY, PROFOUNDLY WANT.
It’s all about your career. Sick of hearing it? Well, tough, this is it, you are changing here, go for what you really want! Career, goals, ambitions, reputation, fame, public life, these are the arenas you MUST focus all of your energy on over this weekend. Strike while the energy is supporting you. A woman is pivotal. Hard work IS going to pay off, don’t let up now.
You want to focus on building up a creative project or a love relationship (either with a lover or child). The changes and power to do so are coming from education, publishing, media, politics, legal avenues, or travel. This is big. Work straight through the weekend on this. Think CHANGE, LOVE, MONEY, it is all coming together through these doors.
It is about outside money sources and/or sex or death. Yes, you are dealing with the heavy stuff of the cosmos but you have tons of supportive energy to get a handle on this now. Deal with debt, credit, loans, joint finances, settlements, insurance, taxes, and any other money that would come in outside of earnings. Connect on the deepest level. You are laying foundations.
A romantic partner, business partner, best friend, or representative is where you need to put ALL of your attention this weekend. This is not the time to go it alone. You need to find out who is really there for you and who is not. You will find that this is the weekend to discover many things you just weren’t aware of, reach out.
You can put energy into three areas for great luck this weekend. 1. Work- the work you do, the service you provide, your connection to co-workers and people you hire to work for you, 2. Health- getting a check-up, working out, joining a gym, starting a diet, or 3. Pets-getting a new one or doing something special with the one you have. Put in the time where you want to see amazing results.
You get the best of it this weekend. The amazing energy is boosting true love, children and creative projects. SO, if single, get out there, it would be hard for you NOT to meet someone amazing between Saturday and Monday, begin something with children or spur on a creative endeavor. Leap, the heavens have your back.
Take on the home, property and any security needs you have over this weekend. Buy or sell, move or renovate, decorate or take on a roommate. This weekend is a great time to make lists about what you need to do to have the kind of solid foundations you would like to have in your life and then go about putting a few of them into action.
Any local business or errands you need to attend to, short trips, connecting with brothers or sisters, writing, speaking or just communicating with others, should be tackled this weekend. These are the areas you are going to shine and find some pretty deeply felt connections happening. These are the areas that are going to be blessed with the Venus/Jupiter energy on Monday.
The money you make and what you spend it on, your possessions and what you value, these are the areas blessed by this weekend’s energy. Many Sages will use this weekend to do their holiday shopping and if so, you will be well pleased with your purchases. If you need to ask for a raise or bonus, work on what to say this weekend or write it and submit it on Monday.
The weekend is about you, your needs, your looks, and your body. With this kind of deep and transformational energy available, you may want to focus on a work out regime or some form of self-improvement. Buying new clothes or having your hair done differently would all bring happy results. Whatever you are working on seems to tie in with someone far away.
This weekend is about fantasy. Allow yourself to dream, play out what you have been imagining. Take time for yourself, to retreat and look within, rest if you need to, quiet time is beneficial and there is something emerging in you that has been held back for a very long time. You may finally get a golden glimpse this weekend of what that is.
A friendship or association is vital to your enjoyment this weekend. There is a huge push for profound connection with this person or social function. You are morphing here and finding a way to combine the love of a friend with the support of a partnership is key to where you go from here. The Universe is giving you the green light right here and right now, go.

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