Thursday, November 6, 2008

ASK ZOE: will JOAQUIN PHOENIX retire from acting?

Is JOAQUIN PHOENIX serious when he says he is retiring from acting at the ripe old age of 34 and how would you determine this?
The ruler of his Midheaven (career) is Pluto. Pluto is wrapping up a 13 year cycle and preparing to change signs (career) on November 27th. This will begin a new 16 year cycle. It began it's move over the last critical degree of Sagittarius before entering Capricorn so everything is building and more intense now, changes are being made everywhere now and for him it is about career and goals. That is a good indicator that he is on the right track.
Pluto is now transiting through his twelfth house, the house that rules film, music, connecting with spirituality, escapism, and self-undoing. Sounds right.
Pluto is currently making a sextile (opportunity aspect) to Uranus (sudden change and surprise)in his ninth house (media and promoting). So his career ambitions are changing, he has made a surprise announcement about shifting course into another twelfth house pursuit to the media and he may be self-sabotaging his own good in this or we may just perceive it so. Either way, the timing is correct and positive and Right on track!
That natal Uranus sits at the same degree as retrograde Mercury in his natal, they conjunct exactly. So changing his mind would be part of the mix. It may also be part of the mix again when this aspect is triggered in the future. However, with Saturn part of the mix, many times the choice brings long term results. At the very least, it speaks of his serious intent in announcing it. The first such test comes New Years Eve when Mercury (his mind, the way he thinks about it) squares the announcement or change of direction.
Transiting Saturn, also involved in this Saturn/Uranus opposition, is sextiling (opportunity aspect) his natal Saturn on the partnership door. So there is opportunity here to build towards something or take something away with the goal being focused on his idea of partnership.
Didn't see that coming did you? Well, there is an independent woman being triggered,(Lillith), perhaps someone he has his eye on or it could be an ideal. She will be part of this whether he is aware of her yet or not and is going to affect his partnership status in a serious way, adjustment is necessary but the opportunity is strong. The lifestyle will certainly be a big shift for him and bring him around new people and experiences, it is the opposite of the cloistered life of an actor. This is the karmic reason for the timing of this shift, this woman. In saying that, I am not trying to take away from his great talents or the reasons he has personally for wanting to do this, I am just saying there is that and then there is this, this is the karma drawing behind the other reasons.
Transiting Uranus is doing his part to change how Joaquin earns his living over the next year and a half. If you expect a shift back, you will likely have to wait until after the last opposition in July 2010, that's assuming he gets through the test on New Years Eve.
Mercury, which brings the news, was just conjunct his natal Uranus, (that out of the blue announcement)on it's way to his career Midheaven, that looks like he is telling his truth. In fact, Joaquin may be a prankster from time to time, but his chart doesn't show any signs of deception in the man, he is a straight shooter. By his chart, I would assume it wearies him that others aren't.
Jupiter is about to cross the door into his first bringing a year and a half ahead of huge luck and expansion to his new identity, I am certain we will be hearing a lot about Joaquin up ahead.

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